Hello you beauties!

I have done this for the past couple of years and, in all honesty, I do it as I genuinely love looking back over my year and to relive some memories, so let’s share my memories from 2018 and relive the magic! This year was full of so many happy things and some huge changes in mine and Kyle’s lives! 2018, you were awesome, let’s see what 2019 has to offer  ❤

– January –

January was a crazy month for me and my little family.. it was extremely busy due to the fact we had to pack up our little flat ready for the big move into our new home. In between the madness of packing, buying furniture and nearly passing out  from stress and anxiety about the move, we did have some cute memories together, such as cute dates to our favourite cafe in Sheffield, a date night to the theatre to see Hairspray which was a gift from Kyle for Christmas and some cute kitty memories as well. I can’t tell you how happy I was to move from the flat and make our lives in our new home, plus having less mess was heaven on earth!

– February –

February for us was a mental month, it was full of stress, unpacking and painting our lives away.. we did mange to fit in some cute memories as well which is always a bonus! We moved from our small rented flat into our new 2 bed-roomed home on the 2nd February 2018 and that day was packed full of stress, anxiety and worry.. but was without a doubt the best thing that we have ever done. I still can’t quite believe I am a home-owner.. it hasn’t sunk in and it’s nearly a year later! Saying goodbye to our flat was sad, it was the first home we shared together as a couple, I had gotten my two fur babies in that flat.. moving was amazing though and I love our new home together ❤

February is also Kyle’s birthday month, we went out with our friends to celebrate and me and Kyle went for a cute brunch as  birthday treat to The Cabin in Sheffield which was dreamy!

We had some gorgeous flower deliveries from my family to say congratulations on the house, painting was done in the house and plenty of unpacking filled our days. I went for a cheeky bottomless brunch with my friends and witnessed some gorgeous winter sunsets. I got some gorgeous roses from Kyle for Valentine’s Day and did plenty of walking. I even tried to walk home from work.. which I still regret to this day but hey, I got some cute sunset pictures in the park which isn’t all bad..
The Beast from the East arrived and brought with it the coldest weather imaginable and plenty of snow to make the city look pretty for a few minutes before it all turned brown and sludgey… and there was of course plenty of kitty love ❤

– March –

March was my birthday month to to start the month off we still had snow (boo) after the storm that was swept in from the east, our boiler broke on the one weekend Kyle was away so I had to try and fix it with my Dad’s help via FaceTime.. it was as ridiculous as it sounds!

For my birthday Kyle treated me to lunch at Cafe Rouge which was beaut and I was truly spoilt with birthday gifts from Kyle and my friends. I headed through to Manchester for a girls night in with my gal pals which was glorious, I celebrated with my work buddies for one of our friends baby showers in the crazy snowy weather, plenty of new make-up arrived into my collection and we had our house warming party to celebrate both of our birthdays & the new home we had made together.

I also finished off the month with a girly date day with two of my girl friends from university. We headed to The Botanist in Sheffield for food and then had some beaut cocktails as well, whats a girly day without food and cocktails ey? ❤

– April –

April brought our first Easter Sunday together in our new home and I even made a roast dinner, go me! I was still doing a lot of walking around the city and captured pictures of Spring returning to Sheffield which was beautiful.

Me and Kyle had a date day at the cinema and some cheeky burgers from Five Guys, there was also some unpacking still happening in April and obvs plenty of kitty loves. Spring started to bring some warmer weather (thank the lord) so we spent more time out in the garden which was actual heaven on earth.

We headed back to Hull to spend some time with the family and obviously I did a cute photoshoot with their gorgeous Westies, probably my fave pass time 😉
We also headed to Hexham to spend some time with my parents and siblings and ended up seeing a birds of prey display which was pretty good.. until one of the birds flew away and wouldn’t come back for a while! I was able to squeeze in a trip to see my best friend from home’s Mum as well as seeing their adorable cocker spaniel named Max who is probably one of the best dogs I have ever met.

– May –

May finally saw the return of lighter evenings, warmer weather and more memories with our friends. We kick started the month with a trip to Pieminster in Sheffield to sample the pie goodness with a group of our friends, the fair arrived back into Sheffield city centre with the biggest ferris wheel I have seen in a long time..

