A lot has happened during this past year. Relationships have ended and begun, friendships have been more important than ever, my mental health battles have continued to be a part of my everyday life, I have changed my professional roles as well as gaining two fur babies into my life.
I thought I would share 2016 in a series of pictures. Some months may have a range of photos, some may have none.
Looking back on 2o16 like this is more fun so..


I saw January in with my best friends in Newcastle. We watched the fireworks on the Quayside, got very merry and had the best night. Seeing January in with these beauties was the most perfect thing ever.

In January I also marked a big ‘landmark’ in my life by getting my very first tattoo. I chose an all black swallow on my wrist. This tattoo does have meaning to me and, honestly, I don’t think I have told anyone else why I have it so I think I will keep it that way 😉 I do love it though and this was such a special thing to happen.

I also celebrated one of my work buddies 21st birthdays at a Masquerade Ball. The only 2 pictures are a selfie and a small group photo but I still have the memories of the night forever!


My Aunt and Uncle visited in the early part of this year and I took them on a tour of the city. The only photo I have of this visit is this one of Sheffield Cathedral, enjoy!


This blog, my little hobby, started in February of 2016. It feels so weird to think I started this blog nearly a year ago now.. my baby is nearly one! Here are my first posts for you…
Life is like a box of chocolates…
 Bookworm and Proud

February took me on a day trip to Chester zoo. I actually wrote a blog post about this so I will link that here for you so you can hear all about my day out. It is still part of my year so enjoy the pictures of fishes, elephants, lions and the sky.

I also went to my first Trance gig in February 2016. I don’t have any photos from this night but it was honestly amazing. I loved it.

I finished of my February by treating myself to some half price roses the day after Valentines (hah), did a good old Throwback Thursday and had one of my favourite YouTubers like one of my tweets. Banging month.


March is the month of my birthday and this year I booked out an area of a cocktail bar in Sheffield and had SO MANY of my friends turn up. Honestly could not have been happier on my birthday… it was unreal. I was so surprised people actually turned up so here are some pictures from my birthday for you!


So many work friends, school friends and uni friends turned up and I was honestly so overwhelmed and happy that everyone was there to help celebrate my birthday. These are just a few of the drunken pictures taken that night but honestly, some I am not willing to look at nevermind post on here 😉

March also brought my sister and her boyfriend to Sheffield for a visit and along with that they brought me my birthday presents from home. One of my presents, which I am still IN LOVE with was my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. YUM. Best present. Take a bow, parents!

Easter also fell in April this year so I headed home to Newcastle for that to spend some time with my family, eat chocolate and have roast dinners! So I will share some ridiculous SnapChat’s I saved from Easter Sunday along with Newcastle architecture and a beaut coal fire with my first fur baby Mollie asleep in front of it ❤

~ APRIL ~ 

April saw me having fun with my friends, saying goodbye to a long standing relationship and moving forward. April was tough, but I made it through.

April also saw me making more videos on YouTube doing beauty tutorials. I am hoping to get back into this in 2017!

~ MAY ~

May was starting to get back into summery weather and me and my oldest and one of my best friends in the world went to see Busted at Sheffield Arena. This was one of THE BEST nights of my life. Spending this night with Hannah was so special and I fangirled, nearly cried and screamed all night!

It also saw me celebrating one of my closest friends from work James’ 30th birthday! This was an amazing night, I only have a few pictures but it is a memory I never want to forget!

I also attended Sheffield Food Festival and got some snaps of all the cool stalls from the day! I loved this festival, mainly as it was focused around food, but also because it was so relaxed and lovely to wander around! I did write a blog solely on this that you can find here.

~ JUNE ~

June saw me eating well, enjoying the sunshine and leaving my job to start a new chapter in a new place. This was a pivitol month for me but was one of my favourites!
Afternoon tea, meals out, cool architecture thanks to a random popcorn tasting session and flowers as a leaving gift!

~ JULY ~ 

July brought summer antics from drinking fruit cider after work to Tramlines Music Festival in Sheffield to dreamy skincare after my new pay cheque arrived into my bank account! I also had a long overdue catch up with my housemate from university and we drank cocktails in the sun ❤

July was a lovely month, all I think about is smiles, sunshine, laughter and fun the whole month!

July also included a visit from my parents, we ended up going to enjoy the sunshine in Yorkshire Sculpture Park and I, of course, took plenty of photos! I did also write a post on this and you can see this here!


