October Favourites! 

October is one of my favourite months of the year, the leaves start to change colour, the weather gets crisp and chilly and it is once again socially acceptable to sit in all day drinking tea and reading books.
I am in shock that October is over, this year is flying by so quickly and it is honestly scaring me a little bit! So, let’s see what I have been loving for the past month, shall we? 🙂

~ Beauty ~
As the weather is getting colder once again this means I can start packing on more make-up than I could over the summer months, YAY! I can finally cake my face once again without the worrying of it melting off thanks to the sun! 

Here are the beauty bits I have been reaching for time and time again this past month! 
1. MAC ~ Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
This foundation has been a favourite of mine for a long time and I am so glad I can comfortably wear this little beauty once again! This is a full coverage foundation, you can build it up beautifully and it blends like an absolute dream. On my skin it gives me a mostly matte finish with some slight dewiness and I adore how it stays in place all day long. I have reached for this every single day and I am once again in love with it!
2. Benefit They’re Real Mascara 
I have mentioned this mascara on my blog before but this month has been the month I have used this product every single day and just loved the look it gives and how effortless it feels to use! It separates, lengthens and gives the most intense black colour and I adore long lashes all year around, but especially in the Autumn paired with a dark brown shimmery smokey eye ❤
3. Urban Decay Naked Palette 
I bought this palette a few months ago and fell in love but throughout the month of October I have not stopped reaching for it to create a shimmery brown smokey eye look. I love the pigment of the shadows in all of the Urban Decay palettes and how easily they blend. I can create a beautiful eye look in the space of minutes instead of having to put so much effort into packing on shadows and blending like a demon to get the desired effect!
This palette is the dream.
4. Revolution Blush Palette ~ Golden Sugar
I was gifted this by one of my friends over the summer and oh my lord I cannot get enough. This is the most perfect blush and highlight palette, the highlights are pretty blinding and the blush is so lovely and natural. I adore this palette and it is so affordable it hurts so definitely pick one up if you haven’t got one already, Revolution is such a good brand for people on a budget but still want to get decent products for their money so give it a whirl if you haven’t already!

~ Skincare ~
Throughout Autumn it is important to make sure you’re looking after your skin to keep it moisturised and happy throughout the colder months of the year! I have mixed up my skincare once again this month with some new face scrubs and moisturisers so lets see what I have been loving!
1. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Exfoliating Wash
This face wash is a dream, it is more like a gel so it feels really lovely on your skin. I love using exfoliators and daily scrubs during winter so that the dry skin from the cold can be removed and you can moisturise more effectively with the dead skin cells removed! This one is lovely in the morning and the evening, it leaves me skin feeling so fresh and squeaky clean and that is all you want from a face wash really!
2. Garnier Pure 3-in-1 Wash Scrub & Mask
This wash is honestly so refreshing and actually feels like it is working to clean your skin as well as exfoliate to leave you feeling squeaky clean. This makes your face look like a ghost and does take some time to wash off but it honestly makes your skin feel so tingly and lovely when you are scrubbing it in and I have seen a huge difference in my skin from when I use this to when I don’t so this is definitely one of my absolute favourites from this month!
3. Olehenriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster
I received the sample size of this beauty in my October Birchbox and I have fallen in love with it. Once you have cleansed and clean your skin and before you add your usual mosituriser you pop some of this magical elixir on your skin and just watch the magic happen…
I have seen a difference in the plumpness of my skin as well as how fresh it looks after using this product. It is pricey to get the full sized product but I feel I may have to get it as I am so in love I can’t handle it!

~ Haircare ~
I love caring for my hair all year round, like many do, but as it heads into the colder month I do see a slight change in my hair so I do change up my haircare or add more in to make sure it stays in good condition all year round. So, here is what I have been loving! 
1. SP by Wella Luxe Hair Oil Reconstructive Elixir
This has been mentioned by me before but oh my lord this is the best hair oil I have ever used. It is so lightweight and gorgeous, leaves your hair feeling so smooth and honestly makes it feel so much healthier.
I dye my hair and use heat on it everyday so I do need to use products that hydrate, protect and restore my hair from the damage I inflict on it and this stuff has done more for my hair than any other product I have used. If you are looking for a new hair product try this beauty, it is so good!
2. Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo
This shampoo saves my dyed hair, it really does. It brightens the blonde so well and keeps the yellow/brassiness away for such a long time. I have been using this throughout October and have fallen in love with it once again! I pop this on my hair, massage it in and leave it for about five minutes and it rescues the blonde that I have paid an arm and a leg for! I love how this brightens my blonde and how clean it leaves my hair! I use this once or twice a week and throughout this past month I have reached for this so much!
3. Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Tone Correcting Conditioning Spray
Conditioning sprays are my thing, having silky smooth hair is my general aim in life so when I discovered this beauty I was over the moon! This is just like the shampoo mentioned above, it colour corrects any warm tones in your hair that creep through if you bleach it and cools them back down again. I have been obsessed with using this spray, it conditions my hair so well and really does add to the brightness of it! You don’t use this everyday so you can alternate between this and your regular conditioning spray but honestly, October has been the month for looking after my locks and this stuff has been a solid favourite!

~ TV Shows ~
TV obviously has to make an appearance and there has been one show that has taken over my October so lets see what the special one is, shall we? 
1. Vampire Diaries 
Oh my god. One of my friends introduced this to me on a whim and I made her watch the first 10 episodes with me. I am obsessed, I am onto the start of Season 2 and I am honestly hooked. If you haven#’t watched it I urge you to give it a go, it is really really good and pretty much the only TV show I am watching right now. Yes. Vampire diaries. 

~ Books ~
Reading is one of my all time favourite pass times, here is what I have had my nose buried in for the past 31 days…
1. The Girl On The Train ~ Paula Hawkins
This book is incredible. I would say it does have a slow start, it takes a little while to get into the story but once it starts you are stuck on a rollercoaster of emotions. The film version of this book has just come out, however, I prefer to read the book before seeing a film version so I will be patient and wait for it to come out on DVD before I watch it! But I have been pretty hooked on this book, if you haven’t read it and you’re looking for a new
read definitely give this one a go!

So there you have it guys, here are some of the things I have been loving throughout the month of October! Let me know what you have been loving, I would love to compare what you guys turn for as well!

Talk soon,

Laura xo


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