We headed to Glasgow with Kyle’s family for an 80th birthday party which was super fun! The car journey wasn’t so great, but hey we made the most of it! We stopped off at a cute farm on the way up to Scotland so I managed to get some cute photos of some animals, the glorious weather and the beautiful English countryside.

We spent a lot more time in the garden thanks to the warmer weather and headed to Manchester for our friends birthday celebrations, I also sneakily got some photos of Kyle dying on the train home so enjoy those yeah? 😉

May was a pretty big month for me as I finally bit the bullet and joined Slimming World which has honestly changed my life. I have so far lost 2 stone since May of last year and have never felt better in my own skin!
I headed to Durham to have a beautiful summery weekend away with my bestie Ashleigh, we saw Rumours of Fleetwood Mac at The Sage in Newcastle, ate Nando’s, drank in the sun and had the most wonderful brunch and day at a country fair before I headed home. Probably one of my fave weekends in 2018.

I unfortunately fell ill with tonsillitis after my lovely weekend away, so I died for a good week and a half of May which was super fun, but I did get plenty of reading done and treated myself to a few baths to keep me going!
And, within 3 weeks of joining Slimming World I had my first award which was my 1/2 stone, so yay! What an end to a lovely month!

– June –

At the start of June I had my lovely friend Ashleigh down for the weekend, we got our nails done, went to Peddlers Market in Sheffield for all of the food and watched films whilst drinking all of the prosecco imagineable, it was glorious! She also brought the most gorgeous bunch of flowers which was the sweetest thing ❤

I headed to London for a conference with work and we had the most amazing rooftop views whilst we were there, it was honestly so stunning.

We headed back to Hull in June to meet Kyle’s brothers girlfriend and had  big family BBQ which ended in me winning a darts competition and drinking too much booze, as per usual 😉

We spent more time in the garden reading, having drinks and enjoying the sunshine. I also headed back to Hexham to see my family which was glorious. My parents also made the most incredible homemade currys.. man I wish I could eat those again hah!
Me and Kyle headed to the Sheffield Carnival and had a lovely day in the warm weather, we ended yup bumping into some of our friends too so it was lovely to catch up with them and I continued to eat all of the Slimming World friendly foods throughout the month.

– July –

July was a super gorgeous month, we did quite a lot and the weather was just stunning all month so it is truly filled with some happy memories. Kyle surprised me with a bunch of roses at the start of the month which will always cheer a whole month up if I’m honest! We the headed to Glasgow once again for the wedding of Kyle’s cousin and his wife which was such a gorgeous day, and to top it all off, it was actually HOT in Glasgow?! Who knew it could get warm up there? 😉 We went up with Kyle’s Mum and Dad so it is so lovely to have those memories to share with them.

We also got to have Kyle’s parents car for a couple of weeks whilst they jetted off to Canada so we headed out into the Peak District to enjoy the sunshine, we ended up walking around Padley Gorge and then heading Derwent Reservoir to have a walk and grab some food.

I finally got my 1 stone award in July as well which was a big achievement and I was so chuffed I had managed it! We once again headed to Five Guys to celebrate my weight-loss (lol) and then headed up North to celebrate my friend Hannah’s wedding. Hannah’s wedding was absolutely stunning and the weather was so gorgeous, it was such a perfect day and I loved every minute of it.

We still had Kyle’s parent’s car so we both took a day off work to head to Bridlington for a summery walk along the beach, eat fish and chips and ice cream and enjoy the beautiful summer we had.

– August –

August brought more roses from Kyle and another trip to Hull to celebrate Kyle’s parents Ruby Wedding Anniversary. I ended up getting ill and spending most of the day in bed, which wasn’t so great, but it was still a lovely day spent with the family ❤

I played around with my make-up more in August now that my face was slimmer and everything looked slightly better (in my opinion) and we also headed to Manchester for our friends birthday BBQ.

There was a lot of kitty love in August and I finally got my 1 1/2 stone award, Slimmer of the Week and my Club 10 at Slimming World which was amazing! Other than that August was a pretty chilled month, we spent time at home together and enjoyed each others company.

– September –

At the start of September we headed through to Manchester for our friends 30th Birthday Ball which was super cute, seeing us all dressed up was so lovely! We also headed to Peddler’s Market for our other friends birthday which was glorious, we had a date night at Red’s True BBQ in Sheffield, I read plenty of books and finally saw the return of Autumn in Sheffield which made me most happy! I also decorated for Halloween at the end of September, because why the hell not?!

