It’s a Love Story..

Hey guys! ❤

I have been tagged by the beautiful Beckey from Beckey’s Corner here on WordPress to do the ‘My Love Story’ tag. I have never done a tag blog post before so I am a bit nervey, especially to share something so personal, but I will give it my best shot!

Nearly 4 years ago I was at University, living with my friends and on one hungover day my housemate asked if she could download a new dating app onto my phone and mess around on it, I sluggishly agreed then returned to my Chinese take-away whilst she played around on the app. After she was finished I took a look myself and decided that I would have a scroll through and see who I found and, you guessed it, up popped Kyle’s profile. I immediately found him attractive, but me being me, I never thought he would feel the same way so ignored the app for the night and saw the next morning that we had connected and we started chatting.

I will be completely honest, we originally started meeting up as a casual thing, I wasn’t 100% sure I wanted something and Kyle made it bloody clear he didn’t so.. that was that. After about a month I just knew I had fallen for him. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, I would agree to him staying at my house after nights out even when I wasn’t out myself and would miss University to go and see him on his days off.
I kept this fact a secret, if he ever asked I would lie and deny as much as anyone else would. He had made it so clear that he didn’t want anything so eventually, I walked away. I found someone new and started a relationship with someone else. I finished my final year of University and moved home to my parents back up north.

As you’ve guessed it, this wasn’t the end of our story. On New Years Eve of 2014 I received a random text from Kyle. From then, we started talking again intermittently. In the January of 2015 I had a job interview in Sheffield and, you guessed it, I got the job. I moved back to Sheffield and started my new job. Me and Kyle met up after over a year of not seeing one another and it was like nothing had changed. For the next 18 months he was my best friend, my counselor and the person who I would turn to for advice.
The relationship I was in went from bad to worse. We weren’t right for each other, we never were and once I was back in Sheffield and we still weren’t spending time together made that pretty clear. 18 months after I had moved to Sheffield me and my boyfriend split. Kyle was there to help me, wipe away my tears and deal with me being confused and, ultimately, crazy depressed from everything that had happened.

Eventually, after another few months, I admitted to myself that I still had feelings for Kyle and agreed to a date. After that date it was clear that we wanted to spend more time together and give something a go. Although we haven’t been together the longest, we are definitely a good match and I do truly love him. He is my best friend, I can be completely myself around him and I never have to hide anything from him. That is what a relationship should be like. It should be as easy as breathing.
I won’t say we are perfect, as no one is, but we do gel together extremely well and, honestly, I don’t see us being apart from each other.

So, now that you know our random love story apprently I have to share 10 things that I like/love about Kyle so… here it goes.

1. He knows what I need and when. 
This is a major thing for me as sometimes I just want to be sat in silence and not be pestered and he knows when I need some me time and he completely gets it.

2. He looks after me. 
He really does look after me if  I need it. He has been known to pick me up in the middle of the night whilst I am mid panic attack and go to the shop for emergency medication if I am knocking on deaths door.

3. He makes me laugh. 
Me and Kyle honestly can laugh and giggle at anything, he makes me feel so content and happy (minus when he is being annoying) by just being funny and easy going with me.

4. He accepts me for me. 
If anyone knows me they will know that I get obsessed with things. I don’t just simply like something, I am obsessed with it. Candles, make-up, skincare, haircare, shoes, bedding.. to name a few. He accepts them as part of who I am and, so he says, loves me for them.
He also accepts my ‘flaws’ and doesn’t care about them.

5. He is easy-going. 
If anyone knows me they will know I am a worrier and I get very pent up about things such as travel, packing, tidying. I have to have things done there and then, whereas, Kyle doesn’t. He would leave the house 5 minutes before a train if he could whereas I am there an hour early waiting around so I don’t miss it! This, weirdly, is something I really love about him as it helps me become more easy going. I don’t feel the need to plan things with as much detail as I used to which is a breath of fresh air!

6. He is taller than me. 
This may sound stupid, but him being so much taller really makes me happy! Haha! Let me explain.. because he is so much taller I feel really safe and protected with him. I feel like he can guard me and it feels so much cosier when he snuggles me in ❤

7. He is passionate. 
Kyle is one of the most passionate people I know about EVERYTHING. If he likes something he loves it. He is obsessive over film details & TV plots and will happily sit there and ruin a show by ripping apart the main plot lines, but I kinda love it (sometimes) as he is so adorable when he gets into a big rant about something. Once you get Kyle going he would talk you  into next week if it’s something he is passionate about, but, just watching him with his friends chatting away about a film he has seen is just adorable. I love it.

8. He is determined. 
Kyle is always determined to try new things and better himself in any way he can. He, weirdly, likes getting feedback about everything as he is determined to be the best person he can be and be as good as he can be at whatever task he is doing.

9. He is my best friend. 
Kyle has been and, most likely, always will be my best friend. I know I can go to him with anything and he will support, encourage and help me in any way he can.

10. His eyes. 
Ever since I first saw Kyle’s photo I was immediately drawn to his eyes, and now that I know him a bit more I know that his eyes do change colour in different lights. His eyes draw you in, show every single emotion and are always honest. It’s pretty rare you find eyes like that ❤

So there you go, that is my love story! Thank-you once again to Beckey for tagging me in this and let me know down below of your love stories, or even just where you met your significant other! I would love to know!

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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