Hey guys! ❤

I thought I would talk about something that has really come into the forefront of my mind recently and that is perspective.
I am full on guilty of losing perspective on situations, I can and I have kicked off about the washing up not being done, socks being left somewhere random or something on social media that is so mundane and not relevant at all. I am also guilty of letting things take over and forget about other aspects of my life.
Recently me and my family have been hit with some news that has thrown everything on its head and really reminded me of how perspective is really important.

I feel like over the past couple of weeks I have been wandering around in a haze, losing myself in my own thoughts and losing perspective on a lot of things. Although this news is devastating and has broken my heart, I need to remember that other things matter too. My relationships matter, my home matters, my job matters… everything has its own level of importance and I need to remind myself of this more often.
This news has broken my heart, but I can’t lose perspective and forget about everything else I need to do to survive. I need to pay attention to my friends, I need to invest in them and listen to them.
I need to invest in my relationship and remember that the whole world isn’t now ending because of what is happening with my family.
I need to invest in my future and focus on work and my development so I can get to the career I want and the future I want.

Basically, what I am saying is, no matter what is happening, try and remember to put things into perspective. Unfortunately, everything doesn’t stop because of what you’re going through personally. Take a deep breath, put your war paint on and carry on.
The battle between stopping all together has been hard for me, I get if you feel the same, but carrying on and continuing everyday life is so important. I know it helps me, and my family, for me to carry on ❤

Perspective. Sending lots of love.

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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