Isolation Diaries: Shane X Jeffree Conspiracy Palette!

Hey you beauties ❤

How’re you all doing? The restrictions are starting to lift a little in the UK now, we are allowed to meet in groups of 6 and socially distance, and we are allowed people round to our gardens.. I don’t know about everyone else, but although I am excited to see people, I am kind of scared to be reintroduced. Living in a bubble for 10 weeks with Kyle has been hard but also really fun and lovely, and leaving that bubble is making me feel increasingly anxious. I just hope it will all be okay, we will not see another peak and people listen to the restrictions that are still in place.

Anyway, now I have tackled that, I thought I would show you guys my new make-up treat, give a little review and show you some of the looks I have created with it so far! I finally treated myself to the Jeffree Star X Shane Dawson Conspiracy Palette and oh my woooord it has not disappointed me!Thank the lord for lockdown, having more money because we haven’t been anywhere or done anything, and the palette finally being back in stock!
I was one of those people who watched the amazing YouTube series by Shane showing the whole process of an idea on a page, to packaging design, colour selection, make-up testing and finally seeing the palette being produced and the launch. For a make-up lover like me, it was an incredible series to watch. I found it so interesting, and to finally have the final product in my hands was something else!

– P A C K A G I N G –

The packaging for this palette I think it gorgeous, however, it is big and clunky. It would be challenging to travel with it as it is quite large and in charge, but I can’t deny that it is gorgeous. It is the perfect packaging to sum up Shane and also fits with the other trunk style palettes that Jeffree has produced in the past such as Blood Sugar and Blue Blood. 

The spiral design on the palette really makes it stand out against every other palette I own, it truly is a sight for sore eyes, it is just glorious to look at. Even though it would a challenge to travel with, I still think it is gorgeous and I can’t stop stroking and hugging it ha!

The clasps are a black chrome effect and the Shane Dawson logo right in the middle of the pyramid style trunk is beautiful. The colours on the inside of the palette really stand out against the black background of the packaging and make everything really pop and look stunning.

The palette also has a huge mirror included in the lid which for a palette is a fantastic quality, some mirrors are so janky you dunno what you’re looking at most of the time, but this one is as clear as day and is perfect for creating looks with ease!

– C O L O U R   S T O R Y –

From watching the series unfold on Shane’s channel to actually seeing the colour in real life it is truly so special to see it.

The colour story in this palette is really good, it is so unique from other palettes I have and there are so many wearable shades with some daring and bold shades thrown in for days when you’re feeling extra sassy!

I will say that there are definitely some shades that I fear I will never really reach for as I am unsure how to add them into a look, however, this palette has really encouraged me to play with different combinations and be bold when I want to be. It is truly such a beautiful palette to play around with and I think it would suit most people, whether you’re super bold or more subtle, this palette has something for everyone.

One thing that I will say is there aren’t huge amounts of nice transition shades, you have the pick of two really which are Tanacon and Diet Root Beer, which is fine, but having some more transition colours would of potentially been better so that it is easier to work with for a range of looks.

– P I G M E N T A T I O N –

I will be completely real with you guys, I was kinda worried about the eyshadow formula prior to buying this palette. I have one of Jeffree’s original palettes and I wasn’t sold by it, the pigmentation and the abilty to blend the shadows just wasn’t that great in my opinion.
However, this palette has changed the game. The shadows are super pigmented, blend like butter on the skin and are so beyond stunning. The matte shades are honestly faultless in my opinion, you get the smallest amount of fallout in the pan but they are actual heaven. These shadows are what I have been searching for. The shimmers… I genuinely don’t know what word to use to describe how stunning they are. They are the most glittery, buttery, blend-able, pigmented shimmers I have come across in so long! I am blown away with the quality and pigmentation in this palette, some of the shadows aren’t as pigmented as I would’ve liked with first use, such as Food Videos and What’s The Tea?, but every other shade is stunning. Trisha, Ranch, Cheese Dust and Not A Fact are my absolute dreams.

May sound sad, but I nearly cried the first time I used it because of how easy they were to blend, build up and create looks with. Stunning. That is all I can say.

– P R I C E –

The price is a bit of a sore spot for me as BeautyBay hiked the price of the palette after the first launch of the palette back in November 2019. I am pretty sure it was originally on sale for £45 and is now on sale for £54. Yes, I paid more. Am I bitter about it? Yes. Do I think it is worth the money I paid for it? Yes.

In all honesty, it is worth the money, the quality, packaging, pigmentation and colourstory of the palette is worth it, however, I am still bitter they upped the price of it. Jeffree didn’t, BeautyBay did.  I think it should have stayed the same as the initial launch to keep it fair for all consumers, because as far as I know none of it changed from the formula to the packaging? But whatevs, I still paid for it. But I am bitter about it. Bitter.

– L O O K S –

I have said it before, and I will say it again, you can legit create so many incredible looks with this palette. You can create extreme colourful ones, more muted daytime looks, and dark smokey eyes as well. It truly is a palette that you can use in so many diverse and exciting ways, and it truly does make you want to play with colour which I deeply appreciate. It is laid out in such a way that you get excited about every single corner of the palette, and if that ain’t genius I dunno what is! You have the bold colours like Trish, Food Videos and Cheese Dust to excite the rainbow queens, you have Diet Root Beer, Tancaon, Ranch and My Pills for more day-to-day lewks, and obvs you can do epic smokey dark looks with Sleep Paralysis, My Ride’s Here, Illuminatea and Spiralling.

Here are some of the looks I have created so far with the palette, if you want a more indepth post of how I created the looks then just wait a couple of weeks, that post is on it’s way! This is so you can see the variety of the palette, and how many amazing looks can be created with just this palette alone. Can you tell I am obsessed? Should I make it more obvious? 😉

– T H O U G H T S   O V E R A L L –

Overall, as you can probably tell, I fucking love this palette. After watching the series on Shane’s channel I honestly was a bit scared that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations, the quality wouldn’t be that great because of my previous experience with Jeffree’s shadows, or that it was too hyped up. However, I stand corrected on all counts.

It is incredible quality, I am blown away with the pigmentation and how easy the shadows are to blend… and the shimmers. FUCK. They are like you have poured straight up glitter onto your eyelids and I am HERE FOR IT! It is genuinely incredible, I am miffed about the upped price point (cheers, BeautyBay), but overall it was worth every penny. It is an absolute dream from the packaging, huge mirror, colour scheme, quality and pigmentation. Heaven. Go buy it if you like the look of it, you won’t be disappointed.

So there you have it, yet another palette I have added to my collection that I feel like I may marry at some point in my life! Definitely one of the most positive things of lockdown I am thankful for is my extra cash from going literally nowhere so that I could finally treat myself to this beauty!

Hope you’re all staying safe, look after each other, and I will see you in the next post!

Lots of love, and talk soon,

Laura xo

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