#WellnessWednesday’s; Scrapbooking!

Hey you gorgeous bunch you ❤

I hope you’re all doing well and having a good week so far! For this weeks #WellnessWednesday I thought I would share a hobby that I have recently gotten back into that I absolutely adore! I started scrapbooking around 2 years ago and I find it so relaxing, I can focus on just one thing for however long I want and I get to keep all of my happiest memories in one place that isn’t just online, which in my opinion makes it more special. You actually have to put time, effort and some thought into how you want each page to look, if you want to add any extra frills in there like stickers or writing (I don’t do stickers.. mainly because I don’t have any but whatevs) and what pictures make the cut into your lovely book of memories that wouldn’t necessarily make it onto Instagram or Facebook 😉


With scrapbooking it allows you to look through physical pictures as well which I find so flippin lovely, I honestly love just flicking through it when I am feeling a bit down ror unhappy to cheer me back up and remind myself of days out, meals, memories with my friends and family, as well as seeing cutie photos of my little fur babies ❤

Another reason I started scrapbooking again is because my wonderful boyfriend got me an Instax Square 6 camera for my birthday so I have instant polaroid pictures that I can add straight into my scrapbook so they’re safe and sound.


I got my scrapbook from Amazon a while ago so I am unsure if they would have the exact one I use, but there will be a variety you can choose from I am sure. I also buy my sticky dots from Amazon, along with my label maker and my metallic pens to jazz it up a bit! The label maker I got prints retro style labels which add to the pages and make them look a bit more finished, and I also print the majority of my photos from LaLaLab which is a cheaper way of doing it, you can get 100 mini pictures for around £15 which means you can do more pages for less compared to the polaroid camera, but the polaroid is cuter in my opinion 😉


I don’t follow any ‘rules’ when I am scrapbooking, I tend to have themes to each page so that there is a nice variety of photos throughout it. I do try and organise the photos a bit on each page so that it looks a bit prettier and varied, like breaking up my kitty photos with pictures of scenery or flowers.


Scrapbooking to me is honestly such a lovely hobby to have if you enjoy taking photos and are unsure of where to put them. It is so relaxing, helps your mental health crazy amounts by encouraging you to focus on the activity rather than feeling rubbish and reminds you of the happiness you find in everyday with your photos, and helps you continue to do so 🙂

What hobbies do you have and love? How did you get into doing them? Let me know!

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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