May Favourites!

Hey guys! ❤

Another month has zoomed by.. seriously how is this year going so quickly?! I honestly feel like I am still in January!
Anyway, here are some things that have pulled me through the past month!

~ Beauty ~ 

1. Tarteist Pro Palette 

This past month I have played around with this palette a lot and I have well and truly fallen in love with it.
The pigmentation of the eyeshadows is gorgeous, they blend like butter and you can create such incredible looks using it. I am just in love, truly in love.

2. Jeffree Star X MannyMUA Liquid Lipstick ~ Daddy

I treated myself to the Jeffree Star X MannyMUA limited edition collection and this liquid lipstick is my new favourite thing ever… I am obsessed. I never in my life thought I wear a colour like this, to me, this is such a bold statement colour but holy hell it looks so beautiful on! It is a deep, rich, chocolate brown and just looks gorgeous.
The pigmentation is incredible, it applies perfectly and lasts all night long. What more could you possibly want? If you can still get a hold of one, seriously I would grab one while you can! It is such a stunning colour ❤

~ Skincare ~ 

1. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Scrub 

I have been using this scrub a lot over the past month and I have really enjoyed using it. I have had less breakouts, I feel my skin looks a lot more fresh and clean and it is a lot smoother as the dead skin cells have been removed.
I have loved using this, it makes me feel extremely refreshed and has defintely helped my skin to feel a lot more revitalised!
It is really gentle so you don’t feel like you’re damaging your skin or removing half of your face like some other scrubs do 😉

2. Garnier Skin Active Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water 

I have been used this oil-infused cleansing water after I have finished with my face washing routine to just remove any excess products, any dirt that has been missed and refresh and clean my skin further before I head to bed.
I have genuinely loved using this, the oil in the product makes my skin feel silky smooth and the micellar water clears and cleans my skin perfectly. Plus, it is extremely budget friendly which is a huge thumbs up from me!


~ Haircare ~ 

1. Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm

I received this in one of my Birchbox’s and started using it recently and really, really lie it. It simply smooths my hair and gives it a bit more order for when it dries after I have washed it all. What more could you want?

2. Luseta Beauty Keratin Smooth Conditioner 

This is another little gem I have received from one of my Birchbox’s and, honestly, I am in love. My hair after using this conditioner felt like silk...
I have never used a conditioner that isn’t a hair mask that made my hair feel as gorgeous as this conditioner. I will be buying the full sized product to use on my hair as, honestly, I cannot deal with my hair not being that soft for the rest of my life! ❤


~ Lifestyle ~ 

This past month has been very up and down for my fitness, however, there are two things that have pulled me through this month and forced me back onto my regime and continue focussing on my goals ❤

1. Charlotte’s 3 Minute Bum Blitz 

This DVD, as much as I kinda hate it whilst I’m doing it, has really helped me get back into my fitness regime as it is geuinely fun to do… I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes at me, but hear me out!
Charlotte is so funny, easy going and genuinely does all of the exercises with you on the DVD which is a huge motivator as you can see the results she has had and so you’re a lot more motivated from that!
Also, as it mixes cardio and resistance together it really gets your whole body working in 3 minutes bursts and so you burn fat even after you have stopped!

If you’re looking for something to drag you into fitness but genuinely be fun as well, give one of her DVDs a go. They are fun, they’re bloody hard work, don’t get me wrong! But they are fun to do and you feel invincible after you have smashed a good few rounds out! 🙂

2. FitBit Charge 2

I have mentioned this in a favourites before, however, this past month my FitBit has been my best friend. It has really encouraged me to keep on hitting my step goal, or at least pushing towards my step goal, every day. This therefore meant that even though I wasn’t doing my designated workouts, I was still being active by walking around a lot and boosting my steps in that way. I love it.

~ Relaxation ~ 

1. Wild Savannah ~ Millie Marotta

This may seem childish, but I literally do not care. Colouring in is so relaxing, so good for your mind as you are completely focussed on something and so nice to wind down after a long day ❤
I have loved colouring in this past month, it has helped so much to relax me, take my mind of things that are happening in my personal life, and focus me on something creative and positive rather than caving into my own thoughts. If you haven’t tried this as a pass time, give it a go. You’ll probably enjoy it way more than you ever thought you would 🙂

2. Harry Potter Colouring Book ~ Warner Brothers

I am obsessed with Harry Potter so the colouring book for this series fills me with so much glee! I absolutely love losing myself in this magical world and adding life to pictures that we all know and love from the books ❤

~ TV Shows ~

1. 13 Reasons Why ~ Netflix

Everyone and their mum has watched this by now I am sure, however, this is a bloody good TV show. I haven’t finished it just yet as life got in the way a little bit but it is really good! If you haven’t watched it, go give it a go!

2. The Secret Life of the Zoo ~ Channel 4

I am pretty certain the episodes I have been watching of this are an older series, however, I absolutely love this programme! Anything in a documentary style and anything about animals and I am all for that! This follows the life of the animals in Chester Zoo and it is just lovely to watch. Some bits are a bit emosh, but it is so good! Love it ❤

3. Peter Kay Car Share ~ BBC

When I went home to see my family at Easter they introduced me to the brilliance that is the TV show and honestly, since then, I have rewatched all of the available episodes so many times on BBC iPlayer it’s a bit silly..
Peter Kay is one of my absolute favourite comedians and this show is just so good! I am SO sad they aren’t making another season, or so word is on the grapevine, but I think I will be searching for it to get it on DVD as I can’t live without it!

There you go, these are a few of my favourite things from the month of May! Let me know what you guys have been loving this month, I would love to know! 🙂

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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