Christmas Magic!

A couple of weeks ago my Mum mentioned potentially heading to a Christmas market somewhere in Europe. I said I would love to go and over the next couple of days there was planning, booking time off work and booking flights to head to Copenhagen for a long weekend!
I was so excited and I have taken so many pictures to share with you guys and to keep so I can look back in the future and remember the most magical trip with my beautiful Mum ❤

The trip started with an extremely early wake-up call in my parents house to head to the airport and catch our flight (3am wake-up call, might I add). We headed to the airport, got through security and grabbed some grub whilst waiting for our flight. We obviously browserd duty free for a decent amount of time and daydreamed about what we could have bought prior to heading on our journey!
We then boarded our first flight to Amsterdam and had to wait for our connection to Copenhagen. We had to split the journey as there were no direct flights, but, we both like browsing shops and people watching for hours so we were quite happy to split the journey to be honest! We grabbed a coffee, people watched, found a Copenhagen travel book and browsed more make-up and fragrances than humanly possible and then it was time to board our next flight to Copenhagen!

We had to work out the Danish train system when we arrived but after about 30 minutes of contemplation, slight frustration and generally just laughing at my mums attempts of figuring it out we were on our way to our hotel!
Finding the hotel was a trek on the first night as we didn’t know where we were going and so on but after the first night we did work it out pretty easily! 🙂

The hotel was lovely, it was based in a more business part of the city which made is nice a quiet, calm and easy to settle in which is always a benefit after a long day of travelling! We didn’t arrive at the hotel until around 5pm local time so we were pretty tired by that point!
We did venture into the area we were staying to explore a bit, pick up some bits we couldn’t bring with us as we only had hand luggage for the weekend and grabbed some food then it was time for plenty of sleep!

The next day we woke up, grabbed some breakfast which was b-e-autiful and then headed into the city for a day of exploring, sight seeking and giggles!
Our first stop was the Christiansborg Palace which was just beautiful, the architecture and the view at the top of the tower was honestly one of the most beautiful I have seen. Because Denmark is a relatively flat country you can see across the city of Copenhagen so easily, the city stretched out in front of you and it takes your breath away. The sun was shining, the skies were perfectly blue and I was in awe.

After we had basked in the view we headed down the tower and went to find coffee and some cake before hunting out some Christmas magic! We headed to Tivoli Gardens and I was blown away with how many lights, Christmas trees and stalls there were within what seemed like a small-ish area! It was stunning. Every ledge, wall, roof and lamppost was covered in fairy lights twinkling away, the smell of the food and mulled wine and the excited squeals from adults and children alike made the whole place come alive with Christmas magic ❤

We drank mulled wine, wandered around the shops and enjoyed the sun setting and the Christmas magic coming to life as darkness fell. It was stunning. I was amazed at how beautiful the whole of the gardens were as well as the city overall. The architecture, vibe and layout of the city was just amazing.

On the second day of our Christmas getaway we headed back into the city and hunted down a Christmas market we had been told about the day before by some other English tourists. I was once again in love with wandering the streets, exploring the little corners of the city and soaking up the culture. We soon found the Christmas market and it was just beautiful. It was full of delish food stalls, handmade gifts, decorations and a lovely atmosphere. I was in love.

We found another market by the harbour which was similar but slightly bigger and was once again jam packed with handmade decorations, toys, gifts and delicious food so I was in Christmas heaven!
We went on a little boat trip that showed you the sights of the city from the water which was just beautiful, we hopped off and headed back to Tivoli gardens as we just didn’t have enough Christmas magic in our lives!
Then it was time to head back to our hotel pack our things, grab some dinner and get some sleep before another day of travelling!

We headed back to the UK the following day and I got to spend some time with both of my parents before I headed back to Sheffield on the train the next morning.

The whole trip was a dream come true, it was just amazing. I will cherish the memories forever as I was able to spend the trip with my Mum which made it even more special. I am so, so grateful to my parents for treating me to such an amazing trip. I can’t thank them enough or my Mum enough for such an amazing trip and for creating so many amazing memories with me. I absolutely loved my trip and I can’t wait to explore more of Europe in the future!
So there you go, my Copenhagen adventure in pictures and text for you guys to enjoy! Let me know if you have been to any Christmas markets before and where they were, also where you have explored in Europe and what you thought of it!
This trip was magical and I loved every second of it ❤

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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