#SlimSaturdays: Foodie Diary #3

Hello you beautiful lot you!

Welcome to another food diary from me whilst following the Slimming World food plan! I have been doing Slimming World for nearly a year (wot?!) and I feel like I know what I am doing without even really thinking about the food I am eating now which is a really nice position to be in, makes it much easier to live my life and enjoy myself without panicking and over thinking the food I eat 🙂

~ B R E A K F A S T ~ 



One of my favourite breakfasts on Slimming World at the weekend is two fried eggs fried with FryLight, 2 slices of wholemeal toast and some beans! This meal is completely syn free if you use your Healthy Extra B for your toast, if not then per slice of the small loaves of wholemeal toast is 4-5 syns depending on the brand of bread.. pretty steep for bread innit?! So definitely try and use your Healthy Extra B for the bread, so much more worthwhile and you can save your syns for later!


~ L U N C H ~ 



Lunches during the working week for me tend to be quick and easy salads or even leftovers from the previous evenings dinner, so I thought I would share with you a quick salad I do for weekends and during the week that is completely syn free, has loads of speed veggies in it and actually fills you up so that you don’t end up snacking during the afternoon!

I quickly make 80g pasta (you don’t actually have to weigh pasta as it is classed as a free food.. but I don’t like gorging myself and 80g is more than enough!) and once that has finished cooking I drain it, set it aside, add plenty of salt and cracked black pepper and wait till I am ready to add it into my salad box.

I then chop up lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, pepper and red onion.  I grate in some carrots and radishes and then add some tinned sweetcorn into my salad box, once all of those things are in the box I quickly mix it/shake it up (obvs put the lid on the box..) and then I quickly chop up some cooked chicken, throw that in, and then add the cooked pasta and mix it all again and voila, one tasty & super healthy salad that actually FILLS YOU UP and keeps you from snacking during the afternoon! Winner winner! Also, this salad for me doesn’t get boring as I have SO MANY different flavours and textures in there, so it stays yummy from start to finish which I really appreciate for a salad, as they can be boring as anything..


~ D I N N E R ~ 



When you’re on any kind of food plan or ‘diet’ as some people call it (dunno why as technically we are all on a ‘diet’ as we all eat certain foods which consist of our DIET..) you crave takeaways, you crave bad foods, you feel like you deserve to treat yourself to a McDonald’s.. well look no further! Here is a meal that satisfies all of those cravings and keeps you going so that you don’t accidentally order a Papa John’s..

These are syn free cheeseburgers with homemade garlic and herb wedges, salad & corn on the cob. This meal will honestly fill you up, satisfy your need for a delicious burger, and keep you from ordering food in or heading to a drive through!

I use reduced fat beef burger patties which are syn free as they are reduced fat, 40g reduced fat cheddar cheese which is your Healthy Extra A for the day, the salad is all speed foods and therefore free, the corn on the cob is syn free & the homemade wedges are completely syn free as we cook them with FryLight & the flavourings on them are completely free as well!

For the homemade wedges we simply chop up some potatoes into wedges, then add them onto a baking tray. We then spray them with plenty of FryLight and sprinkle over mixed herbs, garlic granules, plenty of salt and pepper then mix them up a bit. I then add some more FryLight, add some more sprinkles of mixed herbs and garlic granules and more salt and pepper to make sure they’re all nice and tasty then we roast them at 200 degrees for 30-40 minutes, it depends on how chunky the wedges are! Easy peasey and much tastier than any chips I have eaten out or from a takeaway 🙂


~ S N A C K S  &  T R E A T S ~

So, obviously these meals are quite filling, but we all know that people snack, and I am the top snacker.. if I do say so myself 😉 I am going to show you my top 4 fave snacks and treats from the past week so you can get an idea of what you can eat and the syn value of some treats as well.

I do tend to try and snack on fruit a lot of the time, as it fills me up and tastes delicious, so I tend to go for speed fruits such as apples, satsumas, melon or even a free fruit like grapes as they’re sweet enough to satisfy your sweet cravings and actually fill you up so you would be less likely to grab a biscuit 🙂

I tend to always keep some form of sweet treat at my desk at work, as I am human and sometimes and apple just won’t do enough to satisfy me, so my favourite thing to keep in my desk drawer is Oreo Thins or McVitie’s Chocolate Digestive Thins which are only 1.5 syns per thin, so they are a good option for you to keep around just in case.
I have also been enjoying Milkybar Yoghurts in the evenings which are 4 syns each, they taste like liquid white chocolate and are actual heaven on earth in my opinion!

I also buy the HiFi bars from my Slimming World group which are only 3 syns per bar, or you can have two as your Healthy Extra B. I tend to have my Healthy Extra B with my breakfast, as I like to stay fuller during the morning at work and at home, but if you have fruit and yoghurt or breakfast egg muffins for breakfast, you can easily have two of these bars as your Healthy Extra B so they would be syn free and they’re delicious and really satisfy those sweet tooth cravings!

One of my fave evening treats to have with the Hi-Fi bars is to grab one from the fridge and chop it up into small chunks, then in a bowl add in a Muller Light Yoghurt, some fruit, and then sprinkle the Hi-Fi bar over the top. This makes the Hi-Fi bar last for longer and you get way more as a snack for only 3 syns for the Hi-Fi, winner winner!

So there you go, another food diary following the Slimming World plan! As you can see, you can eat any meal you want to, all you have to do it think about it a little more than you might have done previously to make it healthier for you! I find this plan super easy to follow now, it is honestly second nature and pretty much was second nature after the first couple of weeks, so if you’re thinking you want to try it just go for it! If I can do it anyone can 🙂

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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