In August two of my friends came for a cheeky visit to Sheffield! We had a super sweaty night on the town thanks to the ridiculously humid weather in Sheffield but they are some amazing memories that I never want to forget!

We got free ice lollies at work, I collected some new make-up (shock) and I got plenty of fresh flowers!


September was one of the most special months of the year. September brought something into my life that I have longed for and pined after for a long time.
My two fur babies Buttons and Luna came into my life.
I was and am so, so, so unbelievably happy to have these bundles of joy in my life and I just can’t get over how much I love them!

Along with my fur babies it saw me heading to Durham for a night with my besties. This night and weekend wasn’t just a lovely weekend away, but the most special day for my friend. Her dreams came true when her boyfriend got down on one knee and asked the question we all want to be asked, and she said yes! ❤


October was focused around blogging, looking after my fur babies and enjoying the autumnal weather.
Nothing ground breaking happened in October, however, I did love the month and it being more calm than others! My parents dressed up for Halloween, I baked a lot and enjoyed watching the seasons changing from summer into autumn!


November brought some amazing times with my friends and this kicked off with a lovely girls night in Durham with my wolf pack besties Hannah and Ashleigh!

November, as many of you may know, took me to the beautiful city of Copenhagen with my wonderful Mum for the Christmas Markets.
This trip, as mentioned in my blog post, was one of the most magical, incredible and breathtaking of my life.
I adored the experience and cherished it even more being there with my beautiful, amazing and supportive Mother ❤

 November was also the celebrations of my gorgeous friend and her new fiance’s engagement! This was another amazing night in Durham and I loved it so much! I don’t have many pics but it was a gorgeous evening and I loved it! 🙂


December is one of my favourite times of the year, it is so cosy, festive and full of love and laughter. I swear, in December people seem so much more upbeat, happy and cheerful (minus in shopping centre’s a week before Christmas..).
I love making memories in December and this December has been no exception. Sheffield has a gorgeous Christmas market on every year, the flat becomes more festive and present wrapping is a new hobby you never knew you wanted!
Here are some pictures from my December ❤

Firsty, I did of course add some Christmas to my home so here are some snaps of what I did! I also treated myself to a beauty advent calendar from L’Occitane so I was SUPER excited about that! ❤

My December visits started when my dad came to Sheffield as part of a business trip so he was able to meet my fur babies and we went for dinner at Zizzi’s in Sheffield (one of my favourite places to eat EVER). And I even bought the kittens a cat tree as an early Christmas gift so they were obsessed with that as well as my Papa! ❤

I also had a date night and we had beautiful food and lovely cocktails at the new cocktail bar in Sheffield and, of course, I grabbed a cute picture of some drinks for you to drool over…


Then my next visitor was my bestie Ashleigh who came to visit for the weekend and we pretty much ate food and watched Vampire Diaries so… productive 😉
We explored the Sheffield Christmas Market as well so I got some cute pictures of that!

My kittens, obviously, continued to explore everything and finally discovered sinks for the first time…


Then, it was FINALLY Christmas day! ❤

Christmas is my favourite day of the year and I love spending it with my family, my pictures pretty much sim up our Christmas… Champagne, cute place settings, food and using new presents. My sister got a Polaroid camera from her Boyfriend and honestly I was drooling and how cute the photos were! ❤

After Christmas I went for some walks into my hometown to blow the cobwebs away and meet up with my school friends for catch-up’s and clearly had to take pictures of how lovely the views are so here you go…

Then I had a very cold winters morning return to Sheffield, a quick train journey and I was back with my fur babies once again!

When I returned I went for a cocktail catch up with one of my besties from work and also received some new make-up which I clearly need to remember as make-up is my life ❤

I did celebrate New Year in Manchester this year with my boyfriend and his friends but I didn’t take any photos as it was a huge group of new people and my anxiety was running riot! New Year was one of the best I have had, they seem to just be getting better and better. I brought in 2016 with my best friends from home and brought in 2017 with my best friend from Sheffield and a huge group of his lovely friends who welcomed me and made the night so special.

2016, as cliche as it sounds, has been insane. I have had relationship up’s and down’s but I feel like things are actually working out okay for once! I have a permanent job and can look after myself, I have so many friends I adore and, looking back, 2016 has been a pretty amazing year. I am excited to see what 2017 brings and where I will end up!
How was your 2016 and what are you hoping for in 2o17? 🙂

I hope you all had an incredible year and have an even better one this year! Much love to each and every one of you who read my posts and support me with this hobby!

Happy New Year!

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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