Isolation Diaries: Reconnecting!

Hello my lovely people ❤

How’re are we all doing? Are we all surviving the isolation and lockdown okay? Are you all going slightly mad like I am? Cool, I thought I was the only one 😉

For this weeks isolation diaries I thought I would talk about something really positive that has happened from this lockdown that is still raging on in the UK which is reconnecting with people. Throughout this lockdown I have definitely been more confident about reaching out and contacting people I haven’t spoken to in a long time, and in turn people have also reached out to me which is so special.

I think this time we have been gifted is the perfect time to reach out and connect to people so much more, which in turn helps make you feel a lot more content and happy throughout a very uncertain and scary time. It has brought a lot more comfort to me than I thought to be honest, and thanks to my anxiety demon I often withdraw rather than reaching out to others, and because of this lockdown I have been able to gain the confidence to actually reach out and keep in contact with people more which I am genuinely really thankful for.

So, here are some things we have been doing with our friends and family over ZoomSkype and Whatsapp that you could also use to keep in contact with people you love, and maintain some normality through a really abnormal time to be honest!

– Virtual Pub Quizzes –

This idea has been a super popular one all over social media for the past few weeks thanks to Jay’s Virtual Pub Quiz which is available on YouTube. He live streams every Thursday night at 8:15pm in the UK and it has been really good to break up the evenings and give you something to do that isn’t just vegging out in front of Netflix. We have included some of our friends into the pub quiz every week too which has added some more contact with people we care about and adds way more fun and laughter! We have a group Whatsapp chat that we keep in contact with our friends throughout the quiz and compare our scores and thoughts after each round and at the end to see who is the smartest that week (spoiler alert, it is never me and Kyle ha). This idea has been really fun and I have loved doing it, I have linked the Virtual Pub Quiz link here for you in case you wanted to join in too with your friends or family.

– Family Pub Quizzes –

Similar to the Virtual Pub Quiz on YouTube, we have created a family pub quiz which we do every two weeks with my parents, my siblings and their partners, my Aunt, Uncle, Cousin and his wife, Nicola. Each household chooses a theme for their questions and writes 5 for their round which they then ask to the group. This has been such a lovely idea as I don’t get to see my family as often as I would like. Some of my family live in Northumberland and my Aunt, Uncle, cousin and his wife live in Essex, so it has been a perfect way to catch-up, have some fun and reconnect. 10/10 would recommend highly! It has been full of laughter, fun, wine, and hard as hell questions from my family who hold nothing back when they are drafting their questions up 😉

– Pub Crawl Room Crawl –

This idea was created by one of our friends and it worked really well! We all went on a big group Zoom call and after a drink we moved rooms in our house, caught up, had plenty of laughs and just enjoyed spending time with everyone.. albeit virtually. It was actually really fun, and it wasn’t as strange as you would think to have a virtual pub crawl room crawl with your friends! It was just lovely to see everyone, have a catch up, have plenty of laughs and drink like we always did when we were together!

– Girly Catch-up with G&Ts –

I have done this with a few of my girl friends and honestly, it might sound super simple and super obvious, but it was honestly really lovely. You get to catch-up, listen to their stories, discuss life and have a laugh, what more could you want?! I even went all out and got myself in full glam, put on a cute outfit and pampered myself a bit which was amazing just to feel normal again! I don’t know about you guys, but I have been basically living in either PJs, oversized sweatshirts or the most basic comfy dresses to get myself through working from home, or chilling at home, so putting some time and effort into my make-up, outfit and hair really helped pull me back into reality! It helped me feel like I was going to meet my friends rather than just staying at home on a video call, so I 1000/10 recommend pampering yourself throughout all of this madness, especially before a girly catch-up with your nearest and dearest!

– Reconnecting with Old Friends –

As I said at the start, I have found that through this craziness I have reached out to people I don’t usually speak to as frequently and people have also done the same to me, which is so special. It has been lovely to reconnect with people I hadn’t spoken to for a while for one reason or another, and regain friendships that had fallen to the wayside thanks to working full time and life taking over! If you have someone you are considering contacting but are scared or worried to do so for whatever reason, I say just do it. Worst comes to worst they don’t reply, which is fine, but at least you know you have tried. It has filled my heart with so much love and joy to reconnect with people I hadn’t been in contact with properly for a long time, and even people I sort of took for granted by thinking ‘oh I can see them whenever’ as we live in the same city, or in cities really close to each other, but honestly just do it. Even after all of this is over, reach out, contact and friendship really help more than you realise at times, so have the confidence to reach out rather than waiting for people to contact you.

Overall, the one thing I have learnt throughout this lockdown is to talk to people you care about, people who help you laugh, people who will listen when you are feeling down, and people that make you feel comforted and happy. The worst thing you could do is isolate yourself because you are worried about people thinking you’re strange for asking for a video or phone call rather than texting. Isolating yourself throughout this period of time will only exacerbate your negative though processes and anxieties, trust me, learn from my mistakes! I have tried isolating myself, for years, but it doesn’t help.
Reach out, reconnect and tell people you miss and love them. And if there are any topics you don’t want to talk about, like the big C word that haunts all of us, tell people that! Be honest, say you’d rather not talk about it and if they care about you they will respect that. Don’t be afraid to be honest, tell people what you need, and give them what they need to. This is the time to open up, let people in and be there for others, so let that happen and the time will pass way quicker for you.

Sending all my love to you all, we can and WILL get through this!

Lots of love and talk soon,

Laura xo

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