Body Positivity.. or is it?

Hey you lovely cherubs ❤

Recently the hot topic of conversation has been body positivity all over social media, in the main stream media and has been a topic that everyone and their dog has been chatting about. However, I think the term ‘body positivity’ has been scewed into a weird concept by some ‘influencers’ online and I have definitely seen some interesting view points on what body positivity is and what that means for you as the individual.

A couple of months ago a big online influencer posted a picture of herself and was talking about ‘body positiity’ (as you can imagine considering what the topic of this post is eyy) and one of her followers had commented on it stating that she had started a healthy eating and exercising to try and gain the body positive attitude this influencer was preaching about. I was then slightly horrified and annoyed to see that this influencer had replied to this person and basically said that her starting healthy eating was the opposite of body positivity and that she was ‘feeding into societal requirements’ by healthy eating and exercising…? I was honestly floored by this because
1. What the actual hell? If someone WANTS to eat healthier and exercise and in turn lose weight, who are you to say that they are feeding into societal pressures? Maybe they’re unhappy in their skin and want to feel more confident, and losing weight may help that process?
and 2. I don’t see how ANYONE who preaches about positivity, loving yourself, love your body and love everyone around you has the nerve to essentially shut someone down and say they’re not being body positive by doing something that they WANT to do for THEIR body?

Body positivity is not something that I have been very good at throughout my years of growing up, I can be the first to admit that, BUT losing weight and doing something with my body that I have wanted to do for YEARS helped me on that journey beyond my wildest expectations. I have never been happier in my own skin, I feel comfortable, I now wear colour, I get my legs out in the summer, I wear patterns and styles of clothing I have longed to wear for years… if that doesn’t mean that losing some weight helped with my body positive journey I don’t know what it does mean? But does that also mean I have fed into societal pressures and succumbed to losing weight as everyone else is? No. It doesn’t. It means I wanted to lose weight, I wanted to be healthier, I knew the weight I was was not good for me and caused me more issues than good. I knew I would never be positive about myself if I did nothing. So no, I didn’t feed into societal pressures. I did it for me, I chose this journey for my own happiness. That is body positivity.

Body positivity, to me, means doing something for you, your body, your health and your mental health that will benefit you. If you want to lose weight, go to the gym and get a bit healthier and you’re doing it for YOU then do it. That is body positivity. You have identified something on YOUR body that you WANT to change. So do it. If you are slimmer and want to GAIN weight to improve your view on your body, do it. Body positivity is not ditching ‘diets’ and gaining weight… it just isn’t. It is doing something for you and your body that will help you feel positive, happy and confident in your own skin.
It really frustrated me that an influencer who claims to be so positive and welcoming and lovely was essentially mean to a follower and shot them down for them wanting to do something to their own body… it’s such a contradiction to what they preach.

So essentially, my whole message from this is, body positivity is different for each individual person. Some people love to work out, eat super healthy and maintain their weight. Some people want to ditch the diets, gain some weight and eat whatever they fancy. Some people want balance, they want to eat what they want sometimes, eat healthier sometimes and exercise. It really doesn’t matter, as whatever you do to YOUR body is your business. Do whatever makes you happy, but do not shut someone down for what they choose to do with their own body. Let people live however they want to live, as long as they are healthy, happy and living their best life.. leave them to it. Body positivity is different from person to person, so I think some influencers need to look at how they respond to their followers and really reflect on how it may make someone else feel, especially when you preach to be all positive and loving to everyone you see.

Lots of love & talk soon,

Laura xo

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