Pamper Day Essentials!

Hello you lovely lot ❤

I thought I would do a little post about illness pamper days! I have recently had an awful virus and felt awful so I did treat myself to a little pamper day to look after my skin, clean myself up and try and zen myself out to get myself better as quickly as possible! so, I thought I would share my pamper day so you can use it if you’re ill or just generally need to relax a bit, have a bit of ‘me time’ and look after yourself a little bit! So, lets dive straight in!

~ Bath Time ~

i dunno about you guys but whenever I am not feeling by best I feel like I need to have a bath! Having  a bath is so perfect to help relax your body, zen you out and soothe any sore or aching muscles if you have a virus! I always use one of the Radox bubbles baths to create some lovely bubbles to lose myself in, they’re so good at creating the perfect amount of bubbles that you can sink into! I also use a cheeky bath bomb so make the bath water more silky and luxurious and I always use a bath bomb from Lush! Lush bath bombs are just heaven on earth and I cannot resist the urge to buy them so for this pamper bath I used the Secret Arts Jelly Bomb and it was lovely! This was my first time using a jelly bomb and I wouldn’t necessarily rush to buy another as cleaning the bath afterwards was a task I didn’t enjoy as it does produce a jelly film in your bath, however, it was heavenly to sit in and the water felt like the silkiest thing ever! Plus it was rather pretty to look at so you can’t knock that 😉

IMG_1791 (1)

~ Face Masks ~

I always do some kind of face mask when I am in the bath, I honestly just think it adds a new level of relaxation and pampering to give your skin a lovely bit of care especially when you’re not feeling great! Recently I have been using the Garnier Skin Active 3-in-1 Scrub, Wash and Mask products and I have been loving using them as a mask as well as a scrub! You simply layer some all over your face avoiding your eyes and leave them to dry on your face and then wash them off. They leave my skin feeling so soft, so smooth and so lovely afterwards and it definitely helps relax you that extra bit when you are soaking in your lovely bubble bath ❤


~ Moisturising ~ 

After you have had a beautiful bath and treated yourself to a face mask it is super important to ensure you moisturise your skin afterwards to keep it feeling nice, fresh and silky smooth afterwards! I use pretty much any body moisturiser I can find, however, recently I discovered the Sleepy Moisturiser from Lush and oh my WORD it’s so amazing! It sinks into my skin so well, smells incredible and it the perfect thing to use before bed to really wind you down and relax you. It’s so gorgeous! All of the yes to that mosituriser!

For my skincare on my face I use a mix of the Simple Kind to Skin Rich Replenishing Moisturiser and the Elemis Hydra-Boost Sensitive Day Cream to keep my face nice and supple after any face masks I use on there! I use a mix of these moisturisers both at the start of the day and at night and they’re both so lovely, I love them both! I also use the Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Soothing Balm to reduce puffiness around my eyes and reduce any redness you can get, especially when you’re poorly!

~ Activities ~

When I am not feeling 100% I do try and so some activities that I don’t usually do when I am going 100 mph during the week such as reading, colouring scrapbooking and so on, all activities that don’t take too much energy to complete but distract you from how crappy you’re feeling and help you focus on something productive and fun ❤

So there you go guys, here are some of the things I do on a pamper day to help myself feel a little bit less ill, to distract myself from feeling crappy and try to perk myself back up again ❤
What do you guys do on your pamper days? What makes you feel better on a crappy day?

Lots of love and talk soon,

Laura xo

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