Hey guys ❤

So, I did a year in photos last year for 2016 so I thought I would do the same for 2017. This year was full of major ups and major downs, but they were all apart of my patchwork year and I want to remember everything that happened in my 24th year of life! So buckle up, grab a cuppa, as this one could be a long one!

~ January ~
I don’t know if I’m the only one on the planet who has a January that is full of not a lot but my January’s are always quite quiet, relaxed and just settling into the new year!
January 2017 saw the kick start of my fitness and eating journey, lots of kitty love, a quick visit and meal at Wagamama with my Papa who visits occasionally with work, crisp Winter walks to enjoy losing weight and some beautiful tulips to brighten the flat! 🙂

~February ~
February was a bit more active than January! I met Kyle’s parents for the first time and was welcomed into the family! I saw some pretty sunsets, we had our first Valentine’s together I received the most beautiful bunch of roses ever as well as the sweetest card from my love and it was perfect! There was lots of kitty love and I even got to have some dog love from Kyle’s parents two Westies ❤

I went to go and see Kate Nash in Sheffield with my friends as well as a spontaneous night out afterwards with beaut cocktails! And my Auntie, Nana and my Mum went for afternoon tea together and I received a cute photo of my Auntie and my Nana ❤ AND it was Pancake Day, so what more could you want from a month?!
All in all, a good month!

~ March ~
March is my birthday month and so my friends, siblings and their parents all arrived in Sheffield for a night of drinking and giggles! My birthday was so much fun, I did wake up to a nasty surprise of my bank account being hacked and all my money being stolen but, other than that, I had a wonderful day! I also grabbed some new prints for the flat of some of my favourite Disney quotes, went on plenty of Spring walks and enjoyed the warming up of the weather! My parents also came to visit and got to meet Kyle for the first time which was so special! We went out for brunch at The Cabin which quickly became mine and Kyle’s favourite spot in Sheffield for food! There was plenty of kitty love, fitness and the addition of my FitBit which I adore to this day! I also had a night at my friend Suzy’s house which consisted of pizza, wine, films & giggles which, to me, is the perfect evening! March was a wonderful month, I loved it!

~ April ~
April included a double date night with Kyle and Suzy and her husband, Stevo! This night was so much fun I absolutely loved it! There was plenty of flowers to inject some Spring into the flat, me and Kyle continued our love affair with The Cabin and I continued to blog throughout April too.

I also went home to see my Family for Easter and we got some lovely group photos of us all with my Nana. On my way back to Sheffield I stopped off in Durham to see my bestie Ashleigh for a spot of lunch and a wander too which was so lovely ❤
My best friend Tom also came to visit Sheffield for the weekend and we ended up going out to the Peak District for food and a walk in the amazing sunshine that arrived in Sheffield! We went to Padley Gorge which is one of my favourite places in the Peaks and holds some special memories ❤
Luna ate a lily in April so we had a stressful 72 hours waiting to see if she’d pull through, thankfully she did but hell it was horrible! I had plenty of pamper nights after that to reverse the aging that happened and even got my hands on the Jeffree Star x Manny Mua collab which I did a blog post on which is linked here ❤ 

~ May ~
May included a trip to Durham to see Ashleigh, which I did write a blog post on which can be found here! I also went back to Hexham to see my family again in May which was really nice too, took cute photos of the kitties, coloured a lot and ate lotsa food!
The biggest news of May was that me and Kyle moved in together! This was such a special day and I was so full of love and excitement! We then went out the next day for brunch and a relaxed day in the sun then had some drinks and beaut food back at the flat as official roomies! May was a great month!

~ June ~
June was a bit of a busy month for me! I went to London for a conference with work, I went to Spain with Ashleigh (which is linked here), the girls came and visited Sheffield for the weekend, I blogged throughout, went out for my friends birthday the day I got back from Spain and enjoyed the sunshine! We also went to Hull for Fathers’s Day to see Kyle’s family, cut the trip short to nip up to Newcastle to visit my Nana and we went to Manchester to visit some of our friends as well! June is the month I finally hit 100 followers on my blog too which I was SO happy about! Busy busy busy, but super fun!

~ July ~
July was a month full of highs and lows. July held some lovely memories and also some sad ones. In July my Nana passed away. It was one of the saddest days and I really struggled to come to terms with it. I still struggle thinking about it to this day, but I know she is still with me and helping me through life. July was bittersweet but there were some good times mixed in there. We went to Tramlines Festival, went to Sharrow Festival for our friends birthday, found out we’re going to Florida in October 2018 and generally enjoyed the sunshine and had a good month ❤

~ August ~
August was a lovely month. It was busy as we went to London for the weekend to visit some of my family and have a day of sightseeing (a blog post for this is linked here), we went out for Kathy’s birthday at Peddlars Market which is a lovely outdoor food and drink market in Sheffield, had lovely date days and enjoyed the remaining Summer days! August was also the month where both my parents and Kyle’s parents met for the first time which was just lovely! Such a perfect weekend with them! I also had a spontaneous night with my two besties from uni and had a cheeky dinner and cocktail date with Jenna ❤

~ September ~
September was a pretty cool month! I went through to Manchester to celebrate two of my friends birthdays, I started my Masters, I got a new tattoo, it was filled with good books and beautiful candles, my bestie Hannah came to visit for the weekend, me and Kyle went to see the Addams Family Musical and I met Carrie Fletcher who is the author of some of my favourite books, it was officially a year with my two furry monsters and  Autumn finally arrived in Sheffield! All in all, a lovely month! ❤

~ October ~
October is one of my faaave months ever as it is so autumnal and it has Halloween which is just great lets face it! There was autumnal walks, coffee dates, the best bagel EVER was discovered at The Steam Yard in Sheffield when Ashleigh came to visit for the weekend,  new make-up in the form of Jaclyn Hill’s collaboration with Morphe, a pink sun thanks to a desert storm and a Halloween partay. What more could ya want?

~ November ~
November has the best night of the year in it… Bonfire Night! I love Bonfire Night so much.. sparklers, lotsa food, fireworks… what more could ya want?! We had selfies, frosty mornings, kitty loves,  mine and Kyle’s 1 year anniversary in Edinburgh and plenty of walks! So crisp, cosy and lovely. I wrote a post all about it which you can find here! We also celebrated one of our friends 30th Birthday with a party on a canal boat.. my anxiety hated it but I think everyone else enjoyed it 😉 November was a goodun.

~ December ~
December was truly a lovely month! We went to Manchester for our friends Birthmas party, I went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park with Suzy for our own Christmas party, me & Kyle had our own Christmas before Christmas with the kitties in our cosy little flat, the kitties saw their first flurries of snow and were very confused (most adorbz thing ever), we had a mini friendmas at Dano & Ellie’s pad with some friends which was so lovely, I went home for Christmas and had some lovely family and friend time, I went to Durham for Ashleigh’s birthday and we went through to Manchester for New Year and celebrated the night away with all of our friends. I even saw some snow in Hexham which was festive AF! ❤

2017 was a really amazing and also really hard year for me. I struggled a lot, felt so stressed I could explode at times and really had a hard time with my mental health. It did hold some amazing memories that I will keep with me for the rest of my life. All in all, it was a good year! But gosh I am glad its over so I can catch up on sleep and get back to working on myself, my mental health and generally trying to enjoy life rather than worrying all the time! I hope you enjoyed seeing my pictures from the year! All the love to you all! ❤

Talk soon,






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