Birthday Celebrations!

Hello you gorgeous lot you ❤

It has been a hella long time since I wrote a post so I thought I would share some snaps from my birthday celebrations with you guys!
I ended up organising to go to Peddler’s Market with my group of friends and my wonderful boyfriend to celebrate my 26th year of life. Peddler’s Market is basically a market that pop-ups on the first weekend of every month and has a range of food and drink stalls that are set-up in a huge warehouse. The food vendors change every time the market is on which keeps it interesting and fun to go to which is amazing and I can safely say I have never had a bad food dish from Peddler’s, it’s always so delicious!

So, as you can tell, this was the perfect choice for my birthday as it has delicious food, a good selection of alcohol and it is a lovely relaxed atmosphere and the perfect place to have some fun with my friends without it being a huge night out or a house party that no one remembers!

My birthday present from Kyle was something I have wanted for so long, and finally I have in my life, which is a Polaroid camera! I was so beyond thrilled to get this from Kyle, I was so shocked he actually bought me one to be honest (I still am shocked!) but it meant I could get the cutest photos from my birthday celebrations that I can add into my scrapbook and keep forever! I will share the pictures we got from the camera in this post, but honestly it was the cutest gift and gave me the most special photos from the night ❤



I drank a lot of elderflower cider, had the best giggles with some of my favourite people and have the most special memories from my 26th birthday. I am so thankful for the amazing people I have in my life that I am lucky enough to call my friends and my boyfriend, they all made my birthday so special and memorable and I can’t thank them enough for that!


I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the pictures from my birthday, I was truly spoilt with the company I had and the most gorgeous presents as well. I feel like such a lucky girl after such an amazing celebration.

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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