March Favourites!

Hey beauties!

Yet another month has been and gone, how on earth is this happening?! Does anyone else feel like January lasted for a year and now the months are flying by quicker than Usain Bolt?! I honestly feel like I have whiplash, March flew by so quick I am shocked! Right, let’s stop babbling and tell you guys what I have loved throughout the past month, shall we? 🙂

~ Literature ~

This month I have really gotten back into reading and have loved losing myself in another world. Reading is such a calming thing to do for me and I have adored it for many years so I am thrilled I have added it back into my routine!

1. Perfect ~ Cecelia Ahern 

This book.. oh my god. It’s honestly incredible! I read the book from the start of this series called Flawed and was hooked instantly and NEEDED to know what happened next so I ordered this one next day delivery so I could continue to find out what happened! This is a story based in a distopian society that brands people flawed if they have thoughts, actions, words, steps or feelings against the society they live in. This story follows Celestine who questions, fights and argues for all of the right reasons and battles for a change. This storyline and book series is honestly so empowering, so lovely and leaves you needing to know more. If you are into reading and want a new book that’ll hook you in instantly then give this duo a go, you will not regret it ❤


~ Make-up ~

As weird as it sounds, I have fallen back in love with make-up this past month as well! I had fallen into a routine of doing the same looks day in day out and I wasn’t playing with my make-up like I had done previously which, in all honesty, was really sad. Make-up is a passion of mine, I adore playing with it and see what looks I can create and, in a lot of ways, pushing my boundaries so I can improve and be more daring! So I am thrilled that I have some new faves in my collection & some golden oldies who have crept back into my routine and I am beyond happy about it ❤

1. Revlon Colourstay Foundation ~ Ivory 

This foundation has dipped in and out of my collection over the years and recently I found a bottle in my drawers of make-up and thought ‘why not see if I still love it, ey?’ and omg I really do! This foundation comes in two formulas designed for dry skin and combination to oily skin and it is honestly a dream come true! It doesn’t go greasey throughout the day & it doesn’t oxidize too much which is perfect as I am pretty much Casper and it looks flawless ALL DAY AND NIGHT. I have no idea what more to say, try this foundation, it’s amazing, you’ll love it. Bye.


2. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost Highlight ~ Eclipse 

I have written posts about this lil beauty before, I have mentioned it in other favourites, and it has recently crept back into my daily routine and holy hell its so stunning it’s unreal! Jeffree smashes every single product he brings out, they are flawless, work like a dream and are all so pigmented it’s crazy. This highlight is S T U N N I N G. It can be worn as a subtle glow or be easily built up to be completely blinding, it sits so beautifully on the skin and doesn’t sink into any creases or texture and stays pigmented and in place all day. I am obsessed, honestly! I wish I could bathe in this so I could glow like a unicorn all day long! This is a limited edition shade, however, BeautyBay do have some left so deffo grab one if you’re looking for a new highlight shade ❤


3. Storybook Cosmetics Wizardry and Witchcraft Palette 

I have written a post about this gorgeous palette this past month so it is NO SHOCK that it has landed into my favourites, is it? 😉
I love this palette, it is so stunning, so easy to wear for day or night looks, is so pigmented and blends like a dream. I genuinely haven’t got a bad word to say about this palette, it’s adorable, its beautiful, it is perfect.. if you would like to read my review it is linked here for you so you can see more glowing comments of how much I love this palette ha! 


