Switch Off!

Hey guys! ❤

I don’t know about you guys, but I really struggle to turn off from social media or my phone in the evenings! I am addicted to checking Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for pointless updates on celebrities or people letting me know what sandwich they’ve eaten that day.. I genuinely feel like I use my phone as a comfort blanket to be brutally honest. I get a lot of anxiety in public so losing myself in my phone is a nice distraction from that, however, I will never tackle my demons if I keep on using my phone as a security item!
So, I thought I would share with you some ways in which I try to turn off from my phone or social media for a few hours in the evenings and regain some of  my own thoughts 🙂

1. Put your phone, tablet or laptop in another room 
I find this one really helps me a lot! I tend to put my phone on charge in another room and grab a cup of tea, a book and snuggle down for an hour to try and switch off a little.

2. Go for a walk 
This is a challenge for me as I do get a lot of anxiety walking in public by myself without having my phone to bury my face into. This is something I am really working on, even just putting my phone in my bag away from me so I can actually take in my surroundings, see a bird fly from tree to tree or see a gleeful child with it’s parents is such a breath of fresh air. As crazy as those things sound, when was the last time you walked through a park or your hometown without staring at Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Try it out, your mind will seriously thank-you for it!

3. Have a bath 
I do try and have baths quite frequently as they are a time to really pamper myself and remove my mind from anything that has happened that day. I never take my phone into the bathroom with me if I have run a bath, I hate staring at social media or texting when I am trying to find my zen so I just leave it away from me. This is the most relaxing thing ever. Listening to the popping of the bubbles, the swish of the water & relaxing in candlelight with a good book is heavenly. Try it out, seriously ❤

4. Focus on what you are doing 
If I am watching TV or cooking dinner I tend to have my phone with me. I have been known to watch a YouTube video whilst watching a TV show, how?! Why?! You cannot possibly focus on both. Ever. Your brain does not have that capacity. If you are wanting to cook dinner, watch a TV show or tidy around leave your phone/tablet/laptop somewhere else. It isn’t needed and , trust me, you will not die by missing a tweet from your fave celebrity for an hour 😉

5. Talk 
When me and my boyfriend get in from work we tend to play on our phones rather than catching up. Why? That is the time of day you should invest in one another and chat about whats happened, what you had for lunch or discuss any funny stories or share advice. I am trying to stop losing myself in my phone and, in turn, losing that connection between my loved ones.

Your phone/tablet/laptop can sometimes feel like your lifeline, but it truly isn’t. I am working to reduce the time I spend losing my mind in social media and checking out of reality. I need to focus on my loved ones and focus on myself. Scrolling through Instagram won’t resolve any issues you’re having or create any happiness for you. Switch off, regain some time for you & find happiness away from social media 🙂

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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