March Favourites!

Hey guys,

March has flown by and with it is has delivered gorgeous springtime weather, beautiful flowers and a nice bounce into our step as we head back into the warmer months here in the UK! So, I thought you guys would like to see what I have been loving throughout the month of March so let’s hop on in and see what has been making me happy ❤

~ Beauty ~ 

Throughout the month of March I have purposefully been trying not to buy any new make-up so that I can work my way through my collection of things and I have discovered some GEMS this month! It has also been my birthday so some gorgeous new items have landed into my make-up collection so I will also share those with you!

1. Morphe 35P Plum Palette 

Okay. I just need to breathe for a second. This was a gift from one of my best friends for my birthday and I honestly could have cried. I have wanted and longed for a Morphe palette for a long, long time and when I opened this gift I was honestly so full of joy and happiness I was very close to crying with happiness!
This palette is gorgeous. Truly stunning. The colours are so pigmented, blend like a dream and layer beautifully. I could not love this palette anymore and since I was gifted with it I have loved playing with the colour combinations and testing it out! Love, love, love ❤

2. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation ~ Ivory 

I have mentioned this foundation before but I have recently started using it again and I had honestly forgotten how much I loved it.
It makes my skin glow, makes me look so awake, covers my blemishes and blends into my skin beautifully. Cant say much more to be honest, try it if you haven’t. I love it.

3. Sleek Cosmetics ~ Solstice Highlighting Palette 

I bought this highlighting palette a good while ago now and sort of didn’t try it out or use it much as it started to get so hyped so I thought it would be a bit naff or generally was too stubborn to care about it!
However, I was organizing my make-up collection and stumbled back across it and thought ‘what the heck’ so pulled it back out and started using it and I genuinely really like it.

If you use too much you can look a tad crazy so do be careful unless you want to sparkle to the make-up Gods, like I do, then swipe away my pretty’s! It really is gorgeous and so affordable, if you’re looking for a new highlight to try then definitely try this palette out. It really is lovely.

4. Wooden Make-up Brush Holder

I was given this little beauty by my mum for my birthday and honestly I cannot imagine life without it now…
I put my most used brushes on it so they’re so easy to grab and use when I am getting ready and I swear it has made me get ready in lightening speed in the mornings! I am obsessed with it! Love ❤

~ Skincare ~ 

I always like trying new products and do, on occasion, find some new treasures so I thought I would let you know what I have found and LOVED this past month for my skin!

1. Garnier Micellar Gel Wash 

I have written a review on this magical face wash and I am honestly absolutely besotted with it. It is so easy to use, melts my make-up away in seconds and leaves my skin feeling super clean, super fresh and not dry at all which is a dream.. 

It is crazy affordable so if you are on a budget you can easily pick this product up and use it, you only need to use a tiny amount of product for it to work and is done in around a minute from wetting your face to drying it. YAY.

Love it.

2. Lush Catastrophe Cosmectic Face Mask

I went for a wander into the city centre one lunch at the start of the month and ended up in Lush, as you do, and ended up picking up some bits, as you do, and one of those things was this facemask.
I, obviously, really like it as it wouldn’t be in my favourites otherwise, but here is why. This is a very cooling mask, makes my skin feel lovely and clean and soft when I remove it and is so easy to apply and remove that it is a general dream. It is slightly price-r that I would usually pay, however, you genuinely don’t use much product each time and will last you for a decent amount of times. And it makes my skin feel lovely, genuinely lovely, reduces the redness and makes it feel rejuvenated, fresh and supple. What more could you want?!

~ Lifestyle ~ 

My lifestyle has been changing and improving since the start of the year and this month I have come across some things that I have been loving to motivate me and pull me through the changes!

1. FitBit Charge 2 

I was extremely lucky and spoilt to be gifted a FitBit for my birthday from my parents and I bloody LOVE it. I am obsessed. It really does keep me motivated, even on days where I feel run down and tired, to meet my exercise goals, do my steps for the day and I can keep more of a track on how I am burning calories and how active I am during a day which is really good!

I am in love with it, it has helped so much in this past month to keep me on track with my activity and fitness and I couldn’t be happier with it ❤

2. HydrateM8 Active Bottle

It may seem random and weird to have this as part of my favourites but I do bloody love this bottle! I have had two now but my original sadly broke so I got myself this active bottle and I have to say I really love it. I drink so much more water with this, no idea how or why, I just do. It’s great, love it!

~ Candles ~

If you know me you know I love candles and burn them all year round. Whether its rain or shine I will have my candles burning and I will love it! So I thought I would let you know some I have been loving this past month! ❤

1. Oliver Bonas Mini Trio of Scented Candles 

The exact ones I have were Christmas scented and so you can’t get a hold of them anymore, however, you can get other scents from Oliver Bonas and you won’t regret it! They smell gorgeous. They may be small but they are mighty! I only have to burn mine for around 5 minutes and the whole room smells gorgeous. I would be tempted to grab some more of these after mine have finished!

2. Yankee Home Inspirations ~ Bright Grapefruit 

I love, love, love the Yankee Home Inspirations range. They are gorgeous, smell divine, last for such a long time and are a lot cheaper than the original Yankee ranges. I have no idea why they are cheaper but they are, ’tis a fact.
The smell gorgeous though and this pink grapefruit one is just amazing. It is such a fresh, spring smell and I am obsessed. I have eyed up the whole Spring range and I would not be surprised if my whole bank account disappears onto those candles hah! I have a candle addiction which is a hard one to deal with!

~ Memories ~

As I have already mentioned this month did include my birthday and honestly my birthday this year holds some of the fondest memories for me.
I got to spend it with my closest friends, my siblings and their partners could come and I am finally in a happy, healthy relationship that means I could really enjoy my night and just be excited to celebrate!
I will share with you some photos, gifts and memories down below so you guys can share in the magic too ❤

So there we have it, another month down in 2017 and another year in my life started. How crazy is that? Is it just me who thinks this month is going crazy fast?!
Let me know what you guys have loved about March down below!

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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