4. Benefit Hoola Bronzer 

This bronzer was one of my first beauty reviews on this blog, it has been part of my collection for nearly two years and it is still going strong and my love for it is bigger than ever! I hadn’t fallen out of love for this product at all, I had kinda just forgotten it was part of my collection if I’m honest! Recently, however, I have been using it E V E R Y D A Y and I have fallen in love all over again! You need such a small amount of product to create such a gorgeous bronzed glow, you can use it to carve out your cheekbones if you wanted to, it blends beautifully into my skin (which is no small thing when I am as pale as white washed walls..) and generally looks gorgeous all day long. I am obsessed and it definitely deserves its cult classic title ❤


~ Skincare ~

1. Neutrogena Hyrdo Boost Water Gel Cleanser 

I have FOR SURE mentioned this cleanser before in my monthly favourite posts and there is a solid reason why it keeps on cropping up.. it’s flipping amazing! It is SO EASY to remove your make-up with cleanser, it leaves your skin feeling soft and really clean and it is just divine. For the price of this product, you would be a fool not to try it out! You simply wet your face, pump some of the product into your hands, rub them together to create a lather and massage it all over your face and within S E C O N D S all of your make-up has gone! It is perfect for travelling, works like a dream.. what more could I say? Try it. You won’t regret it.

2. Elemis Hyrda-Boost Sensitive Day Cream

My parents treated me to some gorgeous Elemis products for my birthday and this little beauty was a part of the products they gifted me. It is so lovely, it sinks into your skin so quickly, leaves my skin feeling so silky smooth and is really helping my skin to prevent breakouts and recover quickly from any breakouts that have scarred. It is just so lovely! The one and only downside to this moisturizer is that the smell is a bit overpowering for me, it has a spa-like scent to it, which isn’t offensive by any stretch of the imagination, I am just used to my moisturizers being unscented but I am sure I will get used to it in time 🙂



~ Haircare ~

1. CoLab Unicorn Dry Shampoo 

I have loved the Colab dry shampoo since it launched, it is the only dry shampoo I have come across that doesn’t leave horrible white powder in your hair and actually works well as a dry shampoo. It smells gorgeous and actually helps to revive your hair rather than clogging it up with powder and making it look worse like others have done to me in the past! This one I beleive is limited edition, I am not 100% sure so don’t quote me, but I have never seen this design for the bottle before or this scent before so it could be new in the permanent collection or could be limited, who knows 😉
This dry shampoo is really, really good. If you haven’t tried it then please do, you won’t regret it!

2. Tresemme Hairdyer

Okay, this may shock some of you, but I got my first hairdryer for the Christmas that has just gone. I KNOW. How did I survive, I hear you ask? Well, actually, pretty easily as I knew no different 😉 I was so used to washing my hair at night and letting it air dry I honestly didn’t bother to get myself a hairdryer. Then my amazing boyfriend came along and surprised me with this one for Christmas and O M G I have no flipping idea how I survived before that day! I am amazed that I can wash and dry my hair in under and hour. UNDER AN HOUR. It takes my hair like 8-10 hours to naturally air dry as it is so thick and there is SO MUCH OF IT. I am obsessed with my hairdryer, life will never be the same again and I love being able to wash and dry my hair on the morning of an event rather than waiting 5 million years for it to naturally dry hah! Love it, try this hairdryer, its amazing, I love it. Bye.

~ TV ~

As per USUAL I have to include some TV as I am obsessed with TV and it is my life so yeah.. here are some TV shows I have loved this month.

1. Jessica Jones 

Okay, so I will admit, it took me A LONG TIME to actually watch this, my boyfriend kept saying I would love it but as it is a Marvel TV show on Netflix I wasn’t convinced that he actually thought I’d like it and wasn’t just tryna make me watch something he wanted to for no gain for me, if you get me? Ha. But anyway, I did sit down and watch season one of Jessica Jones and holy C R A P it is honestly incredible! If you are wanting a new show that will hook you in, make you NEED more and have an amazing cast then this one is for YOU! Jessica is such a kick-ass character and I am just in love! Season two came out in this past month so we have started watching that and it’s just as amazing! If you’re looking for a new TV show then definitely give this one a go!

So, there you go my lovelies! Those are my March favourites for 2018! Let me know what your must haves and favourites have been for the past month in the comments, I would love to know what you’ve been obsessed with!

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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