Girls Weekend!

Hey guys! ❤

Last weekend I spent time with one of my all time fave gals Ashleigh! We took so many photos and had such a cute weekend I thought I would share some of the pictures with you guys and show off how gorgeous Durham is as a city!

I arrived on the Friday and we had a lovely relaxed evening with a take-away pizza and some gin slushies to prepare for our busy day on the Saturday! On the Saturday we had booked in to get our nails done and planned to head into Durham for lunch afterwards at a beautiful burger bar called Fat Hipo.. oh my word. After I ate that I felt like a fat hippo I can’t lie! Hahah!

We walked along the river like young lovers and explored Durham Cathedral which is one of my favourite things about Durham. If you travel to Durham by train as you are approaching the station the Cathedral appears as if by magic and is honestly the most gorgeous view you could ever see!
Also, if you didn’t know, some scenes from the Harry Potter films were filmed in Durham Cathedral so, me being a huge nerd, I was so thrilled to be wandering the streets of Hogwarts with my top gal ❤

After walking off our burgers and exploring the corridors of Hogwarts we headed back home to get ready for drinks in the evening!

We didn’t have a super hardcore nightout but it was so perfect, we had a few drinks, had a boogie and had plenty of giggles with each other and that is all I could’ve asked for! We also went to a cute bar that had a cherry blossom tree inside, it was fake, but it was gorgeous so.. admire it ❤


We then woke up, had a beaut breakfast then went out on the most peaceful walk ever at Hardwick Park! So perfect on a Sunday to go on a nice little walk with Tess and just relax before I headed back to Sheffield ❤

So there you go guys, a little insight into my perfect girly weekend with my bestie Ashleigh! ❤
Nails, prosecco, gin, giggles and dog walks, what more could you possibly want from a weekend? 🙂

Let me know what your perfect weekend is in the comments, I would love to know!

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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