The Realities of Kittens!

Hey guys! ❤

So, as you know, I recently uploaded a little update on my two little monkey’s Buttons & Luna. This update was more what they’re up to and how they’re doing generally in the first few months of their lives. However, I thought I would share some of the realities of having cats and some of my top things to keep around the house, prepare for prior to getting your pet and what may happen once they’re home!
So, let’s get into it!

~ Mess ~ 

Kittens, like most animals, make a mess. And my two, whether they are more special than others or  not, do make a decent amount of mess. This mess can be anything from fur everywhere to vomit that you have to clear up.

Cats are kinda known for being animals that do vomit if they have a hairball, have too much food in their stomach, are too hot, have eaten something weird that they shouldn’t have or are generally unwell.
Annoyingly, Luna does like to throw up quite a lot. So making sure you’re prepared and have plenty of anti-bacterial wipes, floor cleaner and carpet cleaner on hand is pretty essential! Their sick, as gross as this is, is easy to clear away as it tends to be undigested food so its pretty lumpy.. gross I know, but a weird kinda positive I guess?

I decided prior to getting my kittens that they would be indoor cats. I live in a flat at the moment and have no idea when I will move on from the home I am in so I didn’t want to keep them in then let them out at a later date so I decided they would be indoors.
This does therefore mean you have litter trays to contend with.. also gross, but a reality of pets!
When they were younger they did have accidents around and about the flat. They did wee on some of my shoes and they both did wee on my bed. Yay. So, keeping cleaning products in your home, especially with some kind of bleach agent to remove the scent of their urine, is essential. If you don’t remove the scent of their urine they will see that as their toilet and continue to go to the toilet in that area!
One of the life saver things I did for my cats litter trays was to give up on litter liners as they were a waste of time and money! I also invested in a litter freshener powder, you can get this powder from all major supermarkets and it is so cheap! It really does make life a little bit more sweet for you, trust me. I also empty their litter trays completely once a week, I always have and probably always will. Do whatever suits you and your pet though 🙂

My two kittens are also indoor cats so their sick and toilet mess does stay within my home. If you let your kitten outside from a young age you may not experience some of these issues with sick and poop, however, if you do keep them indoors then keep this in mind and be prepared!

~ Wear and Tear ~

Another well known fact about cats is that they climb and they scratch to keep their claws a bit more blunt and catch their prey in the wild.
This, however, isn’t fab for your soft furnishings.
One of the things I wish I had gotten sooner was a cat tree. This is somewhere for them to climb and scratch so that they don’t scratch the sofa as much. They still scratch weird areas, especially Buttons, but it helps a bit.

You can also get claw trimmers for cats, dogs etc etc. I got mine from Amazon. You simply take the very end of their claws off so they’re more blunt and can’t scratch your flesh or your home as easily as they could before hand. If they’re climbing trees in the great outdoors this would naturally wear their claws down, so, you trimming them will not hurt your pet. Unless you take too much off and clip their vein which runs into their claws, that will hurt them! Just the very end of their claw needs trimmed! Vets can do this for you alternatively if you’re worried about it.

~ Health ~ 

Pets get ill, injure themselves or just generally need medical intervention at some point. Insure your pet. That is the most important thing you can ever do both for your bank account and your pet. Vet bills are insane, so if you have insurance you will thank yourself in the long run, I swear. I insure my pets through PetPlan, all of the vets I have spoken to have said that PetPlan are the best for insurance so I am glad I had already signed up for them!

As a side note, finding a vets that you like and are comfortable with is pretty essential as you are trusting these people with your pet. With your little fur baby that you love to death! Find one you like, find one that has good recommendations, ask your friends, work colleagues and family and then make an informed decision. The right vet is pretty important.

~ Be Prepared ~ 

You cannot predict what will happen in life, never mind what your little ball of fluff will decide is a good plan at the time.
Prepare yourself with your closest 24 Hour Vet service, know the facts about the animal you are bringing into your home, know where your documents are for you pet so you can grab them in a second, and know what things you should not have in your home as they’re toxic and can kill your pet.

Google, ask your Vet, as your friends, ask your family. The amount of things that are toxic to cats is actually quite scary! Educate yourself so that you don’t end up kicking yourself in the long run!
I recently learnt this the hard way when Luna ate a lily from a bunch of flowers in my home and ended up being in a 24 hour Vet and my own veterinary surgery for three days. This racked up a lot of money, stress, tears and sleep loss! A quick Google would’ve told me all I needed to know and would’ve removed all of that stress and upset!

Another thing to think about is: who will care for them when you’re away? Can you get any pet sitting services that operate in your area? Do you have any family nearby? Do you have any friends who you would trust with them whilst you’re gone?
Consider this before considering bringing a pet into your home.

~ Finances ~ 

Pets cost money. This may sound obvious, but some people simply do not think about this prior to getting pets. They eat, they sleep, they play, they get sick, they need care when you’re away. This all costs money.
What I pay out for my cats:
Pet Club with my Vet’s to cover their injections and other basic treatments

This all adds up to be a decent amount of money, so make sure you can afford the pets before they are there  🙂

So there you go, guys, those are my main things to think about when you have your pets as well as prior to getting them. These are all things that I either did or did not realise before I brought my little fur babies into my home. These are all things I have learnt along the way and I want you guys to be prepared and to know the realities of pets so that you don’t have life slapping you in the face with a reality check 🙂

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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