Gal Pal Weekend Away!

Hey you gorgeous lot you ❤

Last weekend I finally got to see one of my best friends after months of being apart and it was such a gorgeous weekend I wanted to share it with you guys with some pictures! I honestly had such a perfect weekend and adored spending time with my bestie and I hope you guys enjoy seeing what we got up to!

So I went up to Durham to visit Ashleigh and we went to a Fleetwood Mac tribute concert that was done by Rumours of Fleetwood Mac and honestly.. it was the most magical night of my life. And I am pretty sure Ash would agree! The band were I N C R E D I B L E. Like actually incredible, so good infact it was like listening to Fleetwood Mac themselves, but better! It was so emotional, so incredible and so so perfect, I am so glad we decided to go as it was honestly amazing ❤
Before the concert we went for a cheeky Nando’s in Newcastle before heading down the Quayside for some beaut photos in the sun then heading over to The Sage for the gig. The weather was so perfect and lovely and we got some A D O R A B L E photos as well so I will share those for you guys! Newcastle is such a gorgeous city, it is like home for me as my family live so close to Newcastle so I have loved it ever since I was a kid and always adore coming back, especially when the weather is so perfect.

The concert, honestly, was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Fleetwood Mac have always had a special place in my heart, my parents brought me up listening to their music and I just adore them so much, so to hear my favourite music played live with the most amazing musicians and vocalists was a dream come true. It was so magical and I will forever cherish this night ❤

We went back home after the gig, had a cuppa then headed off to bed so we could get up early to go for brunch in Durham at Flat White Kitchen which is a super popular place for brunch in Durham and I can now see why! We went for a quick walk through Durham and past the Cathedral on the way to the cafe and the weather was just so stunning and perfect for some beaut photos of one of my favourite cities of all time!

By the time we arrived at the cafe there was already a queue outside the door, that’s how popular this place is, so I was even more excited for the joys in store by the time I saw that! We joined the queue and eventually were let in for the most beautiful brunch I have ever had in my life.. the apple juice alone was like nectar from the God’s.. everything was freshly made, cooked and squeezed and you can see why the people of Durham flock to it for their brunch needs! It was simply glorious and I will be asking/begging Ash if we can go again in the near future ❤

After the most heavenly brunch of scrambled egg, on sourdough, with bacon and a cheeky side of a single pancake we went for a little wander around Durham city centre, did some cheeky shopping, bought new books (shock.. ex-bookseller addictions never die) and decided we would go to a county show that was happening in Durham that day, what more could you want after the most beaut brunch but to go see some cute animals?! We saw some demonstrations of sheering sheep, horse riding, saw plenty of baby animals from pigs, to cows to sheep and even saw some gross creepy crawlies that I could not handle A T  A L L. But I did touch a horse for a brief second which for me is a H U G E deal as I legit hate horses, I have been scared of them since I was a kid so yeah.. it was a big deal and I am super proud I touched one and didn’t die or pass out ahah!

After a few hours at the county show we headed back to Ash’s house, had some lunch, grabbed a cuppa and then it was time for me to head back home to my kitties & Kyle after the cutest weekend ever with my bestie. I honestly adored this weekend, I have such special memories from it all and the giggles were just what I needed! Spending time with Ash is always so happy and fun so it was honestly so lovely!
I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I got up to with my bestie for the weekend and do let me know what your fave activities to with your bestie are!

Lots of love and talk soon,

Laura xo

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