2016 has been one hell of a year. I have had ups and downs, as everyone does during a year, but I feel an overwhelming urge to say thank-you to so many people. Without the people in my life I wouldn’t have had such an amazing year, even through the down periods, so here it goes.

To my family, who are there for me through everything, thank-you. Thank-you for reminding me in my darkest times that I am a good person, that I can reach any goal I want and that I am a person worthy of peoples time.
Thank-you for always being there any time of day or night to listen to me complain, cry and worry, and through those times, taking in what I am saying and turning it into a positive so I can see the light again.
Thank-you for loving me no matter what, for supporting anything I do and for always being my rock when I feel I have nowhere else to turn.

To my friends, thank-you. Thank-you for being you. Thank-you for making me laugh till I cry, complain about boys and trivial issues and for always reminding me that I am fine the way I am. That I don’t have to change to please others. For always reminding me that you love me no matter what job I have, no matter what I wear or what my relationship status.
Thank-you for helping me through everything this year, for listening to my ridiculous life plans and for supporting me, even if you know I am being crazy and silly.
Thank-you for being there to be silly with, to laugh at nothing and to being a shoulder to cry on.

To my work colleagues, thank-you. Thank-you for pushing me to improve myself and strive for more than I could ever dream of. Thank-you for teaching me how to change a lightbulb, listen to the woes of my personal life and be there to brighten every single day I am in the office.
Thank-you for making coming to work enjoyable, thank-you for the friendships I have found and thank-you for sticking with me even when I am having down days.
Thank-you for making me laugh, smile and dance through every day at work, even in my saddest days you have helped me. Even if you didn’t know it, you have made this year more bearable. So thank-you for helping me even when you were unaware you were doing so.

To my readers, thank-you. Thank-you for supporting this blog and, hopefully, enjoying the posts I write. Thank-you for supporting a hobby of mine that is growing and becoming a real pleasure to make. Thank-you for helping this blog grow. Thank-you for letting my distraction from day-to-day life become something I cherish and adore doing.
Thank-you for your lovely comments, thank-you for liking my posts and thank-you for following my blog. It means more than you will ever know. Thank-you.

I have so many people to thank for everything from this past year, but this post would be so long it would be unbearable to read for you!
This year has been challenging at times and full of laughter, fun and love at others. I am so blessed for where I am. I am so lucky to have the people I have in my life, to have a job I love and to have a hobby that I adore doing. I cannot thank everyone enough for the support, love, hugs and laughter from this year, but I hope this post may help a little.


Talk soon,

Laura xo


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