Beauty Review: Kylie LipKits

Hello, hello, hello! Shockingly I have bought more make-up and treated myself to some of the Kylie LipKits! There have been so many reviews of these floating around on YouTube and other social media so I was desperate to get my hands on some so I could try them for myself and firmly plant myself on the band wagon! ❤
I did have to pay customs so if you are in the UK prepare yourself for paying and arm and a leg to ship from the USA then also having to pay for customs once it has finally arrived. Shipping make-up from the USA, even with my addiction to cosmetics, is a hard pill to swallow but sadly it is necessary until the company expands to UK based cosmetic retailers 😦
I ended up getting two LipKits and one Metals Liquid Lipstick so lets jump in and see what I thought of them! I ended up picking up; KoKo K, Spice and Kymajesty. 

Left to right; KoKo K, Spice, KyMajesty

The packaging of these products isn’t anything special if I am honest. They come in cardboard boxes and on the lipkits you get the lipliner and the liquid to matte lip colour.
The lip liner and lip colour packagaing is nice, you can see the colour of the product through the casing of the liquid lipstick and you can also see the colour on the end of the lip liner which is a benefit.
The metals products come in a slimmer cardboard box and don’t come with a lip liner so they are cheaper than the LipKits

Both the Metals and the LipKits have the colour of the product on the box they come in so you know what product is in which box which is also a nice touch. They also have the name of each colour on the boxes. 
The actual packaging of the product is really nice. Being able to see the product in the tube is always nice to you can see if you are running low or if it needs to be shaken to mix the product together again. They all come with a black lid, have black writing on the liquid formula and silver on the lipliners. Kylie’s name is on each product and the lipkits and metal lips have the black drips down the tube which is a nice touch to each of the products.

The formula is quite a watery one of the liquid lips but they do dry down quickly and don’t feel tacky once they have dried down. 
They don’t feel drying on the lips and are extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time which pretty dreamy!
The lipliners are super creamy and glide onto the lip which makes it super easy to use before applying your liquid lip colour!

To be honest I was pretty impressed with the pigmentation of the liquid to matte lipcolours, however, the metals lipcolour I got has a lot less pigment which means you have to layer them on your lips which can make them feel a little cakey. 
Another note I would make is the darker pinky purple colour I picked up called Spice does go a little patchy on the lips. It seems, as others have mentioned on social media, that the darker the colour the more streaky and patchy the application becomes. This is a shame as the lighter pinky nude, KoKo K, is absolutely fine with one layer of product. 

Overall, the lighter the lipkit the better the pigment and the metal lip colour I picked up is a lot less pigmented and does need layering. The pigment is okay, however, it could be improved or the formula could potentially be changed so that the darker colours of lipkits could become less streaky on application of the liquid lip. 

The pricing of the actual products is not the worst I have seen. I have no real complaints of how much the products are that I picked up. 
For the amount you get and how they wear throughout the day I would say they are really well priced. I have no complaints. 

I know there is nothing that can be done by Kylie Cosmetics about the price of shipping from the US to the UK but honestly it pretty much costs you the same price as the products over again once  you have paid for shipping and then the custom fees on top. I just think shipping from the US is crappy generally, not just specifically from Kylie Cosmetics!
The packaging the products come in is lovely, the Kylie logo is on the box when you open it and you get a card thanking you for buying the products which is always a nice touch from a brand! So the packaging that the products are shipped in is pretty nice once you do get your hands on them!


Overall I do really like the product, I would say they are overly hyped up as they are pretty much the same as many other liquid lipsticks on the market. They are pretty reasonably priced, they do work and they are comfortable on the lips and aren’t drying.
I am disappointed that the darker colour is more patchy and streaky on application considering the price I paid to get them to the UK and how much they cost generally… However, apart from that they are generally quite good and pretty nice to photograph so yay life!
If you guys have tried the Kylie Cosmetic products let me know what you have tried and what you thought of them! I would love to know if any one has the same thoughts as me about them! 🙂

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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