Isolation Diaries: Lockdown Reads!

Hey you beauties you ❤

I hope you’re all doing okay and still surviving the lockdown! I have to say, I have settled into it more than I thought I would which is really strange! My mental health has been incredibly good throughout all of this madness, which is also a shock, so maybe the lockdown is doing me good! It has been quite refreshing to have all the social pressures removed, stay at home, do the house bits you’ve needed to do for ages (in my cases, years.. lol) and enjoy the more simple pleasures in life, like sitting in the garden and reading a damn good book!

For today’s post I thought I would walk you through the books I have read so far in lockdown! haven’t read a huge amount as I am one of the people who is still working full time from home, so bare that in mind, but I have gotten through a couple of books so I thought why not share what I have enjoyed, and what you could maybe avoid!

All That She Can See – Carrie Hope Fletcher 

I picked this book up yeeears ago simply so my younger self could meet the author at a book signing, and buying a book was part of that deal, so I went for it. I had read another from Carrie in the past called On The Other Side which I really enjoyed, so I was hoping I would enjoy this one as much. Sadly, it fell a little short for me. It started off great, it had a good premise and kind of hooked me in, but the last few chapters for me were a little rushed, wishy-washy and didn’t really fit with the overall story.

This book is based around a girl called Cherry Redgrave and she has a gift where she can see people‘s bad emotions in the form of Meddlum’s (monsters to you and me). She discovered at a young age that she can bake cakes, cookies, eclairs, tarts, to help make people feel happier and help with their Meddlum’s. She decides to take her gift on the road to help as many people as possible, and this is when she meets another similarly gifted individual called Chase in Plymouth and their story starts to unfold. 

Overall, the premise of the book is good, it just didn’t sit right with me at all. The idea was there, but for me it wasn’t executed in the right way and just felt rushed and a bit all over the place. The last few chapters especially for me just didn’t make a lot of sense, I couldn’t visualise anything that was happening and I felt overall lost in the story.

I gave it a 2/5 stars on GoodReads, the premise was good, but, it just wasn’t for me!

Still Me – Jojo Moyes 

Now, this one was the perfect isolation read! It was super easy to get into, the story was interesting, and luckily for me it is based in New York so I could pretend we were actually there (which we were meant to be right now!). It was an easy read with the respect of you didn’t need to concentrate your entire brain on what was happening, and I have found out recently it is actually part of a trilogy which I wasn’t aware of prior, but that goes to show it was a good book as I didn’t need to read the first two to understand the plot!

This book is about Louisa Clark, she moves to New York after having some hardships in the UK to start a new life being a personal assistant for a big business man’s wife in the Big Apple. It is all about her finding her feet, trying new things, and trying to juggle a long distance relationship back in the UK. I genuinely really loved this book, it was a bit of a roller-coaster at times but overall it was incredibly heartwarming, funny, and generally lovely to read. Definitely a good Sunday read for during quarantine!

I gave this little beauty 5/5 stars on GoodReads so you know I enjoyed it!

Noughts and Crosses – Malorie Blackman 

I definitely missed the boat of reading this book when I was at school to be honest as I know a lot of people did either study it at school or generally read it whilst they were at school. Anyway, I loved it all the same. It was definitely eye opening, covered some interesting topics and turned a lot of things on their head for me. It was genuinely beautiful to read, although it covered some heart-wrenching scenarios.

This book is based around Persephone Hadley and Callum McGreggor’s unlikely friendship as they are both from very different families and worlds. It covers the hardships and the struggles that Callum and Persephone face when battling with their race, class, families and labels as they try and maintain the friendship they had formed when they were young.

I gave this book 5/5 stars on GoodReads, so you better believe it was amazing! Highly recommend.

The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry – Jon Ronson

This book is a bit different for me as I don’t tend to veer towards non-fiction, I do tend to stick with fiction as I like to read to escape my own mind. However, this book is worth veering away from fiction for. Kyle has been trying to get me to read it since we got together and so when I let him choose what my next isolation read would be, it shouldn’t have been a shock he chose this one!

Jon Ronson is a journalist and in this book he explores the term psychopath and what it means in reality. He interviews people in prison, business CEOs, psychologists and researchers to investigate what it means to be a psychopath, what tests are in place, what the downfalls are of psychologists and what it means to be labelled a psychopath. He approaches the whole book with wit, humour, intellect and intrigue as he delves into the definitions, realities and interviews of psychopathy, and in all honesty I read it in a day and a half (I had some annual leave booked in 😉 ).

If you are in any way interesting is psychopaths, psychology or the different forms psychopathy there are, this one is for you. It’s an easy read, it humorous, serious and incredibly thought provoking. Loved it.

I gave it 5/5 stars on GoodReads, it truly deserves it too!

Over the Top: A Raw Journey to Self-Love – Jonathan Van Ness

I am slightly cheating with this one, as I finished it just before lockdow, buuuut, it is a PERFECT isolation read! Jonathan Van Ness is one of the fab five from Queer Eye and quite possibly one of the most fabulous, heartwarming, kind and uplifting people I have ever laid my eyes on. He is literally the epitome of amazing. I adore him, but that isn’t why I loved this book so much.

This book covers so many topics from sexual abuse, drug abuse, weightloss, weight gain, mental health struggles, family struggles, friendships, love, relationships… you name it, this book has it. It is heartbreaking, heartwarming and uplifting all in one hardback book. It is honestly one of the most beautiful books I have read as Jonathan takes you on his journey of self-discovery, self-destruction, self-acceptance and self-love. If this book doesn’t help you look at your past with a slightly shiny tinge to it from what you have learnt then I don’t know what would. I felt empowered, uplifted and so loved from just reading this book. Learn how to love yourself by reading this, it’s the perfect isolation read, trust me!

I gave this beauty a 5/5 stars on GoodReads, obvs!

So there you have it guys, some of my reads from this isolation we are still finding ourselves in! For only one of the books I have read to not sit right with me I feel I am doing this isolation right by picking some damn good reads, as well as Kyle helping with the psychopath test 😉

What have you guys been reading during this lockdown? Have you found any gems I should know about?

Lots of love & talk soon,

Laura xo

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