Easy Skincare Routine!

Hello my lovelies ❤

It has been a hella long time since I shared my skincare routine with you guys and, I’m not gonna lie, I laughed at my previous post as I used to use SO MANY products! No bit of wonder my skin started kicking off and being spotty and angry at all times of the month! I did go through a major issue with my skin around 18 months ago after I changed my contraceptive pill, this change made my skin an absolute nightmare. I don’t want to sound cocky, but I had never had any major issues with my skin through my teenage years and into my 20s, so suddenly going from the odd pimple to cyst like spots all over my skin, scars, intense pain and insecurities was H A R D! I did not expect to feel that self-conscious after I had entered into my 20s, but my god I hated going ANYWHERE without make-up, which in turn probably affected my skin even more…

Shockingly I took no photos of my skin during this time really as I hated it so much, I literally hated it. So I decided I needed to majorly strip back my skincare to try and find what was bothering it, if it was the pill (it was) or if it was a product I was using and thankfully my skin really thanked me for changing up and simplifying my routine! So, I thought I would share my morning and evening routines (both extremely similar I ain’t gonna lie) with you guys, maybe you’ll find it of use and if you are having a bit of a nightmare with your skin as these products really helped me change my skin from constant breakouts to the odd small pimple here and there!


As soon as I wake up I take a cotton pad and soak it with a bit of Garnier Micellar Water and wipe over my whole face to remove any dirt from the evening, clear my eyes of any sleep that may be lingering and make sure my face is ready for the day’s make-up!

I then follow this up by adding my chosen moisturiser, at the minute I am using the Pure Natural Beauty Super Hydrate Day Cream to try and lock in as much moisture as possible before applying my make-up for the day. This moisturiser is also good as it does have SPF 15 in it which I know isn’t a crazy high SPF but hey, better than nothing ey? This moisturiser has only entered my skincare routine recently but I have really been enjoying it. It feels really thick when you first apply it but once you have worked it a little it thins and applies really nicely. It also doesn’t interfere with my make-up throughout the day which I can only thank it for 😉

E V E N I N G 

To remove my make-up in the evening I use the Garnier Micellar Water again on some cotton pads to gently remove all of my make-up and any grease and dirt that has built up during the day. I find this is such a gentle way to remove my make-up and I have seen a HUGE difference in my skin since using this product everyday to remove make-up.

I then take another cotton pad and use the Pixi Glow Tonic Toner to exfoliate my skin, remove any excess dirt and grease and tone my skin. This toner is honestly a god send… it is honestly incredible. I have noticed a massive difference in my skin since using this product. If I ever get a pimple now it stays as a pimple and this toner dries the pimple out so it goes with a day or two.. a GOD SEND! Especially after how many issues I have experienced over the past few years with my skin!

I then follow this up with my nighttime moisturiser which is the REN V-Cense Revitalising Night Cream which I have been adoring recently. This has truly injected some extreme moisture into my night skincare routine and I have been obsessed. This, much like the Pure moisturiser mentioned earlier, is relatively new in my routine but I have been loving it. My skin has enjoyed it and I can see a difference in the quality of my skin after using this moisturiser which I can only be happy about!

I then use a few drops of the BareMinerals Externalixir Serum at night as well to boost the moisture in my skin and get it prepped and ready for the next day! This serum also has vitamins and minerals in it which boost the skins replenishment of cells as well as keeping collagen production high to keep more ‘youthful’ looking skin.. which in reality I do not have and this serum ain’t gonna reverse time to whatever it feels nice and makes me feel like I’m in a spa 😉

So there you have it guys.. 5 products. FIVE?! Compared to my what… 5 million I used in my last skincare routine post?! Overall, with skincare, I think less can sometimes be more. Having 3 different cleansers, toners, moisturiser and serums can work for some people.. but skin was having none of it. This is what works for me and I am completely fine with that!
Do you find less is more with your skincare? Do you even care about skincare? Should I keep saying skincare? 😉

Lots of love & talk soon,

Laura xo

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