Isolation Diaries: Intermittent Fasting!

Hey you cuties you!

How are we all? Still surviving? Still finding things to keep you occupied? Have you managed to not seriously harm your significant other throughout all of this lockdown mayhem? There have deffo been some shouty words exchanged in this household, so you’re not alone if you’re facing the same struggles 😉

During lockdown I have done quite a bit, not huge amounts, but a fair amount. And one of the things I wanted to try from the comfort of my home before going back into the big wide world, which is intermittent fasting. I thought I would test it out at home so I could get any kinks out of the way, but so far it has been really good. I will explain more about what it is…

W H A T?

Intermittent fasting basically means you eat for a certain amount of hours, and fast (don’t eat) for the rest. There are a few different ways of doing this, but I have chosen the 16:8 ratio which means you fast for 16 hours everyday and eat in the other 8 hours (not constant eating, btw, just eat when you’re hungry type of thing ha).

So I started eating at 2pm (ish) everyday and finish eating at 10pm (ish) everyday. During your fasting time you are allowed black tea or coffee, or water. I have cheated a few times and had a coffee with milk in, as OI hate black coffee and can’t function without caffeine, but overall I have stuck to it and it’s been really straightforward.

W H Y?

Prior to lockdown I was pondering with the idea of intermittent fasting as I often found I was eating for the sake of eating. After joining Slimming World back in 2018 I found that I was often eating without actually needing to, most likely because my Slimming World coach always encouraged us to ‘Eat loads of free food! You can never have too many carrots!’. Well, Sharon (not their real name), you actually CAN eat too many carrots, so back off! So yeah, I found I was often eating when I wasn’t actually hungry just through boredom, or habit, so I decided why not try intermittent fasting.

I have quite a few friends who do intermittent fasting and have had some really amazing results, and ultyimately, the human body is actually built to sustain itself for long periods of time without food as that’s what the good old cavemen had to do. I am not by any stretch encouraging you to not eat for days on end though, that wouldn’t be great, but the human body can go without food for quite a few hours, so you don’t actually need to eat 3 meals a day at all. It’s all a myth, yo.

– H O W   H A S   I T    B E E N? –

So far, in all honesty, it has been so easy. I was expecting it to be so hard to stay away from food every day but it’s been so straightforward. I haven’t found myself wanting or needing food before my allotted 8 hours, apart from one day when I was super bored and all I wanted was some crisps, but I held out ha!

I decided to do the 16:8 ratio, which means I fast everyday for 16 hours and eat within an 8 hour window. I start eating at 2pm (ish) and finish eating at 10pm (ish), which means I am fasting from 10pm – 2pm the next day.

I have definitely found myself to be craving way less food, and I only tend to have a snack at 2pm like some toast with banana and honey, a yoghurt at like 5pm then my main meal at like 6pm-7pm. I sometimes have a small sweet treat in the evenings but in all honesty usually after my main meal I am pretty full and don’t actually need anything else.

It is quite strange when you start it as you are really focussed on when you can eat and when you can stop, but after a week (for me anyway) it was just habit and I found myself thinking less about food and being more focussed on whatever I was up to that day.

– B E N E F I T S –

I have only been doing it for about 4 weeks now, but already I have seen a difference in the amount I bloat. I think as I do have a tendency to over eat (which Slimming World did not help with!) so because I am only eating one big meal and two snacks a day I am definitely way less bloated.

I am drinking way more water than normal to stay hydrated, which my skin has really thanked me for and has cleared up so much because of!

I have actually found that I have more energy even though I am eating less, and I genuinely think that is because I am not making myself sluggish by eating 3 meals a day when I don’t actually need 3 meals a day? I have also found I am quite focussed as I simply get up, sort myself out for the day, make a coffee and down a pint of water and get started. I am not faffing making food and it means I get to spend more time in bed 😉

I weighed myself after week 2 and I had already lost 4lbs from doing this fasting malarkey, which I think is actually really good! I am quite surprised that I have lost a decent amount so quickly, but then again I know some friends who have lost 3+ stone doing intermittent fasting, so I probably shouldn’t have been too shocked!

– N E G A T I V E S –

I haven’t seen too many negatives from doing it thus far if I am honest, the only thing that has been a slight downer was when I had a migraine and had to take pain medication on an empty stomach, but minus that is has been fine.

The first few days I definitely felt more tired, probably as my body was adjusting, and I had a few small headaches over the first couple of days as my body got used to not being fed at all times, but overall it’s been easy. I have found it straight forward, it’s easy to understand and easy to follow.

– F I N A L    T H O U G H T S –

Genuinely, overall it has been super easy. All you have to do it keep an eye on the time and you’re all good. You have to be sort of mindful of what you are eating during your eating period, but I haven’t deprived myself at all and still lost weight.
You will end up finding that you naturally want less food as you just aren’t hungry, which I genuinely did not think would happen, but it has! I still have the odd treat here and there, and the odd take away, and I am still losing weight. The main thing I noticed was the energy and the focus I had when I removed food from the equation for my morning each day, it has really surprised me with how much more I actually appreciate food when I do have it, and how much I don’t actually need as much as I was eating prior!

So, overall, it’s been easy and I have seen some benefits from doing it, so win win all round! Have any of you tried any new lifestyles since being in lockdown? What have you thought about them?
Stay home, stay safe, and stay sane!

Lots of love, and talk soon,

Laura xo

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