My Eyeshadow Addiction..

Hello you gorgeous things you!
I thought I would show you my eyeshadow palette collection today and let you know which are my faves and which I wish I didn’t bother with! I have quite a few eyeshadow palettes.. I honestly think eyeshadows are my one major addiction when it comes to make-up! I literally just cannot resist them at all.. I just need them all in my life! ❤

So, I will separate them out into brands so you can easily skip ahead to a specific brand if you wanted to, so lets get right into it! I will link all the palettes I can in their names throughout the post so you can go check them out for yourself if you wanted ❤

~ Morphe ~

Morphe palettes are one of my all time favourites, here are the two that I have in my collection and why I loves them so! ❤

35P Palette
I got this purple beauty from one of my friends for my 24th birthday and I honestly was so excited! It was my first Morphe palette and certainly would not be the last! Morphe palettes have such amazing pigmentation of the shadows as well as being able to blend seamlessly into gorgeous make-up looks! As this palette is full of purples, burgundy’s, browns and a beautiful mixture of matte and shimmer shades means you can create SO MANY looks with ease! I adore this palette so much! The only slight downside is the fact it isn’t too travel friendly due to its size but minus that I loves it ❤

IMG_4815 (1)

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette
Ever since Jaclyn showed this collaboration palette on her Instagram and Snapchat I knew I NEEDED it in my  life. Just LOOK at it?! It is stunning, there are so many colours and combinations you can do with this palette and the pigmentation and blendability of the colours is just a dream! I adore having this palette as part of my collection and I am SO HAPPY I was able to grab one! This palette is still on sale in the UK so I will link it above for you if you fancy grabbing one!  I also did a review of this beauty which is linked here!


~ Urban Decay ~

Okay, I cannot deny it, Urban Decay palettes are my main addiction when it comes to eyeshadow palettes.. I ADMIT IT. They are just so stunning, so pigmented, blendable, travel friendly and just simply GORGEOUS. So, here are the ones I have in my collection 🙂

This cult classic is one of my all time FAVOURITE palettes I have ever owned. I got this as a leaving gift from one of my jobs and I about died when I opened it. The colour story of this palette is me in a nutshell! Browns, bronze, golds.. dreamy! You can create SO MANY looks with this one palette and it is so travel friendly too because of the slim size of the palette and it easily fits into a medium or large make-up bag too! I have used this palette to death and I just cannot get enough! I am obsessed and will be forever more ❤


Naked 2
This little gem was the first Urban Decay palette that joined my collection. It was a birthday gift from my aprents and I have also used this one to death too! The versatility of the palette is just amazing, the pigmentation is to die for and it blends like a DREAM. I have been obsessed with this palette since I opened it and I will be forever more! The taupe, copper, bronzey shades call to my soul and I am happy to answer that call for the rest of my life! I did write a little review of this palette back at the start of my blog and I will link that here for you! 


Naked 3
The Naked 3 is one of the Urban Decay collection I have longed for since I first laid eyes on it.. this past Christmas my amazing wonderful boyfriend surprised me with it and I died a bit and went to make-up heaven! I am obsessed! The colour story of this palette is more nude-y pinks and they are just gorgeous. They are so pigmented, blend like a dream like all Urban Decay shadows and stay in place all day long! I am beyond obsessed and have used this palette so much since I received it! It is just stunning I can’t deal ❤


Naked Heat
Okay, all you make-up addicts will get me on this one.. have you ever seen something and you get this overwhelming neeeed for it? You have to have it in your life like right that second? That was me with this palette. I saw all the hyped over social media and NEEDED it in my life. NEEDED IT. Once again, my boyfriend won at Christmas this year and also got me this gorgeous beauty to add to my collection and holy hell I love him way more for it! It is INCREDIBLE. It is so pigmented, so easy to blend, easy to create day or night looks.. its amazing.  The only slight downfall to this palette is a bit more chunky than the other Urban Decay palettes which makes it a little harder to travel with, but I can deal with that by its beauty and amazing colour pay-off! I have written a review on this one which you can find here!


~ Tarte ~

I dipped my toe into the pool of Tarte Cosmetics and now I think they may soon be my new obsession ❤

Tarteist Pro Palette
This palette  was me dipping my toe into the pool of Tarte Cosmetics and seeing what all of the other beauty bloggers were talking about with their eyeshadows.. I can see what the hype was ha! They are pigmented, they blend easily and wear well. The only downside I would have to the colour pay off would be that on me the shimmer colours in this palette don’t stay put as well as the matte shades, however, they are still stunning so I can’t knock it all too much! The size of this palette is a little larger which makes travelling with it a little harder, but you can still do it if needed! The colour story of the palette is lovely, it easily maps out what looks you can make by having the colours in rows, however, you can obviously mix and match if you wanted! I loves this palette ❤


Tarte x Grav3yardGirl Palette
Sadly this beauty is now not available, it was a limited edition collaboration with Bunny from Grav3yardGirl on YouTube and as soon as I saw her annoucement of this palette I have never been more desperate to own something in my life! It is a palette with eyeshadows, a blush, highlight and bronzer which makes it perfection for travel! The pigmentation of the colours is to die for, they blend like butter, wear well all day long and look stunning! It is so easy to create so many looks with this palette and I am obsessed with it ❤


~ Zoeva ~

Zoeva is such a cult classic brand now, I have heard everyone and their Mum’s talking about their brushes & make-up so I thought I should try them for myself.. ❤

Cocoa Blend Palette
I was introduced to this palette by one of my friends who had been gifted it for her birthday and ohmydays I did not expect to fall in love with it as quickly as I did! The pigmentation of the palette is insane, the colours blend like a dream (even the more intense colours) and you can create SO MANY looks with such a small palette! The size is perfect for travelling and the price point of this palette is reasonable considering the quality of the products! I loves this one and I think I may have to add to my collection of Zoeva in the future 😉


~ BH Cosmetics ~

Shaaanxo x BHCosmetics
This beauty is sadly not available anymore in the eyeshadow and lipstick format, however, Shannon did bring out a remix of this palette which will be linked here. The remix includes the eyeshadows you see below on the left and 9 new shadows as well! I am in love with this original palette! The shadows are just stunning, you can create so many looks with it and they all look so stunning! It is a lovely mix between matte and shimmer shades, they’re so pigmented, blend well and stay put all day long! I absolutely love this palette, the price point is really affordable too which is a huge bonus! The compact size of the palette makes it perfect for travelling as well which I love! ❤

So there you go guys, here is my palette addiction! It may not be as large as other peoples but I am obsessed with each and every one! They are all so pigmented and gorgeous and I could easily stare at them all day! I am a bit like a magpie when I see eyeshadows palettes glisten in the shop lights but I have no regrets in that.. they are all just so beautiful! So, let me know if you have any of the same palettes and what your thoughts are on them, and also let me know of any I must buy that you’ve tried!
All of the loves!

Talk soon,


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