September Favourites!

Yet another month has flown by and we are finally in Autumn! Autumn is my favourite season, it holds so many lovely celebrations like Halloween and Bonfire Night and I love the darker nights, cosy days in and wrapping up nice and warm and walking through fallen crisp leaves. September is one of my favourite month’s of the year so I will share with you what I have been loving this month and how I have been gradually creeping more Autumnal items into my life! ❤

~ Homeware ~
Heading into Autumn means I can finally fill my flat with cosy blankets, new cushions and beautiful warming scents that create more of a homely feel! Here are some things I have been picking up and absolutely loving this past month! 

~ Scented Candles ~
Filling your home with warming scents is just perfection, especially at this time of year, and I have definitely been going pretty crazy over a scented candle so here are some I have picked up this month ❤ 
1. Home Inspriation by Yankee Candle ~ Apple Cider Cinnamon 
I picked up this candle from Tesco and I burnt it all day long, it smells just like this time of year. It has gorgeous spices running through it and makes the room feel so inviting and cosy, I am obsessed and will definitely be picking up some more of these scents when I have burnt this one out!
2. Primark Candles ~ Plum Blossom & vanilla
This candle smells beautiful and so affordable! You can pick this candle up from most Primark stores in their homeware section, they burn really well and smell incredible! I absolutely love the Primark homeware collection and these candles are the perfection addition to your home when Autumn has arrived!

~ Blankets ~
I love have cosy things around my home all year round but at this time of year they are the perfect addition to a sofa or your bed so you can snuggle up with a cup of tea and read a good book!

1. Primark Supersoft Throw
I have a number of these throws and I honestly cannot fault them. I get them in the extra large size and they are perfect to pop on a sofa or the end of your bed to add some decoration and some softness to your life. These are super cosy, can be washed and tumble dried super easily and, for the price, are such good quality! I love them! 

~ Fairy Lights ~
I love fairy lights at anytime of year, but as it heads into the more cosy months of the year I have loved adding more around my home and making my rooms feel more welcoming. I have them dotted around the whole of my flat and I adore them! 🙂 
1. Lights4Fun- Indoor Fairy Lights 
These are beautiful, so easy to hang up and make a room look so warm and inviting, they are available on Amazon which is where I got them from. I ended up buying two sets and some clear hooks and zig-zagging them above my bed. I love the addition to the room and makes everything look much more tied in. 
2. Primark LED Battery Operated Lights
These lights are super affordable and are a lovely addition to any room, I have a few sets from Primark and I get the ones with the battery pack attached which is super handy! They make any room or surface look more finished and create such a lovely atmosphere.


~ Finishing Touches ~
This month I have been in love with fresh flowers. I feel like they add so much to a room and make everything look more homely and complete! Here are some pictures of my latest beautiful bunch, you can get fresh flowers from any major supermarket, as you know, so there is no need to name and link any in here! ❤

~ Clothing ~
This time of year calls for a change in what I have been wearing so I will share with you my favourite bits that have been creeping back into my wardrobe throughout the past month, as well as some new staple additions I have picked up!
1. New Look ~ Blue Supersoft Highwasited Skinny Jeans
Jeans are a staple part to any wardrobe, especially around this time of year, so I thought I would pick up some new plain blue skinny jeans as we are heading more into the cooler weather. These are so comfy and will definitely be a staple par of my styling through the Autumn months! 
2. New Look ~ Hooded Bomber Jacket
I have been looking for a casual jacket with a hood for so long and I finally stumbled across this on the New Look website. I absolutely love this jacket, it is so comfy, keeps me super cosy and goes with any outfit which is a big win! 

~ Bath & Shower ~
I am obsessed with bath and shower products and get even more excited as we head into Autumn so I can cosy up in a lovely bubble bath and read by book or have a nice pampering shower, so, I will share what I have been loving this month to chill out in a bath or shower!
1. Lush ~ Twilight Bath Bomb
Baths and Autumn go hand in hand, I have been loving using my bath products from Lush this month, as shown in my Autumn Preparations post, and Twilight is one of my all time favourite bath bombs. I absolutely love the scent, how relaxed it makes me and how soft my skin feels after I have used it. 
2. Zoella Beauty ~ Fizz Bar
Zoella Beauty is an extremely affordable range and can be used in so many ways, the fizz bar is such a lovely addition to your bath and makes your skin feel like heaven. I love using these products, the scent from the original range is just beautiful, so soft and relaxing and baths with this bar are so lovely. I use two squares in my bath and it fizzes away and creates the most lovely smell in my bathroom ❤ 
3. Zoella Beauty ~ Soak Opera
This product is amazing, it can be used as a shower cream and to create lovely bubbles in your bath. I love the versatility of this product, as well as, the super affordable pricing. This has the same scent as the fizz bar and both used together make for an extremely luxurious bath for a very affordable price!


~ Books ~
Over the past month I have, as always, been reading and I thought I would share with you what pages I have been losing myself in.. 
1. Cogheart ~ Peter Bunzl
This book has absolutely captured my heart and soul and I am so glad it has, I absolutely adore the story and I am completely invested in the characters and what may happen next.
If you are looking for a new read and enjoy more fantastical stories with twists and turns with every page turn then I would recommend this one, I can’t seem to put it down when I have a chance to read it!

~ Skincare ~
Skincare is always part of my day, but skincare this month has been really enjoyable for me and I have two very similar favourites to share with you!
1. Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream
I have been popping this on in the morning after my usual moisturising routine and I feel I can see a difference in the skin around my eyes! I feel like my eyes have really thanked me for waking them up with this lovely eye cream and it has started to look more moisturised and youthful, which is a solid win from me! 
2. Simple Kind to Eyes Revitalising Eye Roller
This eye roller is heaven on earth, it is so cooling and refreshing in a morning when your eyes feel a bit more puffy and tired! It cools and refreshes the skin around the eyes and I have found my eyes have really thanked me for using this in a morning! I love this addition to my morning skin preparations!

September has flown by but these are my favourite things from the month, I can’t beleive we are heading into October already! Let me know what your favourites have been from this month so I can see if they will feature in my October favourites ❤

Talk soon,

Laura xo


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