Beauty Review: Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette!

Hey guys ❤

I thought I would do another make-up review for you guys as you all seem to be loving them! Today I will be taking you through the Zoeva Cosmetics Cocoa Blend palette! Everyone talks about this palette and you will be hard pushed to find a beauty guru who hasn’t at least mentioned it once or twice in their blog posts or YouTube videos!
So, obviously, I had to buy it and try it for myself!

~ Packaging ~

Okay, the thing that drew me in immediately with this palette was the beautiful packaging. It is a beautiful taupe colour with gold foiled detailing, who doesn’t want that in their collection?!
The palette is nice and slim so it is perfect for travelling and doesn’t have a crazy amount of eyeshadows which is a benefit as I will be more likely to use the whole palette rather than sticking to some colours and not others!
The main negative I have is that it is missing a mirror… most palettes these days do come with a mirror so I am pretty gutted this one doesn’t!

~ Colour Range ~ 

The colours included in this palette do mean you can create a lot of looks which is ideal for travel as you only need one palette and you’d be pretty content!
It includes the more neutral colours to the more smokey and bright colours too so there really is something for everyone 🙂

~ Pigmentation ~

I  cant deny that the pigmentation of these shadows is extremely good and they blend beautifully too so you can easily layer and create more bold and dramatic looks without the fear of them not moving and blending out seamlessly.
They do have some fallout which is a tad annoying if you’re using one of the more dramatic and bright colours, but if you’re careful they would be fine 🙂
The colour pay off is really quite stunning so I wouldn’t be able to mark them down on this front 🙂

~ Pricing ~ 

So, the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette retails at £18 here in the UK so this is a mid-range make-up item. It isn’t so expensive you couldn’t justify it if you’re on a budget which is nice as it does cater to a larger audience! However, as it is £18, I would say it is a let down that the palette doesn’t come with a mirror. You’re paying a decent amount for the palette so being able to get cheaper alternatives that do have a mirror which is more desirable for travel it’s a let down really!
I do think it is worth the money, but the packaging does have some room for improvement 🙂

~ Thoughts Overall ~

Overall I genuinely really like this palette. The colours are stunning, the pigmentation is pretty spot on and you get a variety of colours to create a wide range of looks from one palette.
The packaging could be improved by adding a mirror, but hey, that wouldn’t stop me from recommending this palette or trying some of the other Zoeva products! I think it is reasonably priced and the colours and pigmentation are beautiful ❤

So there you go guys, my thoughts on the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette! 
I think this palette is really lovely and, for the price point, has such incredible staying power, pigmentation and variety you can’t go wrong with it!
Let me know if you have tried this palette and what you thought of it down below!

Talk soon

Laura xo

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