Brand Review: Tarte Cosmetics!

Hey guys! ❤

I thought I would do a little review on some of the Tarte Cosmetics products I have tried so that you can see what I think and if I think they’re worth the price and the hype that surrounds them! I swear everytime I scroll through Instagram or stalk people on Twitter all they’re talking about beauty wise is something to do with Tarte… so… obviously I HAD to try some!

I have a range of things from Tarte from foundation to creame blusher to liquid lips to eyeshadow palettes so I thought a collective review on them all will give you guys some insight into how they work, what they are like and if they are worth the money! So, let’s get into it, pals!

~ Packaging ~

Okay, okay, okay.. I have to admit, the packaging on the products from Tarte is really lovely. It is simple, elegant and does the job perfectly. They do have differening packaging for different collections so I do have a range of packaging to show you, but, I do like it all.
It is all none complicated, straight forward and super cute and pretty, what more could you possibly want? 🙂

~ Pigmentation ~

As I have a range of products I will split this into the differing categories that I have so you can get a more indepth idea of what they are all like!

~ FACE ~

I have the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation as well as the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Aquacealer Concealer and they are both so full coverage it is actually slightly insane…

Amazonian Clay Foundation

If you do not like full coverage foundations then you will hate this foundation. There is no way around that. It is super thick and the colouring of it is quite yellow toned so for me that’s a slight downer as I am a more pink undertone for my skin, however, that isn’t Tarte’s fault, that is more my fault for choosing the wrong colour maybe 😉
As it is so thick using it with a brush, for me, was impossible. It just clumped in the brush and wouldn’t blend out properly, however, with a damp beauty blender and some lightening drops from The Body Shop this foundation is one of my favourite things ever. It blends perfectly, makes my skin look incredible and stays in place without slipping or creasing all day long. For the price I would say it is worth it as it does last all day long with no problems and looks like utter perfection on my skin.


Aquacealer Concealer

Okay, I did not think I could find a concealer I loved as much (if not more) than the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer… but this one is the most amazing thing ever. It is such a nice watery formula that it feels so light on your skin, blends in like a dream and is so full coverage it covers every single blemish you have to make you look like a beautiful mannequin! It is gorgeous, it really is. This, in my opinion, is ever so slightly over-priced as it does tally up to be £22 for us UK folks for 10ml of product… I mean, if you have the funds for that concealer price, you go for it! However, for lowly workers like me who don’t have cray amounts of money on concealer it is a push! It is beautiful though so I would not be shocked if I bought it again, however, it is pricey 😉



I have one creame blush from Tarte and it is a lovely deep pink shade with a gorgeous shimmer through it. This blush, as a blush, is pretty good. It blends nicely, gives you a lovely healthy glow and doesn’t look too insane on your cheeks. Overall, I do really like it, however, with creame products I feel you can get them from so many different brands I wouldn’t say I would stick like glue to Tarte for their creame blushes! However, it is really, really pretty and does wear really well considering its a creame! 🙂

~ EYES ~

I have two eyeshadow palettes from Tarte so I will just pop them in together as a mini review so you can see what I think of their eyeshadows on the whole! 🙂

I have the Limited Edition Swamp Queen Palette and the Tarteist Pro PaletteIf I am brutally honest, I love them. The pigmentation on the eyeshadow’s is just stunning, they blend beautifully and don’t lose any colour as you blend and you can make incredible looks using as many shadows as you want without them looking cakey or weird whilst you layer them.
They do have some fall out that comes with them, especially the shimmery shadows, so do be careful if you are using them after you have done your base make-up! For the price and the pay-off you get from these products I would say they are 100% worth the money. You need such a small amount of product to get such amazing colour pigmentation on your eyes I just know I will have these palettes for years to come as they’re are simply stunning! Such a staple to my eye looks!

~ LIPS ~ 

I have two liquid lipsticks and one lipgloss from Tarte so, let’s see what I thought, ey? 😉

Liquid Lipsticks 

As liquid lipsticks go these ones are okay, however, they are not the best ones I have tried or the best ones I own. They do wear nicely and do feel very light on the lips compared to some others I have, however, I would say the doe-foot applicator is quite difficult to work with and it is quite hard so it’s a tad difficult to prevent streaks. It is a buildable formula though so you can touch up and sort any issues out along the way. I would say that they’re nice, however, I have others that I do prefer from other brands so I wouldn’t necessarily collect all of their liquid lips or religiously use these 🙂


As lipglosses go this one is a really nice one, it feels nice and smooth and sort of silky in a way rather than sticky like you sometimes get. It has a nice amount of pigmentation, however, I am not entirely sure I would buy another one. I don’t tend to wear lipglosses anyway and the price of these ones would put me off more 😉


~ Results ~ 

Overall, the products are really, really nice. The pigmentation and lasting power of the products is lovely and they all do look lovely once they have been applied. I am super impressed by this brand and I can now see that the hype that surrounds it is justified!

~Pricing ~ 

The pricing of Tarte is highend, however, it is completely worth the money on the most part. A couple of things due to personal choice I would say I prefer other brands, but that doesn’t mean they are not worth it! It is all just personal preference when it comes to make-up to be honest 🙂

There we go guys, overall I bloody love Tarte Cosmetics and would happily spend more money on their products and wear them with pride on my face! ❤
What do you guys think of them if you have tried any of their products? If you haven’t tried any, do you think you would? Let me know! 🙂

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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