Spanish Summer!

Hey guys! ❤

I recently went on holiday to the South East of Spain with my best friend and thought I would share some of the photos here!
I won’t be giving you full on details for what we did day-to-day as we basically chilled at the beach or by the pool and read a crap tonne of books! I just thought I would share some photos so you guys can see what I got up to, I also just like housing things on here so I can look back at everything I have done that year!

So, lets dive into some photos shall we? 🙂

As you can see, lots of beach, lots of gin, lots of beaut food! It was honestly the nicest few days away. I was so relaxed, so happy and so content in the little holiday bubble with my bestie and I couldn’t have been more zen when I returned! I am already excited for my next visit to this gorgeous part of Spain and will cherish these memories for my whole life ❤

Have you guys been anywhere or got anywhere booked for a holiday this year? Let me know down below! ❤

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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