7 Months of Luna & Buttons!

Hey guys,

I have had my beautiful fur babies for around 7 months now so I thought I would update you guys on how they are doing, what they get up to and the realities of having kittens 😉 I will also share plenty of photos for you so you can see them again!

So as a general update I am keeping them as indoor cats, I have decided that I would feel more comfortable if I knew they wouldn’t get ran over or snatched in the night by someone, especially Luna as she has distinct bengal markings so people would potentially take her away 😦 some of you may disagree with this, some of you may agree with this, it was my decision and I am sticking to it 🙂

They have both had their vaccinations and they have both been spayed as well which happened in January. That was the toughest decision I have made with them, it was a risk to put them under anesthetic, however, to leave them and not breed from them can also cause some serious health issues so it was the best choice for their well-being in the long run. I was never going to breed from them and so it was silly to keep something that could cause them more harm in the future so I booked them in to get neutered.

They both caught cat-flu after their operation and so had to stay on pain medication and antibiotics for longer than anticipated but they both recovered pretty quickly and are absolutely fine now! 🙂

They still play all the time, they do wrestle each other a lot, but they are the two most loving and adorable cats. They both have very distinct personalities and habits they follow day-to-day and they both still melt my heart every single day ❤

You might what to know their little personality traits so I will talk about each of them individually and let you know their little quirks and some annoying aspects that are the full on reality of having cats 😉


Buttons is honestly adorable. She is so cute it hurts my heart. She makes the most adorable little yelps, meows and wants so much attention all of time which is just lovely.
She is the smaller one of the two, she weighs a pound less than Luna and I think she probably will be a small cat.
Her face and her eyes honestly melt my frozen heart, she is my little shadow and follows me everywhere I go.
She does, however, wake me up a lot in the night by meowing and purring, padding my face and clawing my legs… I tried to keep them both out at night with no luck. She is getting gradually better, but she still does wake me up for snuggles and love throughout the night..

She loves to sit and stare out of the window in my bedroom, she snuggles up on her cat-tree perch to nap all the time and loves to play with and eat my hair…

She does knock things over such as plants and proceeds to eat the soil, she does climb the curtains every now and again and she definitely holds her own in a scrap with Luna 😉

She is, honestly, as cute as a button. I wouldn’t change her for the world, I really wouldn’t. I wish she wouldn’t knock things over or climb the curtains but she is gorgeous so I can kinda forgive those behaviours 😉


Luna is a lunatic. Generally, she is. She has weird habits, is a full on typical cat by attacking everything but is also the most loving and placid cat at the same time.
She loves to play with her toys, snuggle up on your lap and follow you to the bathroom.

She attacks the toilet roll every single day. She purrs, a lot. She has all of a sudden become a very fussy eater and loves to climb on the separation wall to watch me cook dinner. She loves to rub up against your legs and feet, she sits and waits for you to get out of the shower and then follows you to the bedroom and snuggles in bed, and she really doesn’t mind being held and snuggled whilst she purrs away.

She does like to miss the litter tray every now and again and poo on the floor, she is rubbish at covering her own mess in the litter tray and so just scrapes the floor surrounding the litter tray and she also likes to put her front paws on your leg whilst you’re on the loo to get some love whilst you’re busy…

She does knock things over like her sister, she is obsessed with cotton buds and does proceed to eat them every now and again, she loves to purr in your face and touch your nose with hers and she is obsessed with napping at the foot of the bed during the night.

Luna is a lot less needy than her sister, which in some ways is a benefit as Buttons is crazy needy, but she has her moments for sure and definitely does love attention, snuggles and one-on-one time with us.

Buttons is very confident with new people, she will go and purr around their feet and meow until they stroke her, whereas Luna is more timid and shy and tends to stay away for a while to scope the area a bit.

They’re both lovely, I honestly cannot be happier to have them in my life and they have made such a huge impact on everything in an extremely good way!

However, there are some things you never really properly think about prior to having cats…
You will get scratched and get funny looks from people because of your bashed up arms, legs and torso. 

Your stuff is no longer yours and the cats can and will either destroy, eat or hide it from you. 

Their litter trays are disgusting and need to be cleaned regularly. 

You will need to buy food a lot more frequently than you ever thought possible. 

They will attack anything. Anything. 

You may struggle to find someone to care for them if you want to go away. The area I live in isn’t covered by any cat sitters so I have to kindly ask my friends if they can care for them! 

Vet bills cost alotta money. Prepare yourself.

Privacy is no longer a thing you get, especially with two needy kittens. 

Your wardrobe is a fun area to hide in, attack things and get stuck in. 

The food cupboard is pretty easy to break into and you will find your cats chowing down on treats at 2am. 

Sleep? What is sleep? The kittens want to play and they want to play now!

If you get two cats you need two of everything. Two food bowls, two litter trays, two beds, plenty of toys so they can both play. Cat’s are very particular and I found out the hard way about the litter tray with them both weeing in my shoes and on my bed. Yep. Glamorous. 

~ Top Tips ~

1. If you have two cats get two of everything, especially litter trays.

2. Don’t over feed them. When they’re tiny they eat little and often, so put some food out and leave them with it. Don’t force feed or over feed.

3. Keep them how you want. There will be people who want to give you all the advise that is perfect for them, do what is perfect for you. It is your pet, not anyone elses 🙂

4. Accept the fact that they are cats and they do have claws. They will try and climb the curtains, they will scratch you during play and they will scratch weird areas of your home. Life.

5. Don’t over worry. They are cats so they are pretty independent as it is, they can and will be fine during the day by themselves as long as they have water and somewhere to sleep 🙂

However, although they have their downsides or annoying habits, the impact they have on your life in a positive way removes any of those. They are the most adorable things I have ever decided to have in my life and I honestly would not change them for the world.

So there you go guys, my update on my little furry monsters. They are honestly the best thing that could have happened and I am obsessed with them. Let me know if you have any pets and what they are like! 🙂

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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