New year new me?

Hey guys!

Recently it seems there have been SO MANY videos and blog post surrounding ‘New Year Resolutions’ and, thankfully, this isn’t another one to add to this list! I haven’t made any ‘resolutions’ this year, I am basically just wanting to change my lifestyle for the better and for my future. The things I am working harder on are things I have done previously on and off but I determined to make them my lifestyle and become habits that I do without even thinking about!
So, instead of starting crazy diets I will never stick to, vow to take up hobbies that I know I will hate or promise to travel the world and ‘find myself’ here are the things I will be working on for the rest of my life, hopefully, to have a more balanced lifestyle, improve my health and well-being as well as preparing for my future!


This time last year I was into my fitness like no other, I was swimming 3 times a week and doing fitness DVDs at home (no one likes gyms, lets be real..). I lost touch with it during the Summer and I have missed it since I fell out of touch, I knew I wanted to get back into it with full force and I have done so since the start of this year. I have been working out at home 3-5 times a week as well as counting calories through an App to help me lose weight and make healthier choices.
This is something I want to do for the rest of my life, I never again want to feel out of control with my own body. I want to feel in control, happy and feel positive about changes I can see happening and know they are by me and me alone. Your own body is the main thing you can keep in control of and I am loving taking control of mine again.
I am not doing this alone, I have friends that are into fitness and they really help me keep my motivation up and push me to work out on those days that you just cannot be bothered! It is something so worthwhile and I feel better about myself already, even if I can’t see changes right now, I know I will and I am excited to see the changes that will happen!


Keeping control of your mental well-being is a challenge but something that is so important. This year I want to do things that make me happy rather than other people, keep myself sane and keep myself on track. I am also going to be taking more steps towards accepting medical help with my mental health. Last year I avoided medical help a lot, tried to solve things by myself and, ultimately, things started to get worse.
This year I am going to keep reminding myself that it is okay to ask for help, and, it is okay not to be okay. I need to remember that I am only human and I can’t suppress things, ignore warning signs and become more ill. I need to look after myself and this year, as well as for the rest of my life, this will become a habit and I will continue to do things for me and make myself happier.



Financial stability is something we all crave unless we are lucky enough to not have to. For the next year I will be developing ways to save more, spend less and realise what is important to have in my life. I want to own a home one day, I want to be able to help myself out if I ever need to without asking others for help and I want to be able to have a life where I feel fulfilled without materialistic things helping me feel that way.
I know this is a bit backwards as I do, primarily, talk about beauty on this blog, but I just want to keep things more minimal in my life and save for my future. I am not going to deprive myself, I will still be a but frivolous like everyone is, but I just want to be more aware of what I am spending and put more of a focus on saving for my future more.


My family are the most important thing. They support me, love me and make me unbelievably happy. I want to have more time for them. I want to spend more time at home and having people come to visit, I want to have more phone calls, keep in contact more and make the time to see them all.
This is something that is important at any time of your life, however, I feel I need to continue with my changes and put more effort into my own flesh and blood rather than things that are less important.


Friends, to me, are like extended family. They are there for you when your family cant be and support you through laughter and tears all year round. I would like to see them more. People always use the excuse that ‘life gets in the way’ and, to some degree, yes it does. However, I feel not enough effort is made to stop crap excuses like that happening.
I will be making a conscious effort to text, call and physically see more of my friends. This is something that I want to happen for the rest of my life. Not to sound morbid and weird, but you have no idea how long people are here for, so why not cease the moment and have a laugh together and make some memories?
Prepare yourself, friends, you’ll be sick of me in a years time 😉


So, there we have it, some things I want to work on and improve so they can be lifelong changes and improvements. You might view these as resolutions, but I really don’t. I am seeing these as changes to improve my life and the quality of it rather than some random change I have decided drunkenly at 11:59pm on the 31st December 2016.
These are all changes I want and, in some ways, need in my life, so I am really hoping I can keep my momentum up and work on them this year so that they can continue to change for the rest of my life!
Here’s to the rest of our life, guys! Let’s do this! ❤

Talk soon,

Laura xo


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