Beauty Review: Roxi X Revolution Palette!


Hello you beauties ❤

How are we all? I hope you’re all doing okay! We’re almost at the end of January, we survived! To be honest January for me this year has actually gone really fast, I have been quite busy at work, with my masters work and in my social life.. which in all honesty is a bit weird as usually in January I hide in a Christmas hole and pretend it isn’t dismal as hell!
Anyway, let’s jump into what I want to talk about today shall we! I was gifted the Roxi X Revolution eyeshadow palette by my friend for Christmas (thanks, Ash, loves ya!) and as soon I used it the first time I just knew I had to tell you guys about it! It is so flipping versatile, you can make any look you need with one palette, which for me makes it incredible. It means you can take one palette with you on a two week holiday and not have to repeat the same look twice which makes it an essential for trips away. You can go for more natural, colourful or even daring looks with this palette which made it quickly become one of my favourites in my collection!

P A C K A G I N G 

This packaging for me isn’t anything really creative or different from palettes I have seen before, however, what I will say is it is really well designed. The palette is really slim and sleek so it would be super easy to take it away with you as it doesn’t have any bulk to it. The palette also includes a huge mirror which is actually really good quality. The mirror is the same size as the bed that includes the shadows so it really is a generous size and perfect again for travelling as you will always have a mirror with you. The front of the packaging is a mirrored gold effect and really makes it stand out against your other palettes. It catches your eye constantly which makes you grab it more frequently which is also a huge bonus. 

I also appreciate that the palette has the names of the shadows on the inside under each shade. I have so many that don’t include the names so you if you wanted to film a video or write a blog post you end up getting confused and mix up names and make it harder for people to understand what you did to create the look. Well…  I find it harder anyway!

Overall the packaging is pretty perfect. It’s slimline, easy to travel with, light to hold for long periods of time if needed for doing your face and has a perfectly sized size and quality of mirror. Win, win, win!

C O L O U R   R A N G E 

The colour story of this palette is amazing for people new to make-up as it has so many wearable shades with some brighter colours and amazing shimmers to encourage people to play around more with their looks!

All of the shades I have used so far are so pigmented and ridiculously easy to blend. The only downside is some of the shimmer shades are a bit more oily by the looks of them in the pan, this from what I have experienced, means they are slightly more difficult to load your brush up with colour. Some of the shimmer shades also have some fallout as they are a slightly chunkier glitter used in the shadow, which is completely normal from what I have seen from other palettes, so I would advise you do your eyes first then do your base… unless you want to look like you have cried cranberry coloured glitter 😉

You get 18 shades in total with a good mix of matte, shimmer and frost finishes, I really appreciate this as so many palettes don’t have the variety needed to create a look with one palette. This is a criteria I really look for when buying new palettes as I am always thinking of the easiest palette to travels so I can do any look I need.

One of the things to mention would be there are two pressed pigments in this palette, which isn’t a negative, they are just a little harder to blend and have really intense colour payoff, so make sure you check which shadows you are using so that you go lighter with those ones until you’re comfortable.

I can now see why it is called the ‘Ride or Die palette’ as it truly could be for anyone who picks it up. The range of colours, finish and blend-ability of them makes it difficult to put down! I can honestly say for the past 3 weeks I have only done make-up looks with this palette, it may be my new ride or die!



From the shades I have used so far, which have been a great deal I can assure you, the pigmentation of the shades is absolutely beautiful. You only need to load your brush a bit to get really beautiful pay-off from the shades. There is no different in pigment from the lighter shades to the darker shades from what I have seen so far which is also a huge bonus. The shimmer shades are also insanely shimmery and the only downside, as mentioned above, is some of the shimmers do have a little bit of fall out as the glitter is chunkier than the frosted shades. They do seem to have a slightly oilier texture to them in the pan, I have swiped my brush across them and they have flattened out a bit and look smooth which makes me feel like they have an oil in them to help them cling to the eyelid… correct me if I’m wrong though!

One of the main benefits from the colours in this palette is they aren’t hard work to blend out. I have so many other palettes that require so much work to blend out and make them look seamless and I haven’t experienced that at all from this palette so far! They don’t go patchy or cling to any areas of they eye that they shouldn’t. The edges for me always look seamless (from my standpoint anyway) and the looks I have done look like I have put a lot more effort into them than I actually have which is perfection for me (and I am sure some of you too).

Overall, for the pigmentation, the colour range, the range in finishes and the ease of use in terms of blending the shades and creating looks this palette has 5* from me. This palette just goes to show that you can find the most amazing make-up in drugstores without having to pay the earth or remortgage your house to be able to afford it. For me this palette is definitely a staple after just a couple of weeks which I think speaks volumes really.


T H O U G H T S   O V E R A L L

Overall, as you can imagine, I adore this palette. I am so chuffed I got gifted this little gem as it is just what I was missing from my collection without even realising it! The shades are really unique, I haven’t seen a lot of them in other palettes which makes it even more special in my eyes. It is perfect for travelling thanks to its slimline design and huge mirror and is super light which makes it even easier to travel with.
And, as a side note, you know a palette is good and helps you create good looks when your boyfriend compliments you everytime you wear it. Honestly, that is the sign of quality, good colour pigmentation and ease of use.

I would highly recommend this palette to anyone, it’s easy to use for beginners and it really does encourage you to play with colour as they are all so inviting. I felt like a magpie when I opened this palette and I was desperate to play with it as soon as I could so, it’s won my heart and is a firm favourite in my collection ❤

Have you guys tried this palette? What were your thoughts on it? Let me know, I would love to know as palettes are so subjective as everyone looks for different criteria but I think this one would be a win for a lot of people!

Lots of love and talk soon,

Laura xo

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