Berlin Adventure!

Hello you lovely lot you!

I hope you’re all keeping well! Is anyone else in the UK slightly bummed that we had two days of Summer and rain for the rest? Currently writing this post whilst drying off after being caught in a huge downpour so I am deffo feeling sorry for myself ha!
So, what else should I do whilst feeling sorry for myself than write a post all about mine and Kyle’s first abroad trip away to BERLIN?! Wahoo! Our trip to Berlin was our first abroad trip away as a couple so it was pretty special for us both, we also have been talking about going to Berlin since before we were even together, so to be there as a couple and making memories will always be so special ❤

We went for three full days, we arrived on the Tuesday afternoon and flew back to the UK on the Saturday morning so it was a perfect trip away. I can also now fully understand why people happily move to Berlin and set up their life there. It is such a gorgeous city with an amazing amount of history, culture and places to visit which is perfect! I planned quite a few things that we wanted to do and see as well as taking peoples recommendations before we went so I had quite a long list of what we wanted to do and thankfully we actually managed to see it all!

T U E S D A Y 

As mentioned we arrived on the Tuesday afternoon, so after trying to figure out the U-Bahn and S-Bahn maps to figure out how to get to the hotel as well as attempting to buy tickets we eventually gave up and asked the man in the ticket booth where we needed to go (he was an actual angel sent from above I swear). After my mini breakdown after trying to understand the route on my City Mapper app I gave the map responsibility over to Kyle for the rest of the trip.. me and maps don’t mix well at the best of times so I was happy to skirt that responsibility!

Once we had found the hotel we dumped our bags, got changed and decided to try and get our bearings around where our hotel was. I can say that I NEVER got my bearings whilst we were there, I honestly just followed Kyle or followed Google Maps, I had no clue where to go 😉
We ended up walking up towards Tiergarten and saw the Victory Column as well which was just stunning. The weather was gorgeous on the night we arrived so it was a perfect time to have an evening stroll and try and basque in the city a little! We ended up grabbing some food and steins in the Tiergarten at a bar called Schleusenkrug and enjoyed the sunny evening and then had a wander back to the hotel with a big detour thanks to me miss-reading Google Maps (lol, told ya maps are not my thing) and we stumbled across the Kaiser Wilhelm which is a WW2 church ruin, it has been kept in the ruined state as a reminder of the war for the city of Berlin. It is actually quite stark to see a church in that state and does help you visualise what the city looked like during the war and how far it has come.

W E D N E S D A Y 

On our first full day in Berlin we took full advantage of the gorgeous weather and decided to walk EVERYWHERE rather than using the U-Bahn or the S-Bahn… it was a good choice for fitness but my GOD I felt dead after that all of the walking! We decided to start the day by wandering through the Tiergarten whilst walking towards the WW2 memorial statues and then heading off towards the Brandenburg Gate & Reichstag which are really close together. I loved seeing the Reichstag, I wish I had booked to go into the dome in time before our trip but alas, I was too slow 😉
The Brandenburg Gate was okay… it was very much a tourist trap so it was full of people trying to get you to pay for not a lot, buskers, street performers and an intense amount of tourists! It was worth seeing, but we stayed there for a couple of minutes before wandering off! Whilst we were wandering away from the Brandenburg Gate we got stuck in a police barricade as Prince Charles was driving past us which was exciting I guess..? I had to ask an American gentleman who was in the car as me and Kyle were beyond confused.. to which he kindly said we weren’t really British as we didn’t know he was in Berlin. Didn’t realise that was a criteria to being British.. knowing where the whole of the Royal Family are at all times. Soz, Kyle, we ain’t British 😉

After the touristy hot spots we decided to wander towards two more historical sites, one being the Holocaust Memorial which was really striking and moving. We did end up getting there at the same time as a HUGE group of school kids that thought it was okay to run around, scream, chase each other and play hide and seek.. so we didn’t stay all that long at the memorial as it wasn’t the vibe we wanted for taking it all in!

We then headed towards Topography of Terror which was a recommendation from my work colleague. The Topography of Terror is the timeline of how Hitler came into power, how he used Berlin as his flagship city and how the start of the Nazi regime began in the city of Berlin and continued to spread across Europe. I would highly recommend going to see Topography of Terror if you ever visit Berlin, it was really interesting to see how Hitler rose to power and the steps he took to take control and the propaganda he used heavily in Germany to begin his regime. There are two parts to the museum, we did the timeline of Hitler’s rise and fall on the first day as that was the outdoor section of the museum and the weather was perfect for outdoor reading, we completed the museum on the Friday.

