Total Eclipse of the Heart…

Hey guys,

If you are a big YouTube addict like me with beauty guru’s and people convincing you to buy make-up you may have seen that Jeffree Star and MannyMUA recently did a collaboration for Jeffree Star Cosmetics!
I, of course, HAD to buy it so I thought I would talk you through what the products are like so you can make an informed decision on if you want to buy any of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics products as well as sharing some photos of the beautiful products and what they look like on! 🙂


I got mine from the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website so I did have to pay customs once it had arrived as it is an American brand and I live in the UK, however, do stock Jeffree Star Cosmetics so you can avoid the customs fee there if you’re in Europe, my lovelies! ❤


So, the collaboration included 2 velour liquid lipsticks and one skin frost highlighter. You could buy the products in a  bundle or you can buy them individually. The bundle has now sold out but I am pretty sure the individual products are still available.
The colours of the lipsticks are so beautiful, I was a bit skeptical that they wouldn’t suit me but, shockingly, they look lovely! The brown is just perfection and the red colour is a nice orangey red so it would suit EVERY skin tone which is a dream come true.

~ I’m Shook – Liquid Lipstick~

Now, this one I was scared to receive as I have never worn red lipstick in the past and when I have done I have been told it looked weird on my skintone. However, this one I am in love with! It is such a gorgeous orange toned red and suits my skintone perfectly! The pigment is stunning and I am obsessed with how it looks!

~ Daddy – Liquid Lipstick ~ 

This is the most gorgeous chocolate brown liquid lipstick colour. I am in love with how it looks on me! It is so pigmented, doesn’t go patchy like some darker liquid lips can do and looks just dreamy on any skintone you pop it on. I am in love, I honestly never thought I would be brave enough to wear a colour like this but I am honestly so in love! ❤

~ Eclipse – Skin Frost Highlighter ~ 

Anyone who knows me well knows I love to wear a decent highlight, the more blinding the better, so this one did not fail to impress me! I am officially in love with a make-up item, guys! It happened! This highlight creates such a gorgeous sheen on your cheek bones, cupids bow, nose… whole body. It has such a gorgeous reflect and, honesetly, is just gorgeous! Absolutely love it! Even if you cannot get a hold of this particular skin frost, give one of them a go from Jeffree’s line, they’re so gorgeous!


So there we have it guys, Jeffree Star Cosmetics X MannyMUA Collection reviewed for you! This is limited edition so if you do want any of the items then do move quickly to grab them as they will sell out and not come back! 😦
They’re all so gorgeous and I am so happy I spoilt myself and grabbed the bundle so I can own all of the items! ❤

Let me know if any of you grabbed any of the collection OR if you have any of Jeffree’s products generally, I would love to know what you have and what you think!
I have reviewed the liquid lipsticks from Jeffree’s line previously and I will link that here for you to read if you’re interested!

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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