#WellnessWednesdays: Finding the Light!

Hello you beautiful lot you ❤

I cannot tell you how happy I am to be back to blogging and I flipping hope I actually keep it up and keep a schedule going, I have missed blogging so much! It is my place on the internet that fills me with joy, I can write what I want, I can talk about make-up, weekends away, fun with friends and family, baking.. I love it. I really do, I have loved it since I started blogging three years ago, it has helped me through so many challenging times by being something that was mine, and that leads me into this new series I am wanting to do. Wellness Wednesday’s will be all about things I am doing to improve my mental health, find my happiness again, and maybe even help someone else who can’t see the light right now and need a helping hand ❤

I recently went to the Doctor’s and cried at a doctor for around 15 minutes as I felt so empty. I felt like I had so much happiness around me, but I couldn’t feel the happiness. I felt like I was simply existing rather than living. My mood was black, my anxiety was creeping back in and I was tired ALL of the time. Don’t get me wrong, this hasn’t fully lifted, but I am following the advise the Doctor gave me, which is do more of what makes ME happy. I had fallen out of love of doing any of my hobbies I used to love. I had stopped caring about make-up or playing with make-up, I had stopped reading, I had stopped blogging, I haven’t scrapbooked in months.. and the result? I very empty, tired and depressed Laura.
I had melted into such a deep depression that I was simply going through the motions and not caring about anything more. I was convincing myself that I ‘had no time’ to blog, read, play with make-up, scrapbook or anything else. It was exhausting me to simply exist. Everything felt grey and it was honestly terrifying to feel so empty.

So, I have decided enough is enough. I am taking my Doctor’s advise and I am doing MORE of what makes me HAPPY. I want my hobbies back, I want fun in my life, I want to giggle, and see friends, and go for a coffee by myself. I want to scrapbook, colour in, read, blog and play with make-up. I want normality, so I am going to fight for it. I am done letting this darkness consume me, I am more than that and I know I have SO MUCH happiness around me, so dammit I am gonna enjoy that!

So, here is another resolution for myself, I want to keep this series going, I want to share some of the things I have been doing, whether that is some new pages in my scrapbook, some colouring in I have done, a book review of books I have read or even day’s out with my friends or family. I want to have this blog be what it used to be for me, a place of happiness and memories. So, come on, Laura, let’s do this and make this year fun, and let’s use this blog as a diary for that! ❤

Lots of love and talk soon,


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