After Topography of Terror we decided to wander towards another recommendation which was Fassbender and Rausch which is an extremely posh chocolate shop which is pretty central in Berlin. I am SO glad we ended up going to this shop, it was honestly GORGEOUS. They had so many different chocolate sculptures of different famous buildings around Berlin, as well as every flavour and design of chocolate you can imagine. We ended up going to the top level of this shop and found the fanciest cafe we may ever sit in! It was fill of top notch patisserie cakes, the poshest drinks you have ever seen and the most gorgeous views of the city with the huge panels of windows that surrounded us. We did decide to treat ourselves to the poshest cakes & milkshakes we will ever have and felt super faaancy daahling! I didn’t take many photos whilst we were in the cafe as I felt a bit out of place in my Converse, jeans and chilled t-shirt combo so I admired the cakes and tried to ignore the growing feeling of awkward in my soul 😉

Straight across the street from Fassbender and Rausch was the square with the French Cathedral, German Cathedral and the Concert House which were just stunning! We ended up sitting in that square for quite a long time people watching and taking in the stunning architecture, and watching a tourist drop their new Starbuck’s mug and shatter it (awks) and then headed back to the hotel to shower, freshen up and head back out for dinner that evening!

 T H U R S D A Y 

On the Thursday we decided to travel out to the Eastside Gallery which is probably one of the most famous hot spots to visit in Berlin! It is the last remaining part of the Berlin wall that has been reclaimed by the people of Berlin to display a range of art pieces and it was an absolute joy to admire them!

After the Eastside Gallery we decided to go back towards Berlin Cathedral and stumbled across Museum Island along the way, we didn’t end up doing any of the museums as we weren’t overly keen on any of the exhibitions that were on when we visited so we admired them from the outside and headed back to the cathedral. We paid to go inside the cathedral to explore and I am SO glad that we did, the inside of that cathedral was beyond stunning. I could not get over how beautiful it was and whilst we were there they started practising the organ as well so we had a perfect experience. With the money you paid to go inside you could go all the way to the top of the dome and walk outside of the dome to admire Berlin from the sky.. it was terrifying for me as heights make me feel funny but I am beyond glad we did it! Seeing Berlin from the clouds was so spectacular ❤


After exploring the cathedral we decided to head over to Alexander Platz to check out the shops and see if we could a cute coffee shop to grab a drink & a cheeky snack. We didn’t end up buying anything from Alexander Platz but it is worth having a wander around and to take it all in. As this is pretty central in Berlin you can see the TV tower from there, as well as all of the amazing architecture that is dotted around.

On our way back to the hotel we decided to walk past the Kaiser Wilhelm church to try and get a better photo before we headed back to the UK the next day. We ended up going for a meal that night and then had some cocktails back at the hotel before packing ourselves back up ready for our journey back the next day.


Friday was our final day (boo hoo) so we decided to try and finish off and see the final bits before heading back home the next day! The weather wasn’t as great on the Friday so we decided to go back to the Topography of Terror museum and complete the inside of the museum which took you through the start of the Nazi regime, the set up of the concentration camps, the start of the experiments and then the liberation of the camps and the trials that the Nazi’s went through after the war. It was extremely hard to read all of the information and look at the images from the war, but this is the type of information we need to take in so that those horrors never happen again.

As we were walking across a road we stumbled across the marker of where the Berlin wall once stood throughout the city which I was thrilled to see as I had been looking for it since we arrived!

We then headed back to Museum Island and the Berlin Cathedral and decided to do the tour of the cathedral which allowed us to see the inside of the cathedral and go all the way up to the top of the dome and walk outside which was just magical! Seeing Berlin from the clouds was amazing, my knees felt a little weak I can’t deny it but the views were spectacular and it was well worth doing!

We then headed back, got changed and had our final dinner and some cocktails before heading to bed before our early flight back to the UK the next day!

The trip to Berlin was honestly so lovely, it was so special to be able to go to the city me and Kyle have discussed going to together for years, so actually being there together as a couple was magical… and we only argued once so YAY go us 😉

I hope you enjoyed reading about and seeing some of our holiday snaps from Berlin! Have you ever been? What was your favourite bit? Where should be our next destination? 🙂

Lots of love & talk soon,

Laura xo




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