#SlimSaturdays: Foodie Diary #2

Hey guys!

You guys seemed to enjoy my first food diary whilst I am following the Slimming World food plan so I thought why not share another set of recipes and snack ideas that I use on a day to day basis!

~ B R E A K F A S T ~



For my breakfasts, especially when I am at work, I tend to try and do quick and easy options so I can start off my day with my healthy extra B which is my fibre for the day and plenty of fruit to keep me full all morning.

Recently I have been loving having 2 Weetabix which is my healthy extra B, with skimmed milk which is my healthy extra A, strawberries which are speed foods as they are full of fibre and so keep you fuller for longer, and some grapes as well which are classed as a free food.

Super quick, super filling, simple for on-the-go and easy to do whilst you’re at work and you can add whatever fruits you want to it so it can be different every single day of the week which keeps it interesting!


~ L U N C H ~ 



For lunches I do tend to try and bring in leftovers from the previous evenings dinner of choice, however, sometimes there are no leftovers so I have to resort to another option (obviously) for my lunch at work. Recently I have really enjoyed having a ham & salad wrap with extra veggies & salad on the side, followed up by fruit or a Muller Light yoghurt which are syn free (well, they’re not but to me they are as they were when I started the plan and I lost weight whilst eating them previously so whatever).

I use a WeightWatchers wrap (4 syns), honey roast ham (protein), lettuce (speed veggie), tomatoes (speed veggie) & cucumber (speed veggie) to make this meal, super quick, filling & yummy 🙂


~ D I N N E R ~ 



This meal is one of my all time FAVES since starting the Slimming World plan! It is so yummy, so filling & honestly tastes like actual heaven on earth! I still can’t believe that this meal is actually completely syn free.. it is such a huge meal but is packed full of foods that are; good for you, fuel your body in the right way & keep you fuller for longer ❤

The recipe for the chicken thighs & the spicy rice are both from the Pinch of Nom website (the new Bible in my life) and they’re super easy to make, and we just add whatever extra veggies we fancy on the day, we usually go with corn to be honest but you can add pretty much anything you fancy! This meal is packed full of speed veggies, plenty of protein from the chicken & it is completely syn free! What more could you want? ❤

Nando’s Peri Peri Chicken Thighs Recipe 

Nando’s Spicy Rice Recipe 


~ S N A C K S ~ 

I always tend to try and stick to syn free snacks during the day just so I can save my syns for the evening munchies that ALWAYS show up! I tend to opt for fruit such as bananas and plenty of speed fruits like apples, satsumas, pears which have a lot of fibre in so actually keep you fuller for longer. If I fancy mixing things up a bit you can get some form of meat like cooked chicken or ham to try and really fill you up or you can go all out and have some syns if you really need some 😉
My fave syn-ful snacks are Hummus crisps from Eat Real, Love Corn which is sweetcorn baked with flavouring added or even McVities Digestive Thins or Oreo Thins with a cuppa on those harder to handle days ❤

There you go! Another day on Slimming World and another day of delicious food! I do really enjoy the food plan from Slimming World and it is so easy to follow, you’ve just gotta be dedicated to wanting it to work I guess 🙂

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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