Isolation Diaries: Garden Make Over!

Hey you beauties ❤

I thought for this week I would share some pictures of our garden makeover project! Since we’ve been in lockdown me and Kyle have put quite a bit of effort into making the garden more of a haven, compared to the dumping ground it was prior! It is SO beyond amazing to actually have a nice outdoor area we can sit in and enjoy, especially throughout this madness we have been experiencing. I have been saying everyday of lockdown just how lucky we are to have a garden that we can sit in and enjoy, especially as the weather is starting to improve!

So, here is what the garden looked like before, it had a red weathered fence colour, it didn’t have any furniture (the furniture had arrived when I took these pics soz), it has loads of random bits of rubbish the previous owners had left, it didn’t have any plants and was basically not loved at all.

We are still having some trouble with weeds cropping up through the paving stones as they weren’t laid properly when they were done originally, and that was one thing we were going to get done this year (go figure), but compared to where it started to where it is now it’s so much better (I think so anyway, and that’s all that matters… right?!)
We haven’t finished doing it up at all but I wanted to share some progress pictures of where we are up to now! I am honestly so thrilled with it, it finally feels like our garden which is the nicest feeling. Now that we’ve put our touch on it I am feeling so content!

– P A I N T I N G –

As you can see from the before images the fence used to be a browny red colour which was not my vibe at all, plus as it was so weathered and worn in place it needed a freshen up really badly! We decided to go for a smart vibe with the colour of the fence, and to go alongside that we decided to paint the wall under the fence and the concrete posts as they were splashed with the red paint the previous owners had used. It now looks so neat and tidy, so beyond happy with it!

We decided to paint the fence this gorgeous deep blue which is called Midnight Blue by Ronseal. The main thing that shocked me about the paint for the fence was just how watery it was, it is deffo more of a stain than a paint which makes sense when you use your head (unlike me lol). We did end up using dust sheets to try and minimise the amount of paint we got onto the paving, we did have some accidents as it was windy when we first started painting, but as we are wanting to replace the paving we aren’t too fussed.

We also painted the concrete posts and the wall underneath our fence using this lovely grey shade which was a B&Q mortar paint. It really helped neaten everything up and created such a lovely contrast with the blue! Finally starting to shape up to be a gorgeous garden, if I do say so myself 😉

– P L A N T I N G –

Alongside tidying up the fence I decided I definitely wanted some pots with plants in so that we had some more colour and life in the garden. I started buying plants just after lockdown started, and some were spring bulbs which have now died away (wah), but the rest are still going strong! I ended up buying some Pansies, Petunias and Sweet Williams from B&Q a few weekends ago and they have added some lovely colour and brightness to the paving area!

I have bought some summer flowering bulbs and they were both from Amazon (weirdly), and they have been potted but I am not sure if they will come up for this year, we shall see..!

The spring bulbs which are the purple lavender esque looking flowers and the pink carnation type flowers were from Asda (supermarkets have so much good stuff in for gardens, and for super cheap too!).

– D E C O R A T I O N –

I treated myself to the garden furniture within a week of being in lockdown and it was shown to me by my Dad who found it on Groupon so I don’t think you’ll be able to find the exact set we have, but there are hundreds of similar sets online so I’m sure you’ll be able to find some that you like!

We also added some super cuuuute solar lights to the fence to make it lovely and magical in the evenings which were from Asda (seriously, Asda have amazingly good summer garden bits in, go and have a browse!).

– F I N A L   T H O U G H T S –

We will keep on adding to the garden, and we have the rest of our fence to paint down our boarders, but here is the main paving part that we have spent the most time on so far! It’s still in progress, but it’s such a huge difference already and I am thrilled! I am more just happy that we finally have the garden space I have wanted since we first moved into the house, and it genuinely didn’t take much time or money to get it to this stage!

So, if you’re thinking you can’t be bothered or it’s too much effort, just give it a go. Even just the lick of paint on the fence has transformed it for me so start small and build your way up!
I have some plans for the rest of the garden, but it’s a marathon not a sprint, and I am enjoying gradually adding to the garden and seeing it slowly transform!

What have you guys done during lockdown? Have any of you taken to the garden to get some fresh air and feel productive away from Netflix? Or have you been getting through your reading list, doing yoga or doing some DIY inside the home? Let me know! I find it so interesting hearing what people have gotten up to in lockdown!
Stay safe, stay home and stay sane!

Lots of love and talk soon,

Laura xo


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