Holiday Book Picks!

Hey guys! ❤

I recently went on holiday and I thought I would share with you the books that I decided to take with me! I love to read and when I am on holiday it a perfect opportunity to lose myself in a book and not worry about the 1001 things that need to be done at home! So, let’s see which books I took with me, shall we? 🙂

The Woman in Cabin 10 ~ Ruth Ware 
This is a book that my friend recommended for me whilst we were in the airport and holy wow I am so glad she did!
I lost myself in this book so quickly and was obsessed with the storyline!

This is a book about a female reporter who goes to a press launch of a new luxury sail boat, whilst she is on the boat weird things start happening. She meets the woman in the cabin next door to her in the early evening of the first night and borrows some make-up, later that night she hears a scream and a loud splash from the cabin next door… the girl is gone, but where is she? What happened?

The mystery of what happened that night unfolds throughout the book and twists and turns so many times that I could not see the ending coming! I was hooked, honestly, if you like thriller/mystery books then definitely pick this one up!


On The Other Side ~ Carrie Fletcher
I have followed Carrie on YouTube and Social Media for years now, I have admired her musical theatre talents and have even booked to go and see her in September. When I heard she was bringing out her very own fiction novel I was more giddy that a child on Christmas Day! 
If you have every watched any of Carrie’s YouTube videos then you will know she has the most calming and descriptive voice so I knew I would adore this book! 

This is the story of Evie Snow and Vincent Winters. It follows their story of love found, love lost and love rediscovered… the magic surrounding this book is just stunning. I honestly found myself getting emotional reading the story of Evie revisiting her past, her struggles in life and wanting to know how things will be resolved for her… 

If you want a book that will make you feel magical, believe in the impossible and smile uncontrollably then this is a pick for you. It is stunning ❤ 
The Handmaids Tale ~ Margaret Atwood
Okay, so, I would not describe this book as happy go lucky and easy going at all. This book is intense, it takes a while to read and covers some really heart wrenching topics.

This is set in the future, (not space and stuff but a few years ahead of us), during a war. This is the story of a woman having to follow the new regimes, learning how to change and become a new person, lose her past life and wonder how things could ever become better. 

If you don’t like intense books then this one is deffo not for you. It is intense, makes you feel extremely uncomfortable, sad and frustrated and it is quite hard to read by the way it is written. However, if you like a book that covers different topics & makes you really think about society and how easily this could happen, then give it a go. It is a good book, it just is quite intense so, you’ve been warned!

So there you go guys, these are the three books I took with me on holiday! I was only away for 4 days so I didn’t need too many books with me which is why there are only three! What books would you take away with you? 🙂

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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