Beauty Review: Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette!

Hello lovelies ❤

So, I thought I would do a little beauty review for you and because I am obsessed and a teeny tiny bit in love with this palette so need to share my love and adoration with you all! ❤
As you can see from the title I will be reviewing the cult favourite Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette today! Everyone and their Mum has been talking about this palette and my wonderful boyfriend got me one for Christmas and.. honestly.. I now see what the hype was on about! So, without further ado, lets get into it! ❤

~ Packaging ~

I have a few Naked palettes in my ever expanding collection now so I already knew I would like the packaging. It is slightly bulkier than the other Naked palettes I have as it has a plastic outer shell and thicker lid to show the design, so it isn’t as travel friendly as some other palettes I have but it is still doable if you try hard enough! The pans are laid out like all other Naked palettes, you get a two sided brush included and the mirror in the lid is a decent mirror and doesn’t distort your face like some other mirrors can. Overall, this packaging is nice. I can’t complain.

~ Colour Range ~

As expected, the colour range of this palette is very warm toned browns, oranges, reds, burgundy colours.. it is called heat after all 😉 the colour range of this palette, although a tad limited, is stunning. You get a range of colours in the spectrum of ‘heat’ and you also get such a lovely range of light to dark colours and a mix of matte and shimmer shades. As with the other palettes from Urban Decay the gradient from lightest to darkest shade is executed well and they are all stunning shades. There isn’t one shade in this palette I wouldn’t use, and that says a lot 🙂


~ Pigmentation ~

The pigmentation of this palette is dreamy. There are no two ways around it. Urban Decay have dominated the market for their eye shadows for a long time for a reason. They are insanely pigmented, easy to blend and wearable for day-to-day as well as for night-time looks.
The colours in this palette are pigmented with a tiny amount of product, blend like a dream and wear well all day long. I wore this palette throughout the Christmas period and didn’t face any issues with pigmentation wearing away or fallout of shadows throughout the day. I would say, it does have a bit of fall out when you first apply the shadows, especially the shimmer shades, but this wouldn’t put me off recommending this palette at all!

~ Pricing ~

The pricing of this palette is the same as all of the other palettes Urban Decay has brought out and, honestly, even if this wasn’t a gift I would have happily bought this palette for myself without batting an eyelid over the price. The palette retails at £39.50 and that is for 12 eyeshadows and a brush that comes with the palette, which I think is such a good price for the quality, pigmentation and wear ability of the shadows, as well as the staying power of them too! These colours don’t budge all day and stay just as pigmented as when you first put them on so it’s a big thumbs up from me! ❤

~ Thoughts Overall ~

Overall, I knew I would like this palette as I have other Urban Decay Naked palettes and they are staples in my make-up collection, however, this palette really did go above and beyond for me. The pigmentation of the shadows is just perfection and they blend so easily. It is so simple to create a simple eye look as well as a more dramatic look with this palette thanks to the range of colours so you could easily use it as a day-to-day palette. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys creating warm toned looks (literally no chance of liking it if you’re a cool toned person) and enjoys being bold and brave with this make-up looks! It is honestly so dreamy and I am beyond happy my boyfriend got me this one! ❤

So, there you go, my thoughts on the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. It is honestly so lovely, just go and swatch it.. you won’t regret it 😉

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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