Sprinkle Happiness: January Birchbox!

New year, new Birchbox arrivals! I am super excited to kick start my new year with a brand new Birchbox delivery so I am very happy to get back into the swing of things! So let’s dive right in, shall we? 🙂

~ Packaging ~ 

The packaging this month has gone back to ever so popular drawer type box which, to be honest, I do really like. It also has a lovely bright cream colour surrounding it with coloured polka dots and the draw compartment is a nice bright yellow to bring in the new year!
The design is very fresh and appealing, genuinely a big fan of this months box design! ❤

~ Products Received ~

This months box was focussed around hydration and keeping your skin protected against the Winter weather which is perfect! I love how the boxes are catered to each month and I love the products I have received this month! ❤

Sprinkle Happiness ~ January Birchbox 
1. Merci ~ Handy Hand Cream {RRP £4.90}
2. Lord and Berry Concealer Stick ~ Beige {RRP £12.00}
3. Naobay Mattifying Cream {RRP £17.30}
4. Crea-m ~ Anti-aging Serum {RRP £33.90}
5. Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo {RRP £13.95}

~ Thoughts Overall ~ 

Overall this month I am impressed with the variety of products and how appropriate they are for the time of year. They are all very hydrating, very Winter appropriate and are all brands I have never heard of before bar one which is the concealer stick.
The main reason I signed up to Birchbox was to try new products and see if I would like the full sized versions and this one definitely fits the bill!

The box is gorgeous and really sets the mood of a new year, new start and fresh beginnings with the pop of bright yellow that is on there! Sprinkle Happiness is such a cute name for the box, and, is something I really want to focus on this coming year so, well done, Birchbox! ❤

So there you go guys, another month another Birchbox. If you would like to get your hands on one then you can click here and subscribe yourself!

Talk soon,

Laura xo


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