The Big Smoke!

Hey my lovelies! ❤

So, I recently went to London for the weekend with my one true love Kyle and so I thought I would share some of the hundreds of pictures I took of our weekend away!
We ended up seeing  A LOT of London so I thought I would let you know what we got up to and share some of the iconic touristy places that are in London!

We started off on Oxford Street which is one of the main busy areas of London with a whole range of shops and buses and people! Ha! We had a little wander around some of the shops but ended up heading away from it pretty quickly as it was a tad busy and noisey 😉

We then wandered through the Soho area of the city to explore Carnaby Street, see the GORG shop that is Liberty and explore some of the foodie areas!

After this we wandered towards the National Museum and Trafalgar Square, as ya know, touristy stuff 😉 Trafalgar Square was stupidly busy, as you would expect, but we found a nice spot to have a little sit and people watch for a while!

Then we wandered towards The Thames down Regent Street, as you CANNOT go to London without seeing The Thames I mean, come on!

We did go and explore some of Covent Garden too as we were stupidly close not to! Covent Garden is one of my absolute favourite areas of London, it’s just so pretty and cute I absolutely love it! ❤

Then we obviously had to do the typical touristy stuff of Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament & Buckingham Palace 🙂
We did A LOT  of walking, if you haven’t already gathered 😉

I didn’t get any pictures of Buckingham Palace, I did get some cute photos on our walk through St James’s Park though which is on the lead up to Buckingham Palace.
If you have ever been to London or seen some of these landmarks then you’ll know just how busy they are and how crowded everyone is trying to get photos or just generally stopping in front of everyone else causing traffic jams! It wasn’t the best of experiences, I cant lie! The park, however, was lovely 🙂

A few weeks prior to us going I managed to book us into the Sky Garden to get some birds eye views of the city and, honestly, I am so glad I did! We have both said this was the absolute highlight of the trip! The views are stunning and honestly it is just perfect!
This experience was FREE too which is perfect in itself! You do have to book in advance though so if you’re heading down in the near future deffo try and book for it!

So there you go guys, here are some snaps from the most perfect trip to London ever with my favourite person! I am so happy with how it all turned out and that we did so damn much with our time there!

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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