#SlimSaturdays: Slimming World Food Diary #1

Hello my gorgeous lovely ones ❤

I have missed writing on here so much over the past couple of months! Life got very, very busy all at once and my laptop died at home, RIP laptop, so I will hopefully be back to regular updates as soon as I have chosen a new laptop, so look forward to that 😉
So, for my first post back, I thought I would let you guys in on what I eat in a day when on the Slimming World Plan! It may or may not interest you, but Slimming World is now part of my life so why not share the plan with you guys so you can see what kinds of foods you can eat on the plan?! Some of you may be wanting to try it out but are a bit nervous, or just may be a bit nosey (like myself) and enjoy seeing what culinary delights I sample on a day-to-day basis! So, I thought I would share with you a day in my life of food eating from breakfast through to dinner including all of my snacks, so.. let’s see what I eat in a day!

Throughout each of the meals mentioned I will state the syns as well as if the foods are free (f), speed (sp), healthy extra A (hexA) or healthy extra B (hexB) foods just so you can follow along if you are also on the Slimming World plan!

~ B R E A K F A S T ~


With my breakfasts a work I am kinda limited as to what I am willing/bothered to prep the night before and also what I can realistically make in my limited kitchen whilst at work, so I tend to keep it quite simple! I also always try to pack in plenty of fruit to keep me full all morning and I always use my Healthy Extra B (fibre intake for the day) on breakfast to make sure I am satisfied and limit the chances of me throwing myself into a biscuit tin by 9:30am..
So, for this breakfast I brought in homemade waffles, with a Muller Light yoghurt & plenty of speed and free fruit to top it off!
The waffle recipe was from Pinch of Nom which can be found here (I changed the recipe slightly as I didn’t use lemon for mine but it still worked fine) Muller Lights are free (well, they’re 1 syn but I still class them as free as they were a week ago so.. whatevs), and blueberries (free), strawberries (speed) and a banana (free) to top it off! This meal is completely SYN FREE as I don’t add in the sweetener/sugar as the recipe suggests so it’s a win all round!

~ L U N C H ~


Usually with lunches, especially if I am at work, I try and make double of the meal from the previous evening and take that with me for an easy lunch so that I don’t have to have the same lunch all the time. This day I had leftover Chicken & Mushroom Fakeaway which is another recipe from Pinch of Nom which is linked here. This recipe is one of my absolute FAVES. It honestly feels like I am eating a Chinese takeaway when I have made it all from home, it is packed full of speed veggies & is completely SYN FREE! Heaven on earth, honestly! Mushrooms (speed), onion (speed), peppers (sp), baby corn (f), chicken (p), flavourings (f) and egg noodles (f)! So super yummy and so filling as well which is a perfect syn free meal ❤

~ D I N N E R ~


This meal is HANDS DOWN one of my absolute faves on the Slimming World plan! Pizza is one of my biggest addictions in life so finding a way to have pizza with a fraction of the syns is heaven on earth! This meal has only 4 syns in it for the Weight Watchers wrap if you use the cheese as your healthy extra A of the day, which I always do for cheese as the syns for cheese are so high! I don’t follow an exact recipe for this meal, we kinda just pop in whatever we fancy on the day, the world is your oyster with this meal! So, to make this you will need a Weight Watchers wrap (4 syns), 40g reduced fat cheddar (hexA), ham (p), mushrooms (sp), passata (sp), herbs (f), potatos for the homemade wedges (f) and we add garlic and herbs to them for flavour and make them with FryLight so they’re syn free and obvs plenty of salad on the side; lettuce (sp), tomatos (sp) & cucumber (sp). This meal is so filling and sorts out that pizza craving perfectly so it’s an absolute win in my eyes!

~ S N A C K S ~

My snacks throughout the day vary depending on what I fancy and how healthy I am feeling ha 😉 I tend to snack mainly on fruit or veggies as they’re free or speed foods so that’s a winner to me, I tend to save my syns for dinner and beyond so that I can treat myself more in an evening, so fruit and veg are a solid choice!

So, there you go guys. here is my first Slimming World food diary! If any of you guys are following the Slimming World plan or have any yummy food ideas please leave them in the comments, I would LOVE to see what you guys enjoy on a day-to-day basis! I will try and keep these food diaries up if you guys are interested in seeing what I eat!

Lots of love & talk soon,

Laura xo

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