Beauty Review: Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette!

Hello my lovelies!

So, as you may of heard about as it pretty much broke the internet Jaclyn Hill teamed up with Morphe to bring out the most beautiful palette EVER. And, shocker, I got my hands on one! So, I thought I would write a little review for you guys in case you were torn on getting it or didn’t know if it was worth the money! So, let me tell you all about this lil gem ❤

~ Packaging ~ 

So, as will all Morphe palattes, this one does not have a mirror included… I mean… I honestly think that is a bit annoying as you’re paying more for this palette than other Morphe palettes and it still doesn’t include a mirror… kinda wish Morphe would up their game on that front 😉
Apart from that, the packaging is really lovely, it is a sleek pearl white colour with a reflective Jaclyn Hill Palette title on the front. The inner part of the lid of the palette has a little message from Jaclyn as well which is a nice touch. It isn’t plasticy feeling like other Morphe palettes which I really like and it feels quite luxurious. Overall, I likes.


~ Colour Range ~ 

The colour range of this palette, as you may have seen online, is amazing. Like honestly, amazing. You have pretty much every colour you would ever need in this palette. You have soft nudes, shimmery pinks, peachy colours, darker colours, reds, blues, greens, purples… like honestly. This is a one-stop-shop for everything you’d ever need. I am obsessed… the colour range is more than you could’ve dreamed and honestly, you could take this away with you for any occassion and create any look under the sun so easily… its the dream for holidays or going to visit someone for a longer length of time as you need one palette for anything that may crop up! Dreaaamy ❤

~ Pigmentation ~ 

As with other Morphe products I have tried, the pigmentation of this palette does not let you down! It is honestly so gorgeously vibrant and the shadows are so easy to blend out to look seamless on your skin. The colour pay-off of this palette is, honestly, pretty insane. I am beyond impressed by it! ❤

~ Pricing ~

So, this lil beauty is a tad more expenny than other Morphe palettes, however, you would expect that as it is a collaboration palette and it is very different to other palettes that Morphe have brought out. And, as they changed up the packaging a bit that most likely added to the price point.
This is priced at £37, which in all honesty isn’t insane considering you get a ridiculous amount of eyeshadows in one single palette! I have paid more for less shadows in other palettes, so this one was an easy justification to make 🙂
For the quality, colour range and overall beauty of this palette I would say it is 100% worth the money you spend on it! ❤

~ Thoughts Overall ~ 

Jaclyn Hill is known for her amazing collaborations, like just look at her collaboration with Becca… that shit is still a best seller a few years on, so we all knew this one would be stunning at  worst! I am obsessed with this palette, as soon as I laid eyes on it I fell in love and, honestly, I think you can see why on the photos of the shadows, packaging and pay-off of the looks you can make!
I would say this palette has stolen a bit of my heart.. but it could’ve easily stolen the whole thing 😉 it is safe to say I love it.

So, there you go guys, here is my review of the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette! You can grab your own palette here!
Have you been eyeing it up? Or have you got one yourself? Let me know what you think down below!

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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