Autumn Preparations!

Autumn is creeping its way into the British weather so I popped into my local Lush Handmade Cosmetics store and picked up some of my Autumn and Winter staples for the dreamiest baths known to man!
I will let you guys know what I picked up as well as what they are good for, whether they are moisturizing, energizing or relaxing bath bombs and bubble bars so you can potentially go pick some up for yourself too!
I am beyond excited that we are changing seasons and I can finally start having baths once again after the longest Summer I have ever known! Haha! So, without further ado, let’s see what I picked up shall we? 🙂

~ Bath Bombs ~
Bath bombs are the simple way of making your bath all lovely, you simply pop the whole thing into your bath and they fizz, dissolve and work their magic to make your bath beautifully coloured, feel amazing on your skin and smell fantastic! Sit back, relax and read about the beautiful products I picked up ❤ 

Intergalatic ~ £4.25
Blast off into funky…

It is safe to say that this bath bomb does truly look like a galaxy, it has the most stunning blue colour with bright yellow, purple and and pink running through it. This product promises to be cooling and invigorating with Peppermint Oil, uplift and refresh you with Grapefuit Oil, toning and balancing with Cedarwood Oil as well as restorative and relaxing with Vetivert Oil.

Sex Bomb ~ £3.50
This bomb’s made for lovin’…

This one is potentially my favourite appearance wise, it is a gorgeous pink and purple colour with a lovely rose embedded into the top. This has a beautiful floral scent and is perfect for a relaxed night in with a glass of wine and a good book! This one promises to be floral and seductive with Jasmine Absolute, calming, sensual and soothing with Clary Sage Oil as well as sweet, heady and floral with Ylang Ylang Oil. This one is floral based and does have a very floral scent so if you don’t like this scent then steer clear! But if you do, winner!

Honey Bee ~ £3.50
Take the sting out…

A beautiful bright yellow bath bomb with a swirl of the Rhoussal Mud running through it makes the bomb pretty beautiful to look at! This bath bomb smells beautiful I can’t lie, it is a gorgeous warming sweet scent with lovely tones of honey.
This product promises to cleanse and soften with Rhoussal Mud, be moisturizing and have antiseptic properties with the addition of Honey, refresh and uplift with Sweet Wild Orange Oil as well as sooth and soften with the addition of Fair Trade Organic Aloe Vera Gel.

Fizzbanger ~ £3.75
Feel Fireworks…

I have never tried this little beauty before but I have been promised wonder and amazement when it starts to dissolve in the bath! It creates a Catherine Wheel effect in the bath with popping candy and colour’s coming through so I am hoping to get some pictures of the magic when it dissolves!
This bath bomb promises to be warm, spicy and stimulating with the addition of Cinnamon Leaf Oil, refreshing, sweet and uplifting from Petitgrain Oil, sweet heady and floral from Ylang Ylang Oil as well as adding a little pop with the extra addition of Popping Candy.

Avobath ~ £3.50
Feed the skin and soul…

I have never tried this product before, but I love the fresh scent of avocado and the benefits it promises to fulfill once I have popped it into my bath so I obviously had to pick this one up…
This bath bomb promises to be hydrating and nourishing with the addition of Fresh Avocado, moisturize and protect your skin with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, uplift and provide antiseptic qualities with Lemongrass Oil as well as uplift and cleanse with Bergamot Oil.

Twilight ~ £3.75 
Let the sun set on worries…

Twilight has been a staple in my both bomb loving for a long while now so I had to pick this up when I was collecting my expanding haul in the shop! This is a gorgeous pinky purple coloured bath bomb with stars raised up out of it. This makes your bath the most beautiful deep bluey purple and honestly it is heaven!
This one promises to be balancing and calming with Lavender Oil, sweet scented with Tonka Absolute, warming and sweetly perfumed with Benzoin Resinoid as well as being sweet, heady and floral with Ylang Ylang Oil.

~ Bubble Bars ~
Bubble bars are a lovely way of getting something really special from Lush whilst also being good on a budget as you can use one bubble bar multiple times. You simply crumble some off underneath your running bath water and your bath will transform into the most beautiful bath with amazing bubbles ready for you to lose yourself and relax. Come and see which ones I picked up… ❤ img_2389

Rose Jam ~ £3.95
For a rosier mood and softer skin…

This lovely little bubbleroon is a hot pink colour with little flecks of glitter and has an incredible floral scent, as you can guess from the name of the product!
This bubble bar promises to be balancing and restorative with the addition of Rose Oil, soften and condition with Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, tone and balance and Geranium Oil as well as being uplifting and refreshing with the addition of Lemon Oil.

The Comforter ~ £4.95 
Berry yourself under a fruity blanket…

The smell of this bubble bar is literally like smelling concentrated Ribena, it is so fruity and beautiful and turns your bath into a gorgeous purple cocktail…
This product promises to be comforting and fruity with Cassis Absolute as well as being calming and toning with Cypress Oil.

Brightside ~ £4.95
Bright bathing… 

This bubble bar is the most beautiful orange and yellow and brightens your mood just by looking at it!It has the most amazing citrus smell from the addition of orange essential oils and this is a really uplifting and gorgeous product.
This bubble bar promises to be uplifting and cleansing with the addition of Bergamot Oil, uplifting, cleanings and toning with Madarin Oil as well as having Gardenia Extract.

So there we have it, I went absolutely ape shit in Lush and picked up a hell of a lot of things to get me through Autumn and get me super excited for more cosy baths by candlelight and regaining my zen and sanity!
If you guys have picked up anything from Lush recently let me know what you have picked up, especially if there is anything different from what I got so I can maybe try some new products!

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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