I was able to go to Festival of the Mind in Sheffield to explore a little bit and I also had a date day with two of my girlies from University at Turtle Bay in Sheffield which was beautiful. I also treated myself to some festive body butter from The Body Shop which smells like actual heaven and enjoyed the cooling down of the weather and the falling of the leaves as we headed more into Autumn < 3

– October –

October was kick started by a trip to Peddler’s Market (shock, seems we spend most months there..) with our friends. It is honestly such a lovely evening, food, drinks and friends, what more could you want?! I enjoyed Pumpkin Spiced Latte’s by the gallon and continued reading books throughout October. There was plenty of cosy baths and darker make-up looks to fill the month as well, obviously.

October saw us heading to London with my parents and honestly this trip was the highlight of my year I think! It was so lovely to spend time with my parents & Kyle and create such lovely memories together! I did write a blog post all about the trip which can be found here. 

We got our boiler replaced in October, woo adult life, which was amazing (truly it was) as now the house is warm all the time and the hot water doesn’t run out after 10 minutes! It’s the little things in life! I continued to do more festive make-up looks throughout October and we had a Halloween Film Night with our friends at our house as well which was super cosy and lovely. We the headed to Manchester for a Halloween party and it was the most fun! I love Halloween, dressing up is my fave thing and this year did not disappoint! I was able to dress up as my fave character Wednesday Addams and managed to persuade Kyle to be Lurch I think we smashed it!
To top off the month I got my 2 stone award at Slimming World and was voted Miss Slinky 2018 for keeping my fellow members going and being a good support! What a delight!

– November –

To kick start November me and Kyle went to Illuminate the Gardens in Sheffield’s Botanical Gardens to see the fireworks, eat all the food and generally have a wonderful evening. This was deffo one of my highlights, Bonfire Night is one of my favourite times of the year so this was deffo one to remember!

We had an office Bake Off competition in this month which I won, wahoo! I love baking and this was so much fun to get everyone together and have some fun 🙂
I received a beautiful bunch of flowers from my parents and had a lovely date day with Kyle in Sheffield. We headed to The Cabin for waffles, did some Christmas shopping and had a cosy night in front of the TV.

One of my besties from home Hannah came to visit for the weekend and we wandered around Sheffield, ate Wagamamas and gossiped over wine and gin all night. We also baked cookies the next day which was actual heaven on earth.
November is mine and Kyle’s anniversary month, so to celebrate 2 years together we ate all of the food and drank alcohol. Cheers! We headed to The Cabin for pancakes and then went to Koko in Sheffield in the evening for our meal. I still can’t believe it’s been two years!

There was plenty of kitty love to end November as well as the arrival of Christmas and new make-up. My parents also came to visit at the very end of November so it was lovely to have them stay, I also got a cute photo of my Dad with Buttons and it melts my frozen heart so much  ❤

– December –

The start of December brought our friends from Manchester through for the weekend, we drank wine, went to Cutlery Works in Sheffield for all of the food and enjoyed the festive times together, it was heaven!

I headed to Durham to see Ashleigh and Hannah for Ashleigh’s brithday, we ate Fat Hippo, drank too much gin and laughed so much my sides hurt. Such a gorgeous weekend with them both!
Christmas was in full swing in the household with presents appearing under the tree which was gorgeous to see! We headed through to Manchester for our friends birthday celebration which was amazing. We had plenty of cosy nights in with the kitties, I had the most gorgeous festive nails done by my Nail Technician and we ate all of the Quality Street that ever existed.

We had a cute Christmas Before Christmas as we both spend Christmas with our families which was so cute, we exchanged presents, had Christmas dinner, drank all the booze and were merry all day ❤
I headed home for Christmas in Hexham with my family which was so lovely, I was ill with a nasty virus though so I wasn’t on top form, but I did manage to eat and drink my way through the day 😉
I the headed home to Sheffield and we celebrated New Year’s Eve together with a cosy night at home with a few drinks, food and films. Perfect end to a lovely year!

It is always so weird to look back at these posts, seeing my whole year in photos is really lovely but sort of surreal at the same time! 2018 was awesome, we did a lot and made so many memories together. I am so excited to see where 2019 takes us! ❤

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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