August Favourites!

So.. August is now over and done with, where is the time going?! Time for me to let you guys know what I have been enjoying through this month isn’t it?
Let’s just jump straight into it, lovelies! ❤

~ Beauty ~
Throughout the month of August my make-up routine hasn’t changed too much, I can’t lie, but there are some products that have been used time and time again so here are my August beauty picks! 
1. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
I have loved using this mascara throughout the month of August, I would even go so far as to say it is a pretty perfect dupe for the Benefit They’re Real Mascara! It gives amazing separation, length and volume and stays in place all day! Perfect! ❤

2. Urban Decay Naked Palette
I have mentioned my love for Urban Decay before and I was lucky enough to get my hands on this gorgeous eyeshadow palette to add to my ever expanding make-up collection! The colours are stunning and you can create gorgeous day and night looks in the blink of an eye ❤

3. Shaaanxo X BHCosmetics Eyeshadow and Lip Palette
I have lusted after this eyeshadow and lipstick palette since Shannon announced she was collaborating with BHCosmetics and it did not disappoint! The shadows are so pigmented, blend like butter and the lip colours are stunning. I cannot get enough, I really cant ❤

~ Skincare ~
1. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
I recently bought this moisturizing gel and it quickly became my favourite! As it is a gel and doesn’t have any oil in the formula it keeps my skin matte all day long and my makeup glides on like a dream! My skin has really thanked me for this addition to my skincare routine and it will be staying for a long time to come!

2. Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask
Along with the moisturizing gel I picked this little beauty up too! This has been an amazing addition to my night time skincare routine, it is a beautiful thick moisturizer that sinks in slowly to the skin and really hydrates my skin overnight! This will definitely stay as part of my routine heading into the Autumn and Winter months!


~ Clothing ~
Throughout August I have been sorting through, selling and giving away a huge amount of my clothes so I will let you know which websites and stores I have been gravitating towards this month! 
Cheap and cheerful as well as being on trend. I like Boohoo, however, the quality can be a bit touch and go so you may need to return a few things or exchange them but overall this is a good place to pick up some new staples for your wardrobe!

 I have recently gotten into this clothing site but it is pretty good! Throughout August I have been drifting towards this site quite a lot and I have picked up a few bits from here this past month!

3. h&
Throughout August I have been loving H&M and have picked up so much from here! It is reasonably priced and really good quality, what more could you want?!

~ TV Shows ~
TV shows take over my life, this is the one that has hooked me for a hella long time now!

1. Pretty Little Liars
If you haven’t watched this TV series then, where have you been?! This took over my life around 2 years ago after everyone and their mum was raving about it and I can see why!
If you don’t know the story then I will try and sum it up. There is a group of friends; Spencer, Hanna, Emily, Aria and Alison. One summer Alison disappears and her friends start getting tormented by a mysterious ‘A’ character whilst they try and uncover the truth of her disappearance.
Sounds rubbish but honestly, the season 7 mid-season finale just aired and OH MY GOD I just can’t deal. Go watch it.

~ Books ~
Wouldn’t really be a favourites without me mentioning at least one book…

1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ~ J.K. Rowling
I have recently started reading the Harry Potter books, I wasn’t one of those children who was interested so this is my first time working through them and I am pretty impressed! August was taken up with the Goblet of Fire and I didn’t regret it!
These books aren’t the most well written books on earth, however, the story we know and love is somehow more magical on paper and I am thoroughly enjoying losing myself in the magical world of Harry Potter.

2. Lean in 15 ~ Joe Wicks
This past month I have been loving cooking meals and this is the cookbook I have been reaching for time and time again! The meals are so easy, delicious and quick to make. If you are looking for a new cookbook then try this one out, the meals are so good and leave you feeling so satisfied and full!


~ Technology ~
I am a bit of a technology nerd and love discovering new things, throughout August I have been obsessed with this! 

1. Amazon Fire Stick
This little beauty entered my life a couple of months ago now and I honestly cannot get enough.
If you are unsure of what this is, I will try and explain it! Essentially, it is like a USB stick that plugs into your TV and has a range of Apps loaded that you can watch on any TV. Apps such as BBC iPlayer, ITVHub, Netflix and so on.
I cannot get enough of this, watching anything I want with the wide variety that this little stick provides is pretty incredible! If you haven’t got one and you’re thinking about it then I would definitely get one, it’s pretty amazing!

So there we have it, guys. Another month is over and done with and here are my top picks from August! Let me know in the comments what you have been loving in August, I would love to see what everyone else uses and adores as much as my picks!

Talk soon,

Laura xo


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