Christmassy Anniversary!

Hello you lovely lot and Happy New Year!

I still can’t quite believe it is 2020, it’s making me feel all kinds of old I can’t deny it buy hey ho, I am determined to make this year one to remember with my favourite people by my side!
So, to kick-start the new year I thought I would finally come back to blogging and update you all on what me and Kyle did to celebrate our 3 year anniversary! Our anniversary falls in November and I knew from May of 2019 that I wanted to surprise him with tickets to see Hamilton in London’s West End as it is his favourite musical by far so I was organised and booked those well in advance and ended up telling him as I couldn’t physically keep it in anymore and he was thrilled! So we made a weekend of it and headed to the Big Smoke for a weekend of festive lights, Christmas markets and musicals to celebrate 3 years of being together!

– F R I D A Y –

On the Friday we travelled down and decided to head into central London to go to Winterwonderland that is held in Hyde Park. I was desperate to go as I used to go a lot when I was studying at university as my friend was studying in London so it was a blast from the past! It was amazing to go back but Winterwonderland had definitely grown since I had last been and it was HUGE! I was surprised at how big it was and to be honest it wasn’t what I expected. We only saw one strip of Christmas craft stalls and the rest were food, drink and fair rides and games which was a tad disappointing but we decided to have overpriced cocktails in a tipi bar and got merry together. Kyle also treated me to the cutest Harry Potter Christmas tree decorations to remember our weekend away 🙂


– S A T U R D A Y –

On Saturday we started with the most important and beautiful shop in London (for me anyway) which was Liberty. Liberty has been my favourite shop in London ever since I was a child. My parents and my Auntie would always take us in when we visited London and it fills me with so much nostalgia and honestly feels like you have stepped into Harry Potter with how beautiful the architecture is inside. We obviously had to visit the Christmas shop BUT we definitely did not think through the fact it was a Saturday and it was nearly December so it was packed which wasn’t exactly the magical experience we had the year prior with my parents, however, it was still gorgeous and we both picked a decoration each to add onto the Christmas tree which is always special ❤

We then headed into Carnaby Street which is behind Liberty to enjoy their unique Christmas decorations and lights that had been put up for the festive period. I absolutely love this area of London as it is filled with a variety of shops and cool street art as well which makes it all the more unique.

Just off of Carnaby Street is Kingley Court which is filled with restaurants, cafes and coffee shops to drool over and maybe sample a few treats if you fancied. I was desperate to go to Crumbs and Doilies which is found in Kingley Court, mainly because I have watched CupcakeJemma on YouTube for years and needed to sample one of her delicious treats! I went for the Levian inspired chocolate chip and walnut cookie which was the most delicious cookie I have ever had I think which says A LOT as I am a cookie fiend! I am so happy I finally got to try one of the treats Crumbs and Doilies creates in store, they deffo did not disappoint!

We then popped to Covent Garden to do some Christmas shopping and to meet up with my Mum and Dad for a drink before heading for our dinner reservations. Covent Garden as you well know is one of my all time favourite places, I find it so lovely wandering around, watching the street performers and drooling over fashion and fragrance I could never afford… 😉
We took the opportunity to take some festive photos together and then headed to the pub with my parents. We had booked a table at Joe Allen for our dinner and we also met up with my Auntie and Uncle which was so special.


It was then time to head off to the Victoria Palace theatre for us to watch Hamilton! I won’t say much as you should all go and see it yourselves buuut it was amazing. The actors and actresses were amazing. The vocals were amazing. Amazing. Just go see it. Please do enjoy the photo of me looking like a mess after we had come out of the theatre.

– S U N D A Y –

On the Sunday we had organised to head to Essex to visit my Auntie, Uncle, my cousin and his family as well as seeing my Mum and Dad again for a lovely family day. WE started off with brunch at my cousins house and had their two young children reading to us, playing snakes and ladders, showing us their epic rooms and teaching us how to use their brand new Amazon Echo in the kitchen 😉
We then headed for a lovely Sunday lunch and me and Kyle took on the childcare by keeping the two kiddies entertained and soaked up the family time before we headed back to Sheffield that evening. Spending the whole day with my family and Kyle was such a perfect way to end a lovely weekend away with my favourite BFG ❤

I hope you enjoyed reading about and seeing some pictures from our weekend in London to celebrate our anniversary!

Lots of love & talk soon,

Laura xo


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