Isolation Diaries: Getting Ready to go Nowhere!

Hey you beauties!

As we’re still in lockdown here in the UK I thought I would share with you a make-up look I did to go absolutely nowhere! I literally just sat and did my make-up as I was bored.. and in all honesty wanted to make myself feel all glam, sassy and cute! So, why not get yourself all ready to go absolutely nowhere?!

I decided to do this colourful eye look using the Revolution x Roxasaurus Ride or Die palette… as obviously I still can’t get over how much I love it, plus it is genuinely so easy to make really fun looks as it has such a gorgeous shade range.
So, without further ado, let me talk you through how I made this make-up look!

– B A S E –

For the base, as always as it truly is my ride or die foundation, I used the Revlon Colourstay foundation in ivory with my Real Techniques beauty sponge and blended the foundation all over my face, and neck, to create a nice even base.

I then went in with the Maybelline Eraser Eye in Ivory under my eyes, and a tiny bit on my chin to cover some scarring I have, and blended that in with my Real Techniques sponge again.

For powder I used the Rimmel Insta Matte translucent powder to set my base into place.

To slightly contour my cheekbones I used the Urban Decay Naked Skin palette in fair and used the lighter bronze shade to sculpt my cheekbones and buffed that out using the Morphe tapered tulip brush to diffuse the product and create a nice shadow under my cheekbone.

I then bronzed my cheekbones, forehead and under my jawline using the Too Faced bronzer with my Real Techniques blush brush and dusted that over my face until I looked less ghostly… 😉

To highlight I used the Jeffree Star Cosmectics skin frost in Crystal Ball (this shade was a limited edition summer shade, but his ice cold skin frost is quite similar!) and used a Real Techniques detailed face brush to dust that over the tops of my cheekbones, I always blend it from my cheekbones onto my brow bone, down the bridge of my nose, my cupids bow and a tiny but above my eyebrows to bring lots of light and shimmer to my skin!

– E Y E S –

Right, onto the main part of the show, the eyes!

I first filled in my brows using the Maybelline Brow Satin pencil in the shade dark blonde and filled in my brows and set them into place using the Rimmel clear brow gel.

I first took the shade Cookie and blended that through my crease for a transition shade to create the shape I wanted using a fluffy Real Techniques eyeshadow brush. I then took the shade Gingerbread on an angled eyeshadow brush from Spectrum and stamped that into my outter corner of my eyes and then took my fluffy Real Techniques brush again to diffuse that colour out. I kept on adding a tiny bit of Gingerbread using the angled brush and blending back out with the fluffy brush until I achieved the darkness I wanted in my outer corner.

Handy tip: if you find you have blended your darker outer corner shade too high up your brow bone, take a lighter shade, like the shade Boo in the palette, on a fluffy brush and diffuse the shadow. Essentially just an eraser for eyeshadow! 😉 

I then took some of my Mayebelline Eraser Eye concealer on a flat eyeshadow brush and added some to the centre of my eyelid to create a slight cut crease. I blended the concealer using the flat eyeshadow brush, then took a clean flat fluffy brush and took the shade Sunset which is a gorgeous shimmery pink shade and carefully packed that over where I placed the concealer on my eyelid. I then dusted a small amount of the shade Unicorn into the centre of the eye, once I was happy with my shimmery pink colour, to add some light to the centre of my eye.

To mix things up a bit I decided to take the shade Draco on a small, dense, under eye brush and buffed the colour under my eyes until I was happy with the colour. I then brought the shade Draco up from under my eyes and blended it to the outer corner of my eyes to join the Gingerbread shade and Draco together. To buff the shade Draco out under my eye I took a bit of the shade Honey on a fluffy brush and buffed the outside of Draco until it looked less stark and more seamless.

I then took a teeny tiny eye detailer brush from Real Techniques and took the shade Unicorn and added some inner corner highlight and popped some under the arch of my brow as well.

 -E Y E   D E T A I L S-

For liquid eyeliner I used the Soap and Glory Supercat liner and gave myself a winged eyeliner. I didn’t go too heavy on the eyeliner as I didn’t want it to take away from all the eyeshadow work I had just done!

For mascara I obviously used the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara as, honestly, no drugstore  mascara does a better job in my opinion. I added a good few coats of this to make my eyelashes thick, long and luscious.

Handy Tip: if you bump your skin with mascara, or your eyelids, leave it to dry and you can flick it off with either a brush, cotton bud, or you can get it with your fingernail. Don’t try and remove it whilst it’s wet.. it’s turns into a mess (trust me on this…). 

– L I P S –

For my lips I used the Jeffree Star Cosmectics velour liquid lipstick in the shade Rose Matter to add even more pink to the already overly pink eye look 😉

I also took a bit of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics skin frost in Crystal Ball on my finger and tapped some onto the lips to add some shimmer to the lipstick. I was feeling super glowy that day apparently ha!


To lock everything into place for as long hard evening of sitting on the sofa, snacking on skittles and watching Community on Netflix I used the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting spray. This setting spray is hands down the best on the market in my opinion. I have no idea what witchcraft goes into it, but it makes everything look seamless and perfect all night and day. DREAM!

So, there you have it, Queens! Here is one of the lockdown looks I have created! I don’t know about any of you, but I genuinely find doing my make-up so nice and relaxing. I think of nothing else when I am doing it and if that isn’t the best kinda escapism, then I dunno what is to be honest. It’s creative, fun, and you get to surprise your boyfriend, girlfriend, cat, dog, housemate, or family member by looking a bit glam out of nowhere! Why not?!

I hope you’re all still surviving okay, stay home, stay safe and look after yourself ❤

Lots of love and talk soon,

Laura xo

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