August Favourites!

Oh well hello! ❤

September has arrived! FINALLY! I honestly felt like August lasted a lifetime, but that is mostly because I crave the colder weather, crisp leaves and pumpkin spiced lattes… #sorrynotsorry!
Anyway, I thought I would share with you some bits & bobs I have been loving throughout the month of August, so here we go ❤

~ Skincare ~ 
Okay, my skincare hasn’t changed too much, however, I have tried and LOVED  new skincare product and I just have to share it with you guys!

1. Let the Good Times Roll ~ Lush Cosmetics
This is a facial cleanser/scrub/face mask. Holy hell its amazing. You take a little lump of this golden joy, add a bit of water, make a paste and massage it all over your face in circular motions.
It smells divine, leaves my skin feeling like brand new skin and makes it so silky soft and ridiculously smooth. I am honestly obsessed with this stuff. It is a little gift from heaven! ❤


~ Make-up ~
Okay so I have fallen for a few old favourites again this month when it has come to my make-up so.. let’s see who made the cut ❤
1. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation ~ 01 Ivory 

I have used and loved this foundation for a good few years now, but I recently re-purchased a bottle and remembered why it was so lovely! It blends into the skin flawlessy, matches my skintone to perfection (which is an impressive thing when you’re as ghostly as me!), gives you a lovely healthy glow and genuinely makes you look ready for the day!
I love it. LOVE IT.

2. Benefit Rockateur Blush

I have had this blush for just over a year now and I really have used and adored it! It had, however, slipped to the back of my collection of make-up and when I used it again I have fallen in love all over again! It looks simply stunning on my fair skin and gives me such a healthy, rosey glow. What’s not to love?

3. Urban Decay Pearl Highlighter ~ Shapeshifter Light/Medium

Honestly. This highlight… is… perfection. I am OBSESSED. Like seriously. I haven’t used anything else since I got this palette and I honestly do not regret that! Ha! It’s so stunning, melts into the skin and gives such a stunning sheen… can you marry a make-up item? Coz if you can, I’ve found my life partner!

4. Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner

I used to use this eyeliner all the time! Like I never bought any other eyeliner product all the time! I decided to branch out and try a few others over the years and recently picked this up again and I have fallen in love again. It is foolproof. It is so pigmented, glides on effortlessly, stays in place all day long and is SO easy to use! Love it.

~ Books ~
Wouldn’t be me if it didn’t include a book would it? 🙂

1. The Shining ~ Stephen King 

I have wanted to get into Stephen King for a very long time, so, I went to one of my friends who is Stephen King obsessed and asked her which would be the best one to read to fall in love. She suggested The Shining (obvs as I am reading it…). I have seen the film of this book so I knew what to expect and stuff so I was like why not, ey?
It is probably one of the best books I have read. It is so gripping, the characters are sublime, they are all so individual yet so similar.. its amazing. It is creepy, it does stick with you, but that is why I love it. I love a book that stays with me, good or bad, and keeps me thinking. This one.. is amazing. I am obsessed.


~ TV Shows ~
TV is life. Here is what I have loved this month! 

1. The Great British Bake-Off ~ Channel 4 

That’s right, bitches. The Bake Off is back. It has changed to Channel 4 rather than BBC but, honestly, I love it just as much. It is a bit different but not so different that it feels like a stranger. It is still cosy, full of innuendo and, obviously, lots of baking stress. Love it. Autumn is here.

2. The Vampire Diaries ~ Netflix 

I have watched and loved The Vampire Diaries for a long while now and recently I have fallen back in love with it. We all know how it is, there is so much to watch we forget what we were watching originally, right? That’s what I did, but I am back and LOVING it!

~ Candles ~
I would say that because it is ‘that time of year’ again I can justify candles but.. I have burnt them all of this year so far but hey, why not share some of my faves? 

1. Leaves ~ Bath & Body Works 
I have wanted a B&BW candle for years… like actual years. I have drooled, admired and dreamt of them and I finally bit the bullet and got one and omg I actually think I am in love. 
It smells gorgeous, is so cute and I am so excited to burn this all through Autumn and into Winter ❤
I got mine through eBay, I checked the reviews of the sellers etc before I bought so I knew I wouldn’t get ripped off and I am honestly pretty damn impressed by it! Loves it.

2. Marshmallow Fireside ~ Bath & Body Works
That’s right, guys. I BOUGHT TWO B&BW CANDLES. And what? They’re amazing and omg this one is just incredible. I honestly feel like eating this one it smells that nice.. weird but true.
It smells like what it says on the tin. Imagine a toasted marshmallow from a bonfire, sniff that, that’s the smell of the candle. Perfect for Autumn and amazing in my home. LOVE.

So there we go! My August faaavourites for you guys! What have you loved this month? 🙂

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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